Has anyone done the maternal screening?
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baby4us - November 8

Just wondering if anyone has done the maternal screening... the ultrasound at about 11-13 weeks to test for possible downs (Not amnio)... followed by blood work.

Mine is schedule for Nov. 24th and of course.. I am scared!!! I have heard of so many people who had false positives and went on to deliver healthy babies... I know some people opted to NOT have any screening done.. as the results wouldn't have any affect on carrying the pregnancy.. but my doctor has requested I have the screening done.. so I am doing it.. although not really sure now if I want to go through with it??? I guess I just want to ensure I am carrying a healthy baby.. but then again.. what the heck would I do if I weren't????


Karen123 - November 8

Baby4us, I did have the screening you spoke of for one reason. I wanted to see my babies! The screening included an incredible u/s that was awesome to see and put my mind at ease that my babies were growing normally. My OB tried to get me to go for the 2nd trimester screening but I did not go because it was just b/w and I too have heard of the false positives. Plus it's just a thing to tell you the chances of having a baby with Downs, not a guarantee that he/she will or will not have it. I still think it's a very personal decision and you should go with your heart, but for me, these babies are being born no matter what so I didn't think the added stress of awaiting more results was worth it. Good luck in your decision. It'll be the right one because it'll be what you feel is right. Karen


justme - November 8

I had the screening with my first child 4 years ago and got a false positive. I am opting out this time. It was very stressful to get the false-positive last time. I have already told my doc "no way"!


oneandonlymel - November 9

baby4us- I just went through all that a couple weeks ago! My husband and I sat and talked and at first we agreed not to to it, then we researched and felt if there was something wrong we could prepare for it and so would the doctors, so we went ahead and did the blood work! My levels all came back within normal limits which was such a relief, but I understand choosing not too there are false postives and it causes worry.


baby4us - November 9

Justme I am so sorry you got a false positive.. I have heard that many women do.. which is one of the reasons I am worrying and wondering.. but I am glad yours was false!

Oneandonlymel -- I am so happy all your blood work came back normal.. you must be very relieved...

I am def. one of those people that would rather know.. than not.. so I am sure I will go through with it.. but it is helping by hearing everyone's experiences... and as Karen123 said.. it is another chance to see the baby.. and it will be so amazing to see the baby again.. my last u/s was at 8 weeks.. and was so amazing to see the little person in there.. so I will be amazed at how far s/he has come!!!

By the way... I am sure I have this in my paper work somewhere.. is it an external or internal ultrasound they do for the screening????


Karen123 - November 9

Justme, from here on in, no more internal u/s's! YEY! You will be SO amazed to see those babies! The development at this point is so incredible. I just stared at the screen and cried. I was alone which was a bummer but still, the amazement of those precious babies moving all around....just the greatest feeling. So enjoy!!


SMS1129 - November 9

I'm sorry, mine is not a good story...I did the maternal screening, but elected not to do the b/w. I went for my 12 wk u/s last week and they told me that one of my triplets has either downs or T18. They are pretty sure b/c of the measurement being way in the abnormal range. They are sending us to NY to see a specialist for further testing tomorrow. We are really scared b/c they are telling us that carrying that child is posing a risk to the other two healthy babies.

My faith continues to be tested.... I am almost 39 and carrying triplets at my age carries a 1 in 50 chance for either of those abnormalities.

I wish you the best of luck on your u/s.



Karen123 - November 9

Oh, Sue, what horrible news! I'm SO VERY sorry. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. You poor thing. I hope you somehow find strength through this difficult time. Karen


baby4us - November 10

Sue.. I am so sorry... please let us know how your appointment goes in NY......

Thinking of you.....



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