Horrible rash
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Fortyfour - October 21

Karen123 - Oh my goodness. All i could find out is that they can put you on steriods and they are safe for the baby. People with asthma that take high doses of steriods have no birth defects. They would not have you that high of a dose anyway. I cant imagine you having this for 4 months. They have to do something internally since its an immune problem. Please keep in touch.


Karen123 - October 21

Thanks 44. You are so right. It's internal and no rash cream is going to do anything. It's now on just about every part of my body. So unbearable!! I saw my OB yesterday and he said to just keep taking benadryl and using that cream the dermatologist gave me. I was thinking, Thanks for nothing! So another miserable night. I fell asleep driving home Wed night and at my desk yesterday. I coughed up some blood this morning too. I am hoping it's just from being so dry. I'm just scared and upset at this point. Well, I have another appt on Monday with the dermatologist and I'll ask about steroid pills. Somehow, I'll have to make it thru the weekend. I walk around like the pillsbury dough boy with clouds of cornstarch following me. I'm all covered in with with a puffy tummy. lol Well thank you again to all of you! Karen


Fortyfour - October 21

All over your body? They need to do something or else I am coming over. HA!!!!!!!! I am so sorry about this. I cant even imagine. I had mild itching all over with both pregnancies but nothing that a lot of lotion couldnt handel. Nothing like this though. Maybe you could be a snowman for halloween. Sorry but I couldnt resist.


Karen123 - October 21

LOL, A snowman for Halloween!!! Good one! Hey, it's nice to get a smile out of all this. Thanks for that! snowman. lol lol


Meg - October 21


I have been reading your posts, but have not had time to post. I am sorry for all that you have endured during this p/g and continue to go through :( You derserve a break !!!! I wish there was something I could do to make it better. I can't believe your Dr.s are not doing anything to help you. Are you seeing a high risk dr.? I saw one w/ the twin p/g. (not that it made a whole lot of difference, since I had them early) I would force the issue w/ the dermatologist and OB. Could you be having an allergic reaction? Could you see an allergist? You must be so frustrated, I can't even imagine, I get eczema and that itching drives me mad, so having a huge itchy rash all over probably would drive me to insanity. You should also address the coughing up blood. Don't let anything go - perhaps it is all related???? Best of luck to you and I hope you find some relief soon as well as some answers. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



Karen123 - October 21

Thank you, Meg. I'm supposed to see a high risk doctor at either 18 or 20 weeks. (I'm hoping 18 since I'm anxious to know what I'm having!) I'm 16 weeks 1 day. On Monday I will try my best to force the issue and get something to help me. I had plans for tomorrow but I cancelled them so that I can just try and rest. I look like death right now with dark circles under my eyes. thanks again. Karen


JustineA - November 2

Hi there,
I am 23 weeks pregnant and started getting same problems all of a sudden 3 days ago, which had me in ER that night. As a result I have been prescribed a steroid PredniSONE and an antihistamine Zyrtec. They both help immensly, although I am experiencing strong side effects including aching joints and a lot of fatigue (sleeping all day and night). Just wanted to pass this info on as I am still trying to research whether I have PUPPS or some other kind of allergy.


Karen123 - November 2

Justine, thanks for the info. I'm actually SO much better now. The rash was a horrible thing to experience and I still itch all over my legs but I am sleeping better and it's almost completely gone everywhere else. I'm SO thankful that it didn't last longer than these last few weeks because I just don't know how I would have handled it. I hope so much that you find answers and get over your problems soon. Take care and keep us posted. Karen



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