How is everyone???
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justme - March 8

I am doing great. I am 29 weeks today and Luke is still moving and grooving. I am feeling good, just starting to tire again. I did have this strange incedent the other day where out of the blue I started feeling yuck with a mild headache and decided to lay on the floor on my back. Well, that was a bad decision, I immediatly needed to vomit after that. It was all over after I vomitted though. My neighbor, an ex ob nurse, said it sounded like high blood pressure and laying on my back just made it worse. I was pretty upset that night with my cousin, so my blood pressure must have gotten high! Very weird. Avoid getting upset!!!!!

One of my good friends gave birth with no epidural this week. WOW! I am so surprised she did it. That is a real woman. Those are few and far between. I am really scared of needles, but I remember the relief I got after the epidural when my DD was born! Are any of you going to try it with no drugs???? Any brave mommies out there? I would like to, but I am sure I will be ordering up a needle in my back!

We leave next week for a little trip to Puerto Rico. I am excited I am able to get away for one last Hoorah before the baby comes.

I look forward to hearing what is up with you ladies!


baby4us - March 8

Hey JustMe.. have a great time in Puerto Rico.. sounds great.. will you be proudly dislaying your bump in a bikini!!??

Glad you are doing well.. but sorry about the vomiting episode!

As you know.. I am 2 weeks behind you.. so I am at 27 weeks and cannot believe it.. how amazing. I am starting to feel BIG though... and lots of heartburn...

I have a doctor's appointment today and will most likely be scheduled for the Glucose Tolerance test.. which I am not looking forward to... seeing as I am a sweet freak... I am worried my glucose will be off the scale!

I will be having an epidural.. have already written my birth plan and that is specified in it. I admit it.. I am a pain weenie... the funny thing is I don't mind needles... but I do mind pain!!

So far so good though.. not many complaints.. other than feelign a bit more tired, the heartburn and those lovely leg cramps!!!


SMS1129 - March 8

Hi ladies,

JustMe, I was 30 weeks on 3/7. I thought you and I were on the same schedule. That's weird... I go to the doctor every week too, where they confirm it.

I have that same issue with lying on my back and feeling sick. It happens to me at ultrasounds. I need to take a break and lay on my side for a few minutes before she can finish the measurements.

My dr told me last visit that I may go full term or close to son is head down, but my daughter is breech. So, by 34 weeks I have to make a decision whether to go with a possible vaginal and c-section (if they can't turn her) or schedule a c-section for both of them for 38 weeks.

Have a great time in Puerto Rico, I am jealous!!



justme - March 8

Sue, we are really on the same schedule, but my regular ob is going by my last period and not my real conception date! Whatever!!!!! that is great that they think you will go full term!!

baby4us, I won't have a bikini for vacation, but I will have a tankini that has a big slit in the front to show off my belly!! I feel like I am huge already! I am a lot bigger that I was with my first pregnancy. I wonder if I will be bigger in the end or if I am just bigger earlier! Maybe this is going to be a BIG boy!!! We will see. I am tall for a woman, DH is not tall, but both of our fathers are (6'4" and 6'3"), so we could have a big baby! DD was little and that is what I would like to give birth too!!! Ha ha


baby4us - March 9

I feel like I am huge right now too... so wondering how I will feel over the next three months! And also feeling slow!!!!

Here's to hoping you don't give birth to a large baby!
And have a great time in Puerto Rico.. proudly wear that tankini!!!!


fiso - March 9

Hi there. You guys are so far ahead of me, I'm still dealign with nausea morning, afternoon, evenings!
Saturday will be my 9th week. I'm still falling asleep at 8 at night! Can't wait to feel better!
I met my new OBGYN this week and I really like him.
I thoguht about epidural or not, and I still don't know. Way before all of this, I always thougth that I wanted to experience everything about a pregnancy, but now, after all the IVF stuff, I could do without any more lower belly pain!
Justme, enjoy your vacation!!!


justme - March 9

Sue, I am 30 weeks. I will blame it on the pregnant brain that I can't even count my weeks anymore!!!!

Fiso, I had a lot of morning sickness too. Hang in there. Hopefully yours will not last as long as mine did!!! (6 months)


baby4us - March 10

Fiso sorry to hear about your 24/7 morning sickness.. that really sucks! as does going to bed early.. but obviously your body needs the rest.. I am sure by the time you get to your 2nd trimester you will feel much better!!! Hang in there!

Sue and Just me... 30 weeks.. wow.. incredible! You guys are just ahead of me so I am looking to you two for guidance!!! Here's to hoping you both have very smooth deliveries and happy,healthy babies!

I go for my glucose test next Tuesday.. yuck.. not looking forward to it!! I am going to treat myself and get a Vanity Fair and read the thing cover to cover while wiaitng for the blood to be drawn.. after downing that awful organge drink!


SMS1129 - March 13


That's alright, my brain goes left every so often as well. I have been home now for 6 weeks and I think (hope) I still have 7 weeks to go. My dh is renovating the whole left side of our home for the babies and it is almost done, so for that, I am grateful. However, our baby furniture finally arrived on Friday and needs to be sent back. Some of it was damaged, the 2 cribs are different and neither is what we ordered, one piece was missing entirely. The only pieces I am keeping are the glider and ottoman. The store said they will let us know tomorrow when they can reship everything. That is stressing me out a bit. I am anxious to wash alot of their new clothes and put them away in their new furniture... oh well. I also think about packing for the hospital. They say you can never be too prepared. I bought a few nightgowns and have a pretty good idea of what to bring for the babies. We also need to get our car seats installed. I guess I better make a list....


fiso - March 13

Baby4us, I've heard of that nasty orange drink. They think that flavouring it will make it better! Hopefullyt he results will be good.

I'm feeling good, still yucky in the evening and sometimes in the afternoon, out of the blue. But I'm not complaining! I wanted the baby and whatever comes with it!

Sue, that is an exciting time for you, getting everything ready. Too bad the furniture store messed up your order. I've started looking at furniture, to get an idea. Did you find yours online?

We can feel spring is real close here, in NJ. I started walking and it feels good. I will also start pre-natal yoga soon.


baby4us - March 14

Sue that is such a pain about the furniture! Just when you want to get everything set up and organized!!!

I hope they can send you replacements quickly!

We've pretty well got all the furniture we need.. although we still need to move the bed out of the room that will be baby's room.. and set everything up! But I don't want to set things up too early!!


snindy - March 15

I just had my 2nd u/s yesterday. The twins are getting bigger. They weigh a pound and a half each. I'm feeling movement now and it's a wonderful feeling.......

Their heads are on my left side and they go across my stomach, so their butt and feet are on my right side of my stomach. I'm still feeling good.

This is the latest news,


baby4us - March 16

Cindy that is so amazing... and glad to hear you are still feeling good... esp. now that it looks like spring is here (I hope!!)

I survived my glucose test..although won't hear the results until next week (my doc is away right now)

Fiso.. you'll love the prenatal yoga.. it has been so good for me... have been doign it since day one (did yoga before.. but then adapted to the prenatal).. so enjoy it.. and i hope the nausea is subsiding ?????


fiso - March 16

Well girls, I realized after several trips to the grocery store, that I can't go there anymore. It makes me too nauseous to see all that food! It's goignto be DH's job!
The nausea was really bad last night, and again this morning. But that's part of the package!
I used to do yoga before but I stopped when I started all the fertility treatments. I was too uncomfortable. Can't wait to start again in a couple weeks.

Cindy, glad that you are doing well with your twins. They seem to like it there and want to lounge around!

Justme, I dont' think I'm ready for 6 months of that morning, afternoon, evening grrrrrr nausea! Talking about large babies, a friend of mine just gave birth to a 10 lb baby boy.....

Any cravings anybody? I've been eating avocadoes and guacamole quite often lately...!


snindy - March 16

Sorry about the sickness, hopefully it will disappear soon. I drank a lot of ginger ale, that calmed my stomach. Not sure if you have Vernors in your state, it's a really good ginger ale, I highly recommend it. If not, I heard ginger root herbal drugs will help with morning sickness, colds, sinus, etc.....

My cravings are submarine sandwiches, cheese puffs and the #1 craving that I have to have is choc donuts. I don't eat them all the time but those are my cravings so far.



baby4us - March 17

Oh Fiso.. that sounds so awful... I really hope it goes away for your after the 1st trimester... I am sure you are trying everything they recommend.. but have you been doing the "grazing"... where you eat little bits more often.. to keep your stomach full.. and less chance of nausea (although I am sure if you are feeling pukey that is the last thing you want to do..)

Have you tried those motion sickness wrist bands?/ I don't know if they work.. but have heard some people recommend them.. just a thought...

Glad to hear you won't be grocery shopping anymore... and I hope that because you work from home.. you can control the "food odours" and what you are exposed to!

Good luck...

Cindy... those are some pretty intense cravings you are having!!.. I have craved grapefruits my whole pregnancy.. so I eat about one a day. But of course I CRAVE the bad things that I cannot have.. like I'd kill for a glass of red wine... a Grande Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.. so I'll just have to wait intil June to sneak one in!!!


snindy - March 17

I know, why can't I crave something
I have read that a glass of wine once in a blue moon is ok for the baby. It actually does something good to their kidneys, but if you don't feel comfortable having a glass then I wouldn't. But your not a bad mom if you do have one glass and sip on it all night.




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