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cassandra - November 11

Hi Heather! I hope you had a wonderful delivery and all is well. I'm thinking of you! I know with a c-sec you will probably be in the hospital for 4 days but when you get home and have a chance, I would love to hear all of the details! Luv ya! cassandra


baby4us - November 14

I've been thinking of you too! Hope all is well...


Karen123 - November 16

Heathermac, I've been thinking of you too!! I sure hope you had a WONDERFUL experience and right now you are just loving life with your precious baby. Hope to read a post from you soon! Karen


Debie - November 17

Heather I can't wait to read from you. I knpw it's gonna be exciting, I how you had an fabulous experience, to say the least.


BabyBound - November 18

Hey Heathermac, I hope you had a wonderful experience and you, DH and the baby are doing fine. Can't wait to hear from you.


HeatherMac - November 20

Oh, girls...you make me feel so good. Thank you.

I felt your presence with me during the birth because it was a TOTAL piece of cake - thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. It made all the difference in the world for me.

It has been an interesting nine days...to say the least. Little Duncan is just precious and we are SO blessed!! But, out of the first nine days he's been here, seven of those days were spent in hospital. He was born with a collapsed lung, so we had to stay four days in the hospital when he was born. It was fine because I had a c-section and was cleared for a four day stay. He got a clean bill of health and was released and we were very thankful his body was healed. However, a day and a half later, he was admitted to the hospital for severe jaundice. So, we stayed in Children's hospital for a few days while Duncan slept under the sun lamp and Mommy cried. I was NOT prepared for the weepy part of this whole affair. Ugh.

So, we've just been home a day and finally able to enjoy him without being in a hospital setting!! It's nice to be home with him...DH and I just keep staring at him like he's not real - neither of us can believe he IS real!! It's amazing...and now I feel a little more robbed than I ever have because I would love to have six children. It's crazy...we are so totally taken with him.

He was 7 lb. 13 oz. and 21.25 inches long...born about ten minutes into a VERY easy c/s...I'm telling you, this was the easiest surgery I have ever had. It was freaky!! He's a really pretty baby...and I know everyone says that...but it's easy to see why people say their baby is pretty - they stare at you and you just melt!!

His hospital picture has finally been posted - it's a RIOT!! Go to the link below and choose "Web Babies", then type in Duncan for Baby's name, type in Heather for Mother's name and make sure "The Christ Hospital" is selected as Hospital Name and hit enter. You'll be given a link to Duncan M born on 11/10/2005...click that link and you should see the funniest hospital picture ever taken.


ladies, thank you, again, for your positive thoughts and well wishes. We did have a wonderful experience because the surgery was cake, he is now healthy and we are tremendously, tremendously blessed. I truly pray each of you has such an easy birth, and I hope that each of you is well and enjoying the blessings of your pregnancy.

I also hope and pray that each of our sisters upstairs is soon blessed with a healthy pregnancy and can join us here soon!!! I never thought that any of the tests and shots and surgeries and procedures would ever bring such a blessing...nor did I ever think that it would really happen. Keep the faith, and I will keep praying that your lives will be blessed with a BFP very, very soon.

I'll write more as soon as I can - I'm off to get some rest before it's time for the next milking.

MUCH LOVE to each of you!!



cassandra - November 20

Heather, he is beautiful and his gorgeous eyes! I would just stare at him all day! Congratulations! I am so happy to hear your delivery went so well! It is awesome the hospital can post the picture! I wonder if mine can? Hmmm. I have heard a lot of babies need the billy lights after, not uncommon at all. I'm glad his lung has repaired. I'm sure that was quite scary. Glad to hear all is well now and he is home with you. How are you getting along with your stitches/staples? Take it easy. Thank you for posting! cassandra(36weeks4days)


justme - November 20

What a pretty little boy!!! He is soooo sweet. You are a lucky lady!!! I am glad things have cleared up ant you guys are all home now. Enjoy that blessing!



baby4us - November 21

Heathermac.. he is such a cutie!!! Congratulations.... glad ot hear the c-section was fast and easy... but I am so sorry to hear about the troubles little Duncan had at the beginning.. how is he doing now.. what will a collapsed lung mean to him?

I am sure you are so happy to be home!!!!


Karen123 - November 21

Heather!! So great to hear from you!! OMG he is simply adorable!!! I am SO thrilled for you and DH!! Your precious baby must just take your breath away all the time. I too am sorry for the difficult times he went through but I relieved and happy to hear that he is now home. And to hear about an easy c-section..well, I'm thrilled for you and it gives me hope that mine will be easy too! CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet baby boy. YEY for you!!!!! Karen :)


Meg - November 21


Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby boy with all of us ;D He such a cutie :) I am glad that he is doing well now. It is so very hard seeing your little one so fragile, but it seems as if he is doing well now. I am so glad. You gave me some reassurance about having a c-section again. My last one wasn't a very pleasant experience at all, so needless to say, I am nervous about the upcoming one. You made it seem like a piece of cake.

Again, congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy :) You deserve so much happiness, and I know this will be your best Thanksgiving and Christmas ever :)

Enjoy every Blessed moment Heather :)



SMS1129 - November 22


He is beautiful! Congratulations to you and DH! I know he will bring you much joy!!

Keep in touch.



snindy - November 23

It's so good to read success stories. Your baby is adorable. Congrats to you and your family.
I'm 6 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the day I get to hold my bundle of Joy. The days are dragging and I want the baby now but unfortunetly it doesn't work that way.

Congrats again,


Fortyfour - November 24

He looks ready to take on the world. Congrats my friend. Thank you for sharing that pic with us.


HeatherMac - November 24

Oh, Ladies...thank you so much for your kind words. I've officially entered the weepy phase, and I'm in full-on hormonal mode...so with my lack of sleep and inability to read him yet...your words mean more to me than you could know.

He IS a miracle and we are SO blessed to have him...even in the middle of the night, I don't get frustrated with him...I get frustrated with my inability to give him what he needs...and while I'm sobbing my eyes out, I thank God that I have such a problem. I never thought it would be possible, and I just keep asking DH how we thank God for such a blessing.

I know there were some c-section concerns among the ladies here, and I would say go for it!! Ask for it by name!! Jeepers, that was HONESTLY the easiest part of the entire operation. Seriously. The staples really sucked becuase getting in and out of the bed they don't move with you, but other than that, the spinal and the surgery was cake!! That was the part I was most scared of (the spinal and the surgery), and it was all so easy that DH and the doctor and I were cracking jokes during the surgery and having a great time!! I think the biggest help was telling the anesthiologist I was getting queasy - and he took care of it right away...after that, it was smooth sailing!! I had a friend who had a vaginal birth last week and she is miserable!!! I'm off my pain meds and moving around great!! I also think all the prayers and positive thoughts helped tremendously - I could feel the power of support and love around me...and I wasn't afraid. That made all the difference in the world to me.

Now if Duncan could get his days and nights straight, we'd all be fine!!

Well, I've rambled on enough. I hope each of you has a great Thanksgiving and I'll talk to you soon.

My best wishes to each of you progressing in your pregnancies, and my very best wishes to each of you on your journey to pregnancy...my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you.



cassandra - November 24

Thankyou Heather for putting my mind at ease about a c-sec. I found out yesterday that mine will be Dec.6th at 6:30 am. My baby a (Lauren) has turned breech again and at 37 weeks now, not much chance of her turning again. I was getting pumped up for a vaginal delivery but yesterday I was crushed.

Sorry about the hormonal meltdowns you are having. I'm sure that is totally normal. I hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your little Duncan! It will all fall into place soon. The first couple of weeks are hard but it will get better. Get enough rest and enjoy the holiday! cassandra


sussie88 - November 24

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year, we all truely have something to be thankful for!

Heather, your son is adorable - It makes me very anxious to meet my two babies (hopefully we will find out what sex they are in December - level II u/s Dec 16th).

I think this is the best Thanksgiving so far! ... but am anticipating next year will be even better!

Have a good day and many blessings to all.



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