Graduated to OB
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BabyBound - June 3

Hey ladies, yesterday was graduation day for me. I have moved on to my regular OB. My first appt. is June 8th. My appt with my RE went well. He said everything was progessing normally and on target.

Elizabeth and Shaz, our first trimester is almost over...only 3-4 weeks to go. I hope you guys are feeling o.k.

Also, RE gave me great advice on how to handle my severe heartburn. He told me to put my bed on an incline instead of propping my head on pillows. Well, DH and I looked around the house yesterday, until we found something that we can put under the head of the mattress to elevate it a little. Last night was the best night sleep I've had in two weeks. It was almost like instance relief, because there was no pressure on my tummy at all. I can't wait to get home and get in the bed.


shaz - June 5

Wow, it must be amazing to see three babies in your u/s. It is amazing to see just one.....

You must be absolutely exhausted....I keep telling my husband that I can be a pain in the butt because I am growing a life inside of me. LOL....Everytime I say it he just rolls his eyes. Last night he referred to you and said that when I was growing three lives inside of me I could act like a princess...LOL...Very funny.

I hope your DH is feeling better and hope your gathering went ok.



ElizabethS - June 7

Shaz - your hubby cracks me up. Mine has been pretty fantastic, but he doesn't let me be too much of a baby.

My energy levels have been picking up a little bit. (Although I slept all day on sunday.)

Can you tell me when you and BB go back to the OB?


BabyBound - June 7

My OB appt is tomorrow. Do they do a u/s on your first visit? I haven't had one since 7wks and I'll be 10wks tomorrow. My heartburn is not so severe over the past few days. I hope its a sign that a change is coming.

Elizabeth, I'm glad you were able to see your beans moving around in there. How did the crawfish boil party go?

Shaz, we're only a few short weeks to go. I'm going to celebrate with a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I need something to keep me cool with this heat wave we're having all of a sudden.

Do you girls have names picked out yet? We are leaning towards Taylor Denise or Taylor Nicole for a girl and Xavier Charles for a boy. Charles is my father's first name and DH's father's middle name...both are deceased. It's saddens me when I think our baby is going to grow up without a grandpa. My dad was the best grandpa ever to my nieces and nephews. Well, I get back to work now.


shaz - June 8

BB, Elizabeth, Cassandra,

I have an ultrasound on the 23rd of June. This is a routine u/s that is done to test mainly for Down's. I had blood work done Monday to go with the test. I then go back and see my OB on the 30th.

Those doppler gadgets are great Cassandra, I was thinking of hiring one during my first pregnancy but DH said that I would be hysterical if one day I couldnt find the HB cause the baby was hiding or something. I thought he had a valid point.

BB - I would love to celebrate with a drink, but never would. Is there such thing as a virgin bourbon and diet

Elizabeth - DH is very funny. I have also got Billie saying to her dad that we have to look after Mummy cause she is having a baby!!!!!! love it.

I havent really thought of names yet????? Better get thinking.


cassandra - June 9

At dinner at my in laws on Mon. my dad in law likes Molly. I said dad, tell you what, if 1. it's a girl, 2. she has freckles, 3. she has red hair, and 4. if it's curly. I have very curly hair and my dad was a redhead. Talk about your typical irish!
My husband has straight blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I hope our children have more of his looks!
I hope all are doing well here and I hope we stay in touch throughout our entire pregnancies and post on the parenting after infertility board! Take care everyone! cassandra


BabyBound - June 9

Cassandra, just you will have a little girl with curly red-hair and freakles.

Shaz, you're so lucky to get another u/s. I've only had two at 6 and 7 weeks. I'm glad everything is progressing well. No, virgin bourbon and diet coke, but you can pretend.

Elizabeth, glad you energy is picking up. Mine's is trying to make a come back too. When is your next appt?

As for me, OB visit went well. I love my OB. He makes everything so comfortable. He gave me a butt-load of information and magazines yesterday. I pouted because I wanted another u/s and to hear the heartbeat...but no hearing of the heartbeat until my next appt and no u/s until week 16 (if I do amino test) or 20 if I decide not to...bummer :( The good news is he gave me medication for my heartburn. YIPPEE! The heartburn really start to effect my eating. I would be lucky to eat a couple of crackers and a cup of soup and that's not proper nutrition for a growing baby. My next appt is 7/12...I'll be 15wks.


shaz - June 16

Thanks Cassandra. We think she is pretty special. It's hard to imagine sometimes that we are going to be lucky enough to have another beautifull child....Amazing



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