Good luck Cassandra
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shaz - December 4

Hi Cassandra,

I just wanted to say good luck for Tuesday. You must be very excited and over the whole thing at the same time. Im sure all will go very well. I will be thinking of you, your DH and beautiful babies all day.

I am due to have little Mackenzie on the 20th December....I shouldnt say little though. I had an u/s at 32 weeks and they told be she was already 5pld. They are predicting a 9 to 10 pounder........Thank god she is coming out of the sunroof (c-section). I am extremely uncomfortable, have had a very bad back all through this pregnancy and have not been able to walk far at all. Am also holding alot of fluid but at this stage, fingers crossed and touch wood etc etc, I have not developed pre-eclampsia yet........That is such a blessing as I didnt want to have another prem small baby....

I wonder how BB and Elizabeth are going. Im sure Elizabeth said that she was having her babies at Thanksgiving????? Have you guys celebrated that yet..(I am such an aussie).....I hope all is fine, she will be very busy.

Anyway, take care and all the best for Tuesday...

And bless you all with your little bundles growing quickly in your bellies.



cassandra - December 4

Shaz! It is so good to hear from you! Thank you for the well wishes! I love how you call it a sunroof! Too funny.
So you aren't too far behind me eh?
Thanksgiving is the third Thurs. in Nov. (like you care) :)

I am getting nervous now. Yesterday I cancelled all plans and just stayed in bed all day, trying to get some sleep I missed out on the night before.Today I feel much better. Jeez, 2 more days! I can't believe it! Babies are still moving around a lot and doing the stomping dance on my cervix. Today dh is doing last minute repairs on the house he figures there will be a lot of visitors.

Not much else to report here. I'm just slowly rolling around the house now. I wonder what they are gonna weigh? I wish you the best with these last 2 1/2 weeks for you! Watch out for that back pain. If it gets worse call the dr.! You could have back labor! Take care..cassandra (38weeks 4days)


Karen123 - December 6

Cassandra, This is it! OMG!!!! CONGRATULATIONS and ALL the best to you, your sweet babies and DH!!!! I think about you ALL the time!!! I've been off the boards for several days but have thought about how close you are! So this is it now! WOW!!!! I can hardly wait to read your update!!!

Shaz, You are so close!! I'm so sorry to hear that you've had it rough. I feel some of the same - back is just unbearable. I'm up at least 4 times a night trying to stretch it out or using a massage cushion I bought or a heating pad several times a night. SO hard to go through but of course SO worth it! I'm only 23 weeks so I have a long way to go still. Well, hopefully! Trying to keep them inside as long as possible. What a wonderful gift you will soon receive! VERY best wishes!!


baby4us - December 6

Today is THE day Cassandra... GOOD LUCK.. and how exciting Shaz.. sooon your day will be here.. what a nice Christmas present!!!!



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