getting tired of being pregnate
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bdantonio - January 22

Well everyone i had another trip to the er today. I was having contraction every 8mins. Im stil at 85% efaced and 1/2 centimeter dialated. I never dialated with my first not even when induced my dr doesnt think i will. I was there for about 2 hrs, since my cervix never changed i was sent home, still contracting. I was sent home at 330pm. I am still contracting about every 10-12minutes. The nurse at the hospital got mad cause i ripped my copy of the discharge papers up and they them away. She said i wouldnt know when to come back without them. I told her that if i came back for the reasons that are marked i might as well go out to reception and re-register. It says if you are spotting, which i was doing when i came in, or if you are haveing 4-5 contractions an hour , well they are discharging me having 7-8 an hr. The nurse then says well how will you know to cme back without the papers, i said i will ocme back when or if i feel a big gush of water down my legs and not until. She said that i wasnt being rash. Well as far as im concrened why would i go back for them to do nothing especially when i know i prolly wont dialte and all they are going to do is send me home and charge me a $100.00 co-pay, well id be miserable and broke by time this child comes. Well i got to the dr. on thursday i will seriously be talking to her about moving my c-section up. I hae not slept now more then 3 hrs a night due to my back, and hips hurting so much even the medicine that they gave me to help doesnt. I mentally and physically am ready. I dont know how much more pain i can take especailly with no sleep. I feel as if i am going crazy. Another thing is i did not get stretch marks with my first and i got them with this one not alot but some however they hurt and itch but if i itch them thye sometimes bleed anyone with this?????? SO lets see My back hurts, my hips hurt, my ribs feel like they are broke, no sleep, and strech marks, and to top it all off i keep contracting with no relief. What is next? I dont know how much i can take.

Sorry to vent so much everyone. I just needto talk everyone around me just keep saying its almost done, but it feel like 3 weeks is very far away when you feel like this. I wan to cry all the time from all the pain


wolffie - January 22

sorry to hear you are so miserable right now! I agree with you about the whole ER experience. What does the nurse expect from you?!?! I am sure 3 more weeks may seem like an eternity for you.



bdantonio - January 22

the nurses and doctors always look at you like just suck it up. I hate when i ask them if they have kids or have ever been pregnate and they say no, i always tell them just wait then come see me.


lisa13 - January 23

screw them Beth;

they are a bunch of idiots. Alot of people don't have any social skills.
we all so proud of how great your doing; you are almost there; it will be worth it when you see your beautiful baby in your arms and at that moment all the pain will be gone.


bdantonio - January 23

yeah i go to the ob tomorrow hopefully she will move up my c-section.


Tracy1 - February 24

I am 30 weeks now and am just really over being pregnant. I can't wait to get my nice flat tummy back!
My feet absolutely kill me now, I guess that's because the only place I have put on weight is my belly so I feel like my legs are too skinny to support the extra weight on my belly!
I was in emergency the other day because I felt dizzy, hot then fainted at work. My blood pressure dropped quickly and I have a bladder infection.
I am up at least 6 times to go to the toilet during the night so haven't had a descent nights sleep for ages although I am getting used to the tiredness so that's not so bad!!




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