How is everyone feeling?
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baby4us - October 27

Just wondering how everyone is feeling?

I have been sooo tired lately.. I almost drove off the road yesterday.. I was blinking and trying to keep my eyes open.. but I got to bed good and early last night!

This tiredness usually ends at the 2nd trimester correct?


Karen123 - October 27

Baby4us, The first trimester was much worse for me as far as being so tired. I was unlucky enough to get PUPPS (rash) which kept me up nights and made me just as tired as I was back in trimester 1 but hopefully, you won't have anything like that happen. I fell asleep driving and at my desk more than once. Other than being tired, I hope you are doing well! I finally stopped throwing up all the time and that is a huge improvement! The heartburn is horrible but it beats running to the bathroom all the time. Again, I have to comment about how strong women are and what we go through for our children. They are SO worth it of course but it just makes me admire women more and more all the time. If anyone told me a few years ago that I'd endure tons of injections and a swollen belly for days (repronex side effect I guess) and daily headaches (5 months now) and then go through a terrible rash and throwing up for weeks on end and the sheer exhaustion...well, I suppose I still would have done this. I dont' think there's a man out there that would agree to it all. I think compared to all that, I'm doing much better now and my rash is only bad on my legs now and very light everywhere else so I have to say that things are looking up! And believe me, when I feel those babies jumping around like crazy in my belly, I still smile through it all. I hope everyone else is doing well! Karen


baby4us - October 27

Hi Karen.. yes I guess I shouldn't be complaining after everything you have been through... but I was just amazed about the level of exhaustion.

I am glad to hear that your rash is slowly going away.. what is the cause of it again.. I am a rashy person as it is... so I can sort of feel what you are going through.. I'll break out in full body hives, etc but so far during this pregnancy everything has been pretty good.. no rashes or nausea ... yet!!!!


Karen123 - October 27

Baby4us, I hope it stays that way for you!! One theory is that I may be allergic to one of the baby's placenta's. Imagine? But most times that type of rash isn't experienced until the 3rd trimester and won't go away until at least delivery. So we really don't know for sure. I didn't go back to the dermatologist since he gave me a cream that has been proven to cause birth defects in animals. So I guess I 'll never know. I just hope it doesn't come back! It was the worst symptom yet. But believe me, you have a right to complain about being tired! It was SO bad...I dont think you could ever explain it to anyone who hasn't been through it. But it will get better! I hear it gets worse again towards the end but for now, I'm happy to be in trimester 2. I wish you smooth sailing from here on in! Karen


HeatherMac - October 27

Baby4Us -

I'm sorry to hear you're so tired, but I don't think that ever went away for me. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting on this BURST of energy...but it never came. Once the morning sickness finally went away at 16 weeks, I did feel much, much better...but I've never gotten over the tiredness.

I'm scheduled for a c-section two weeks from today, and I swear I am more tired in this last bit of the third trimester than I EVER was in the first trimester...and I never thought that would be possible.

I have been having contractions pretty regularly since last Friday. I actually went to get checked out but I wasn't in labor...just preparing. Oh, my. I am thankful for my scheduled section because these contractions suck!! I couldn't get out of bed all weekend...because every time I moved, my belly would get hard as a rock and the pain would be unbearable!! Once it started in my back and shooting down my leg, I nearly went insane!! But, it's a lot more tolerable today and I'm just wandering around trying to find the energy to get things done.

But, you know, other than the sheer exhaustion, I really do feel great. I never thought I would...but I do feel really I am secretly enjoying all the good and all the bad because I don't know that I'll ever get to do this again.

I have never felt better in my life, people say I look fantastic (I've only gained 19 pounds and managed to lose a pound between week 36 and 37) and I am just enjoying every minute. Though, I still have to say it's hard for me to believe that I am actually going to have a baby - I guess I won't truly believe it until he is safe and sound in my arms. I'm huge, he's tumbling around inside, but I still don't think it will all be real to me until I see his pretty little face.

Wow. Sorry to have rambled. To answer your question: I'm feeling fine, tired, grateful, big, but really feeling fine. Like Karen, if anyone had ever told me I'd have to take 15 pills a day and two shots a day, have vericose veins on my labia that bleed anytime I breathe, be unable to eat most anything I really like and so on and so on...I'm not sure I would have believed I would have volunteered for any of it! But, I gladly take anything thrown my way, as does any of us, because we fought so very hard to get here...and nothing will deter us from looking at this as anything other than a very welcomed miracle. Rash, exhaustion, bleeding and all.

So, Baby4Us, take good care of yourself, take naps often and GET PLENTY OF WATER!! One of the main causes of hard Braxton Hicks is dehydration. I was told to lie down and drink 32 ounces of water within 30 minutes if they get REALLY bad, so make sure you're ALWAYS hydrated...Kool Aid and I have become very close lately.

I'm glad you're feeling well, albeit tired, and I hope you feel great throughout your 40 week adventure!!

Karen - I'm glad you're starting to turn the corner and feel better, too!! I was worried about you, but I'm glad to hear things are better for you!!

Be well, everyone, and take care of yourselves and your bumps!!



cassandra - October 27

Heathermac, I can't believe you are delivering in 2 weeks! Time flies! Wow. I'm glad you are doing well! May I ask why a sceduled c-sec? Is your baby breech? I just saw one recently on Baby story and the mom did great. I'm sure you will too! 19lbs? Holy smokes! You must look great! Here is an early congrats to you on being the first to deliver! I wish you all the best in the world. It took you a lot to get to this point and you deserve all the happiness in the world. ((HUGS!)) cassandra


baby4us - October 27

Indeed Heathmac.. that is amazing! 2 weeks to go... GOOD LUCK...I hope you are able to take some time afterward to let us know how you are doing.

Good luck to you


Karen123 - October 27

Heathermac, 2 weeks left!! Holy moly!! HOw absolutely exciting!! And you only gained 19 pounds???? WOW! I'm completely impressed. I already gained 14 and i'm 17 weeks! yikes!! Well I wish you the best of luck for a smooth process and a quick recovery. And I too hope you have a chance to check in after your precious baby is born. I'm so happy for you!!!! Karen


HeatherMac - October 27

You ladies always make me feel so good...thanks for your kind words!!

Cassandra - section is scheduled because I'm thrombophillic from the MTHFR, so to prevent me from throwing a clot, they're doing the section to control any potential problems or loss of life - mine or the baby's.

Now, as far as the weight gain goes...remember, it SOUNDS good. I was a little heavy to begin with, so it wasn't expected that I would gain much. Also, I'm on massive doses of Glucophage/Metformin for the PCOS, and since that usually gives one diarrhea, it helps to keep the weight from going out of control. I would love to take credit for it, but truth is it sounds WAY better than it is!! Don't get me wrong, though, I'll take it!! ;)

Okay, ladies, I'm going to go...nap beckons. I'll write before I go in, and as soon as I can afterwards. I hope everyone continues to do well!!



oneandonlymel - October 28

I am 16 weeks this week and I got passed throwing up every night to just once in a while! I am also not as tired as I was in the beginning. my belly is really starting to pop out and I am waiting to feel this little blessing of mine move around! Glad to hear everyone else is doing fine!


HeatherMac - October 28


I am SO glad to hear you're feeling better...I was sick until I was 16 weeks, too..and I never thought it would end!! So, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!! Now you can enjoy your pregnancy and wait for the kicks!!



Karen123 - October 28

oneandonly, if you possibly have the chance to have a 3D u/s, I highly recommend it. It was the greatest experience! And I too am glad to hear that you are feeling better! Karen


ElizabethS - October 29

Heathermac - congratulations on finding out your c-seciton date. It sounds like you are doing just great. Our babies will be delivered via c-section Nov 28th, if they don't come sooner. I can't believe this fertility journey is about to come to an end. What a battle, but winning the war is awesome!

I am feeling completely exhausted in these last few weeks. I can get about 2 hours of work done a day, and then come contractions, groin pains and exhaustion. All totally worth it and temporary...but I can see why women don't want to be pregnant forever. ;)

Take care everyone



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