How is everyone???
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sussie88 - March 24

Hello Everyone - I have been away from the board for some time now - it is nice to check back in and see how well everyone is doing!

As for me, I will be 34 weeks on Sunday. Last u/s (3 weeks ago) showed the boys measuring in at 4 pounds and 4 pounds 3oz! Hard to believe - but I do feel 'heavy' (figure that's about 10 pounds of baby and 'stuff' in there I am carrying around).

Dr. Took me out of work at week 29 just to be cautious and try to prevent premature labor. My only issues are back pain if I am up too long or try to do to much and terrible reflux! After I eat, it feels like the babies are kicking the food right back into my throat! (nice thought, huh?).

So, I sit at home and wait for any signs of labor. I am excited, but trying not to think too much about exactly HOW they are going to get out of my belly and into this world. Hopefully, rather painlessly and quickly!

I am experiencing some lower abdominal cramping. Doc says this is normal. I think my uterus is just so big it actually hurts!

Anyway, nice catching up with everyone - good luck!



sblanton2 - March 24

Hey Sussie88....good to hear good news. I am only 11 weeks with twins and it has already been quite an experience. I will be glad to know what the genders of my babies are. I know what you mean about wondering how they are going to get out of you....been thinking along those lines myself.
Take care and gets lots of rest.


baby4us - March 27

Sussie88 that is great news... so close!! You must be so excited!


justme - March 27


I was just reading about the worries about how the baby is going to get out of you!! I love it! This is my second, and I know some of the others of you have other children too, but even though I have done this before, I am concerned about how that is going to happen this time. You just forget about it. I mean, I know how it happened and it wasn't that horrid of a deal, but it is hard to believe. I can only imagine what those of you with twins are thinking, I guess it is the same though. They are coming out one of two ways! Crazy!


sussie88 - March 27

I go to the Doc tomorrow for my routine exam. I can't wait to see what position they are in now. They keep flip flopping around - although I don't know how they are doing it, they have to be running out of room in there!

As far as delivery - I made it clear to the Doc that I do not want to go BOTH ways. One way or the other! So, if there is any inkling that one baby won't be turned the correct way for a natural delivery - then take them both. I don't really want to be cut open, but I also don't want to be sore in two areas and labor for hours to deliver one and c-sec the other.

Well, the good news about having twins is I'll walk out of there with 2 babies - so if it is bad, no pressure to have another :)



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