HELP!!! First IVF with wt gain??
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kaydee28 - June 13

I am doing my first and only IVF my first preg test will be Wed, I was implanted last saturday and am curious about the things i am feeling, are they normal?? I have had a 5 lb wt gain and I look and feel pregnant - is this normal? I swear my hips have already grwon by teo inches. We had three embryos inplanted, my boobs are sore and I am curious if this is all a good sign? We did a urine pregnancy test which was the stupidist thing Sunday and came out Negative does that mean anything??? Help I am so confused and Nervous!!


cassandra - June 17

Hi! I did the home test also almost every day before my blood test. It came out negative until the night before the test. It was faint but by the next morning it was glowing. Good luck and let us know how it went!



sunnyDee - August 3


I am new to this but I assure you that everything you are feeling is quite normal. I notice that you sent this message back in June so I'm curious as to the outcome?? I am also doing IVF for the first time, and I was implanted on July 23rd. I go for my preg test on August 4th. The waiting is killing me!!! I too gained some weight and I've been quite discouraged because I've been spotting for the past two days. How are you doing? I'm anxious to hear how things went for you.


CJ - August 31

Hi, I'm new to this site. I've been reading different forums all day! I can definetly say the weight gain is normal. :( Also I wouldn't do the home pg test, it can be discouraging. My DH and I did our first IVF cycle and found out 3wks ago tomorrow that it was BFN. :(I was pg in Feb 06 but had an etopic pg and lost a tube as well. After many fertility drugs and surgeries, we felt that IVF was the only way. Now I'm trying not to be discouraged about that. But I know it's all in God's time, I just have to remember that. Baby dust and blessings to all! ::)




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