Hello all!
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justme - July 3

I just wanted to say congrats on all the new arrivals and the new pregnancies! Sorry I have not been around much. Life is busy!

Luke is 8 weeks old today and doing great. At his 4 week appt. he was already 11 pounds 2 oz.!!!! He is gaining weight fast! He is a cute little chunk. He has acid reflux and is on Zantac now which made him a much happier baby! We are getting into a predictable schedule and the last two nights he has slept 5 and 6 hour stretches!!!! Yippee!!!!! We stay very busy with our 4 year old and Luke has done well being dragged all over the world!

I am doing great. I am ready to get back to the gym to work out, but I don't want Luke exposed to those germs just yet in the childcare room! At my 6 week appointment, I only had 10 pounds to go, so I am pumped about getting my body back!

I hope you are all hanging in there. It does slowly get easier every day!

Happy 4th of July!!!


Karen123 - July 5

Justme - It's so great to hear that you and little Luke are doing well. ONly 10 pounds to go?? Wow, that is awesome!! Good for you! Life sure is busy but it's nice to check in with you guys sometimes. Take care and good to hear from you! Karen


HeatherMak - July 6


So nice to hear from you!!

I am SO glad to hear things are going well - though, I'm sorry to hear about the Zantac. Did you go to a regular pharmacy to get it?? If so, it's REALLY minty flavored...and can sometimes be rough for the little guys to take. Duncan was on it and would physically shudder each time we gave it to him...we felt terrible, but it helped SO MUCH we were afraid not to give it to him.

We found a little pharmacy that would compound medicine for us and they made him some Zantac that was really nicely flavored - and he tolerated it much better. Just a suggestion in case he doesn't like the taste or if they switch him to Prevacid. They took Duncan off the Zantac and put him on Prevacid at about 6 months because the Zantac just quit working. The Prevacid has to be compounded, but it's in a sodium bicarobonate solution, which is really salty, so ask them to flavor it a lot if you have to go that route.

Just my two cents...

I am SO glad your little punkin is well and that you are well!! Have you posted pix anywhere??

Keep up the great work - you're a super Mommy!!

Great to hear from you!!



cassandra - July 6

Justme, I am happy to read you got some meds for the little guy! I am glad he feels better! I am soo jealous of your weight loss! ;) I have about 25-30 lbs more to go still. Half of that is prepregnancy. Those hormone shots and everything... I put on 15 lbs just from those. I have vaca time coming up and hope to lose 10 lbs. Working at a restaurant doesn't help the dieter! :)
Take care...cassandra


baby4us - July 6

Greta to hear from you... and 10lbs to go.. wow.. I hope I am so lucky... I still feel huge after 1 month... Liek Cassandra,,.. I gained some extra weight while goign through treatments.. so probably gained about 55lbs overall during pregnancy.. I am afraid it is going to be awhile before it goes away!

Glad to hear all is going well.. I am taking Annabel to her 4 week check up today... will be interetsed to see how much she has gained and OH am I looking forward to a few weeks from now when she MIGHT be sleepign longer stretches,,, will it happen????!!!


justme - July 7

Hi girls!! Thanks for stopping in and saying Hello.

I use the Walmart pharmacy and they flavored the Zantac with grape. Luke was really mad the first 2 times I gave it too him, but now you can tell he doesn't like it, but he doesn't seem to mind the gross taste too much! Of course he spits a lot of it out!

I would never lose weight if I worked in a restaurant!!!!! Good luck on that one. I started weight watchers yesterday! Fun!!!

Luke is 8 weeks and started sleeping 5 hour stretches about 5 days ago!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!! It has made a huge difference for me and my moods. After that he does a three hour stretch. Hang in there. Your night of sleep is coming. A girlfriend's baby is justa few days older than Luke and she is sleeping 6 to 9 hour stretches already. I am jealous!

Talk to you all soon.


baby4us - July 10

That is good to know... I am also waiitng anxiously for the day when Annabel goes longer between feedings.. she is still at about 2 hours between feeds.. sometimes still 1.5 hours... so you can never get anything done! Not that I am complaining.. but I'll be very happy when it stertches out to 3 - 4 hours......


fiso - July 12

Hello to all. I was away for a few days, enjoying our last vacation, just DH and I. We went to the beach in South Jersey, and it was nice. Nothing exotic but it was great to relax on the beach. At the same time, I felt antsy, I wished I had been able to run and play ball on the beach! Ah, the limitations of pregnancy! I'm still dealing with that, trying to do as much as before but not being able to! I would say that this has been a challenge for me.
Glad to see that everyone is doing fine.

I'm doing Ok too. Putting on weight, little by little! It's a funny feeling to look at the scale and see a weight that you have never reached before!!

Good luck to all with the sleeping schedules of your babies. I will have to deal with that in a few months!




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