Hi Cassandra
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Karen123 - June 13

Hi Cassandra! It's been so long since I posted and I saw that you are on here so I thought I'd write. How are you doing? How about your sweet babies? I tell you, it's wonderful having babies in the house again and I'm surprised that having 2 isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess when you go through so much and want it so bad...well nothing much seems like work. It was all very hard having my babies in the hosptial for 2 months but since they've been home, life is so happy. I was going to go back to work full time but after only 2 days in a home day care, my little girl got very sick. So, I now work only 2 days a week when my mother comes to my house and I'm loving it! I'm SO very lucky to have time with my babies. Jayden is now over 12 pounds!! Hailey is just over 8 but she's getting there. They were born 1/23 and I can't remember my life without them. Well I hope that you are doing very well!! I'd love to share pics! My email is under my profile if you'd like to send any. Take care!!! I miss talking to you! Karen


love2Bparents - June 13

Hi Karen,
**Sorry to be barge in***
I noticed that you had twins at 29w4d. Do you know why you went into labor so fast? What happened, how did it go? Sorry for so many questions. I am 9w3d today and like you, I am carrying twins after a struggle with infertility. I get ultrasounds every week, get to hear the heartbeat, and then every 4 with my obgyn.


Meg - June 13


It was good to see your post. I was wondering how you and your babies were doing. I am glad that they are finally home and you are adjusting nicely. Enjoy those little angels while they can't get around !!!! I found that the infant/baby stage was a piece of cake compared to the twin toddler years. Did you join a twins club ??? I have found that a great resource and have become friends w/ others who have twins as well. It is nice to have someone to talk to someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Again I am so glad that you and your precious babies are doing well :)



Karen123 - June 13

Thanks, Meg!! Yes, I can only imagine having 2 toddlers running around....then it'll be much more work than 1 I'm sure! But for now, it's the greatest. Youknow, I keep meaning to join a twins group but haven't found the time. I work out now a minimum of an hour a day, 6 days a week and between that and working 2 full time days and the teenagers and the dogs and the house and all the many appointments the twins and I have (since I"m still undergoing many tests for liver problems stemming from the pregnancy), I'm just super busy. But I think about it often and I'm sure I'll join sometime soon. Sounds great to make some new friends too! Thanks again! Karen


love2Bparents - June 13

Karen, Thank you so much for your quick response! Wow, please do not apologize I really liked to read everything. I think I am doing everything I should be, I don't drink, don't smoke, stay away from 2nd hand smoke (Best Friend is the only one) and eat better then I did pre pregnancy. I am so glad your twins are doing well! Wow, what a story to share with them. How great!

Ultrasound today went great. They are wiggling around. Which is very exciting.


cassandra - June 17

Karen, Hi! I miss talking to you too! I'm glad the babies are doing well and getting big! Right now (at 6 mo.) Mathew and Lauren are just awesome. They are trying to sit by themselves and Mathew is zooming all over the house in his walker! Lauren isn't quite tall enough yet to go in it but seems content with her exersaucer. I just e-mailed you pictures but I'm not sure if they sent ok. Please let me know if you got them. They are sleeping through the night and are very predictable now. 8 am is nap time, then 10 is fun with babyfood. They eat a little more around 3, then cereal and more food at 6, then bath time then bed at 8 and we start all over again at 6am. They seem to be very happy and are quite healthy. Although Lauren is an IUGR (Intra uterine growth retardation) She is fine. She is still a (peanut) but eats like a horse and is getting bigger. Her last dr. she was 13 lbs.
their 6 mo. visit is in 2 weeks. I'll post how that went. If you want to send me pics of your twins my e-mail is [email protected] Take care!


Karen123 - July 5

love2Bparents, I'm so happy to hear that your u/s went well!! Those are such exciting times! Karen

Cassandra, I sent you an email. I hope you get it!


cassandra - July 6

Karen, your children are beautiful! I re sent the pictures. The last time they came back it said "out of office auto reply"
Your daughter looked lovely for her prom! Your babies are so cute! I love the hat!
I am not sure if I sent the mini album. I think that I need to attach clips or something. Anyways, it was nice to hear from you!



SMS1129 - July 7

Hi Karen,

I also had preclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section. I was on magnesium also and then developed an ileus (sp??) from the surgery and had to have a GI tube inserted for a week. It wasn't pleasant. I still have swelling and high blood pressure. I have to monitor my pressure 3-4 times a week at home. I haven't been cleared for exercise other than walking yet and it has been 3 months.



Karen123 - July 10

Sue, wasn't the mag the worst thing ever?? It was so horrible. I can't even remember most of the delivery and certainly not the visit to the nicu afterwards. I hated the whole "out of it" feeling so much...but of course it may have prevented tragedy for me. You are the only person I've heard of who had it so you would understand. I had it for 2 days then off a day or 2 then back on it...oh how I cried when they said I had to go back on it!

I was in a wheel chair for a month, visiting the nicu twice a day due to the high blood pressure. I have had many blood tests and still have abnormal liver function tests but each month, they are getting closer to normal. I actually just stopped taking the blood pressure medicine a few days ago. Why I'm saying all this is that I hope you too get better after a while. I had 3 doctors testing me and they all said to give my body a good 6 months to recover after such an ordeal. My babies are about 5 1/2 months and sure enough, all is getting back to normal. So good luck!! I hope you get better soon too. Karen


SMS1129 - July 10

Hi Karen,

Yes, the magnesium was pretty bad, but I was pretty out of it anyway. The stomach condition I had really made things worse. They inserted a tube down my nose and throat into my stomach (while I was awake) and kept it there for a week. I also was in a wheelchair and wasn't able to see my babies for a few days afer they were born. It was tough and I still am dealing with high blood pressure, but it is getting better. I hope to be back to normal soon too. Stay well.




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