Finally Pregnant but Scared
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sblanton2 - February 17

Well as far as names are concerned I do not have much of a choice. The doctor was fairly certain he saw 2 sacs yesterday and my husband is convinced he is having twin boys. The first born son, of the first born son in my husband's family is ALWAYS named Winn and the middle name has to start with an S. My husband is Winn Spencer, and if we have a son he will be Winn Sheldon. If we have 2 boys the second will get my father's middle name and my husbands middle name, so it would be William Spencer. Now if we have a girl I do not know. My husband does not want to think about that considering I have 4 daughters already, we will find out the sexes and decide from there.
Debie, I wish you all the best and hope the next time is a charm for you. This infertility stuff takes a huge toll on our bodies both mentally and physically. Take care of yourself.
Well all I better run I have a lot to get done today before my energy runs out. Take care and I will check in later.



hopefully trying - February 19

I think Spencer would be a beautiful name for a girl as well :)


sblanton2 - February 19

Well, it would be ok but it is my mother-in-laws maiden name....that is why my husband got it for a middle name. I want a name that is unmistakably a girls name. My daughters are Kendra Diane, Gabrielle Renee, Erin Nicole and Anjelica Laine. ::) I used all the girls names I really like. We'll get it figured out if we need to, it will just take buying a book and going through it name by name. And my dh says b/c I named all my daughters he gets to name ours if we have a girl. I do reserve the right to veto! How about you Hopefully trying? Any names picked out yet?


Caroline Amicone - February 20

To all:

Sorry I haven't logged in, last week was a devastating.... my second pregnancy test on the 14th (Valentines day) showed a 14,000 level of HCG. My husband and I were so worried that all 3 embryo's took, and an u/s on the 15th proved that. We have 3 babies developing. I was crying during the u/s, I can't possibly manage 3 babies while working ( I am the breadwinner in my family). I've also had some heart palpatations, so am very worried my body won't be able to support 3 babies. We are having to consider reduction to 2 babies and this is the most devastating decison I've ever had to make. Has anyone reduced...any thoughts?


JSchumaker - February 21

Hi Caroline,

I have been hanging around this website for almost a year & I have to say you are in the right place; everyone here is incredibly supportive & understanding. My husband & I had to face the possibility of multiples; we had 5 eggs waiting to be fertilized the day of our 3rd IUI. We consulted our pastor about it & did some research. We also asked our doctor a lot of questions. We are now expecting one baby girl in May. I can only say to really educate yourself & take it easy. I know I hated hearing this, but try to relax. You will only be helping yourself & your precious babies if you can try to stay calm. Just know you can always come here to get all the support in the world. I'll keep you & your husband & little ones in my thoughts & prayers.



baby4us - February 21

Oh Caroline... I don't know what to say.. only you will know what is best for you.
Sometimes the 3rd twin is naturally absorbed.. it is hard for the 3 of them to develop in there!

But just read everything you can.. talk to your doctor... and anyone else you can to make your decsion... but ultimately you have to do what is best for you..a s hard as that decsion may be.. Good luck.. let us know how you are doing...



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