How is everyone???
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snindy - March 17

I know, why can't I crave something
I have read that a glass of wine once in a blue moon is ok for the baby. It actually does something good to their kidneys, but if you don't feel comfortable having a glass then I wouldn't. But your not a bad mom if you do have one glass and sip on it all night.



fiso - March 17

Hi baby4us. I'm having an acupuncture session this afternoon and she will do some special points for the nausea. Hope it helps.
Last night I cooked and felt fine! I never know what to expect! I am doing the little 'meals' throughout the day. But sometimes I'm not hungry, so, I wait and then eat more later.
I would love to have a glass of wine too and some goat cheese! I can live on cheese, especially the ones I can't have now! Look at our mother's generations when they smoked and had alcohol while they were pregnant!


baby4us - March 20

Fiso.. I hope the acupuncture works.. my fingers are crossed... and glad to hear you were able to do some cooking.. hopefully that is a long term good sign!!

It is funny how just a little over a generation ago... you could pretty well do anything while pregnant... and I agree Cindy that the very occasional, very small glass of wine is perfectly fine... but there is such taboo around it these days that you feel like an evil mother if you do it!

Same with caffeine.. I know they say that one cup a day is fine.. but I have cut back to two cups a week..... I just feel too guilty having more than that in a weeek... but there are also some days I could not work/function without that (small, but wonderful cup) of caffeine!!


justme - March 20

Hello all! just doing some catching up here. We just got back from our trip last evening.

I have a soda from time to time with this pregnancy. My dr said one a day is ok. I didn't have any with my first child, but I relish in the few I do have this time. It is soooooooo good! I do feel guilty about it though!!!!!

As far as cravings, mine is wing sauce!!!! I could eat Hooters wings every day!!!! I think it is more the salt than anything.

Fiso, I hope you start to feel better soon.



baby4us - March 21

Just Me.. tell us all about Peurto Rico???? I hope you had a wonderful, realxing time! and glad ot hear you are back safe and sound!


justme - March 21

Puerto Rico was great! It was very relaxing and I didn't go into labor so even better. We stayed at a resort that was up on some cliffs ocean side, so there was no beach, but the resort owned a private island that they boated you to. We spent the first day at the beach, the second hiking in the rain forest (didn't make it far!) and a trip to Old San Juan, and the third day we took a catamaran/snorkel cruise. This trip was a conference for my husbands work which means we had evening parties and entertainment each night to attend as well.

The island was fairly poor, but they did have Sam's, Walmart, Home Depot, Chili's, etc. on the main roadways. I would recommend it. We really didn't know what to expect, but it was a neat place.

Hope you are all having a great start to your weeks!


sblanton2 - March 22

Yeah...finally I can post. For some reason all last week I would log in and try to respond and it would say I had to log in to reply. I got so frustrated I just gave up and haven't been on in awhile.
Fiso I have had terrible morning sickness as well, to the point I have lost almost 20 pounds this first trimester. My doctor finally presribed phenergan for me to take when it gets bad. The down side is it makes me really sleepy.
I am doing great other than the morning sickness and sleepiness. I saw the babies heartbeats and I get sonograms almost everytime I go in. It helps to have the confirmation that every thing is ok.
I was so glad to hear you all were doing so well and I hope to hear nothing but good things from everyone. Take Care all and it is good to be back!!!!!



pj - March 22

oh you guys! i've been away from the board for a while figuring things out and i just got caught up on all of you.
i am SO Happy for you all! i can't tell you how excited i am that you're all pregnant and doing well. well, at least you're doing normal for pregnant. :)
i hope thiings go well for you all. blessings.
p.s. i'm doing another cycle now so hopefully i'll be back here for myself by the end of april. wish me luck!


baby4us - March 22



justme - March 22

Sylvia, I'm glad to hear things are going well.

Good luck PJ! It's good to hear from you!!!!


sblanton2 - March 22

Thanks Just Me, I am about to be 11 weeks so I am finally starting to relax a bit. I was sooo afraid to come off of the progesterone shots. As much as I hated them I kept wondering if I would miscarry when I came off of them. Thankfully that didn't happen and I am so glad to just be a regular pregnant woman.
My mother-in-law sent our first baby gift today, so far I haven't allowed myself to buy anything. i guess I was afraid I would jinx it???? She made the cutest little stocking caps for the twins, she made them from a preemie pattern b/c most twins come early, they are impossibly tiny. i think I'll start buying a few things now. How long did you all wait to start buying things for your babies?
Well, take care all, I have to go cook dinner.



baby4us - March 23

Hi Sylvia.. that present from your MIL sounds so cute!!

I was the same way.. I didn't really start buying anything until about 18-20 weeks.. I too was worried about jinxing the process... as well. I was worried the earlier I started buying.. the more "stuff" I would accumulate!

But once you start.. it is hard to stop! there are so manywonderful things out there.. but it helps to start a list and STICK to it. There are a bunch of web sites and books that have lists of what you need when you bring the new born home.. and there isn't much on that list.. you don' t need a lot!

So I have started a 'what we NEED' list (which includes first aid, bathing, etc) and then an "I WANT" list.. of all the realy nice things I have seen but aren't necessary!

We are also luckily getting a lot of essentials from friends.. I have someone giving us a car seat (that has the infant seat.. that you can carry with you -- and also has two bases so we can have one in each car).. we already have the jogging stroller and baby sling... and someone is giving us a jolly jumper and one of those rocking/vibrating baby chairs (can't remember what they are called.. I think it is by Baby Bjorn)

The only extravagance I am going to allow.. I was going to bororw a friends bassinette.. but I know this sounds awful.. I don't really like it.. I want to buy one of those "basket" type bassinettes.. they are so beautiful.. OH.. and of course.. most importantly.. a good baby monitor!!


sblanton2 - March 23

I am having twins and kind of want to wait until I know whether they are boys, girls or a combo. But I have four daughters and I just remember you cannot have too many onsies, socks, bibs and receiving blankets. But my girls are all older so I got rid of my baby stuff a long time ago. I am not doing the bassinette.....they say it is better to have twins sleep together when they are new so I am getting a portable crib instead. We travel a lot (husband is military) and I figure it will be more practical.
We are doing the nursery in Classic Pooh so I can probably get that stuff....but want to hold off on some things that I know I will want gender specific. One thing I WILL get this time around is a baby wipe warmer...I wish they would have had that when my girls were little....LOL Nothing worse than cold wet stuff on a nice warm tush.....haha
Well, must run dinner is cooking. Take Care all and will post again soon.



baby4us - March 24

Hi Sylvia.. yes it must be a challenge when preparing for twins! When do you find out their gender?

That will be so exciitng.. and it is nice you have a baby room theme going.. I haven't done anything yet.. we don't know whether we are having a boy or a girl.. but teh room I am setting up the nursery in.. has pale sage green walls with a butter yellow trim.. so both those colours are pretty neutral.. so am going to keep it the way it is for a little while!


sblanton2 - March 24

Baby4 us,
I probably won't know gender for another 5 weeks or so. It makes it difficult and that is only if they both cooperate. LOL
My DH chose the nursery theme, that was what he had as a baby so wants ours to have the same. I have done it 4 times before and chose everytime so I am letting him choose as much as he wants to. It is pretty rare to have a dh be so involved as to want to pick nursery themes. The walls in our room are a sky blue, he wants to paint the trim ivory, and we are getting cherry furniture. If one is a girl on her side I will just do a lot of pick accents.
You don't know the gender? Did you want a suprise? Hope you have a great day.

Take Care all,


sussie88 - March 24

Hello Everyone - I have been away from the board for some time now - it is nice to check back in and see how well everyone is doing!

As for me, I will be 34 weeks on Sunday. Last u/s (3 weeks ago) showed the boys measuring in at 4 pounds and 4 pounds 3oz! Hard to believe - but I do feel 'heavy' (figure that's about 10 pounds of baby and 'stuff' in there I am carrying around).

Dr. Took me out of work at week 29 just to be cautious and try to prevent premature labor. My only issues are back pain if I am up too long or try to do to much and terrible reflux! After I eat, it feels like the babies are kicking the food right back into my throat! (nice thought, huh?).

So, I sit at home and wait for any signs of labor. I am excited, but trying not to think too much about exactly HOW they are going to get out of my belly and into this world. Hopefully, rather painlessly and quickly!

I am experiencing some lower abdominal cramping. Doc says this is normal. I think my uterus is just so big it actually hurts!

Anyway, nice catching up with everyone - good luck!




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