Finally Pregnant but Scared
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Caroline A - February 13

After 6 IVF's and one miscarriage last year I just found out I'm pregnant with donor eggs. Tomorrow is my second pregnancy test and we won't find out how many implanted until next week.....

I can't stop thinking that something is going to go wrong and I haven't thrown up yet, but my breasts are full but sometimes they aren't as sore as they are at other times....

I don't know who to talk to I'm lost....
Is there anyone out there that can help me?


snindy - February 13

I want to say welcome to this site. Congrats on your BFP!
It's normal to feel scared especially after having a miscarriage. No one will ever know what your going through unless they faced it themselves. You won't be satisfied until you have your baby or babies in your arms.

My 1st IVF, I had a miscarriage and when I had my 2nd IVF, I got pregnant again and everyday I was worried that something was going to go wrong. Every ache or pain, I freaked out and each day I felt like I was walking on egg shells. I'm more relaxed after hitting the 3 month mark but I still have my worries that something could go wrong.

I'm 18 weeks now and I just keep focusing on how my household will be like w/ twins, that thought is what keeps me going everyday.

I had no pregnancy signs and I still don't. My boobs were sore because my progestrone shots made them that way.
After getting off the shots, my energy came back and I feel perfectly fine. Some women won't experience morning sickness.

If it wasn't for the u/s and hearing the heartbeats I wouldn't even think I was pg.

I want you to know that your not alone especially on this website, there are many wonderful women who will give you support and comfort and they will give you the best advice. It's so good to come to a website and know that other women are going through what you've gone through. I couldn't of done it without these wonderful women out here.

Good luck on your journey and keep us posted



Caroline Amicone - February 14

Cindy, you are a lifesaver, thank you for your message. I've never chatted on-line before so I didn't know what to expect, thanks so much!!!


fiso - February 14

Caroline and Cindy, I'm in the same boat. After having a m/c last year, and now finding out that I'm pg, I'm also walking on egg shells. Some days I wonder, what if the doc was wrong? And other days, I'm like: ooh, what was that pain in the lower belly, is it normal? Your mind is your worst enemy! Our imagination goes wild. That's why it's important to try, and I say try, to calm yourself down, relax and not let your mind go crazy. I know, I know, easier to say than to do, but it helps. For me, I see my pregnancy as an adventure with many steps. Tomorrow, I'm going for an u/s to see how things are. Then there will be the u/s for the heart beat. One step at a time, that makes me go on.
Caroline, come visit us anytime, There is always someone with a comforting word. When you think about it, it's amazing, none of us have ever met!
Talk to you later. Fiso


SMS1129 - February 14

I am 27 weeks pg with twins and it is still scary at times. This was my second IVF attempt after the first ended in m/c.

I don't think the worry ends completely until they arrive. Just try to enjoy the ride as much as you can. I am fortunate because I see the doctor weekly and have since I was 8 weeks due to the loss of a third embryo. It is comforting, but probably not really necessary. Just remember to ask the doctor anything you want to know and take care of yourself. God will do the rest.

Take care,



celia m - February 14

Welcome Caroline, I am 10 weeks preg with my 5th pregnancy, I have had 4 misscarriages. I know just how you feel. Just wanted to welcome you and tell you there is lots of support on this site, it has helped me. Stay in touch!!


baby4us - February 15

Welcome Caroline..and congrats on the BFP.

Unfortunately.. the worry never ends.. especially for those who have been through fertility treatments and even more so for those who have m/c.

I had lots of spotting and cramping throughout my first trimester and was sick with worry the whole first three months... I have finally started to relax at 24 weeks... but you still over analyze every twinge. It is true.. you will probably never feel 100% reassured until the baby is in your arms!

But.. luckily with the fertility treatments.. you do get more u/s throughout your pregnany than other pregnant ladies.. and those u/s are a life saver.. as well as hearing the heart beat when you are at the docs office.. so cherish those.. but also cherish the pregnancy.. I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by.. and I don't want to look back and think.. why didn't I just relax a bit more!!! But it is easier said than done!


sblanton2 - February 15

It is true that every pregnancy is different, with some pregnancies the mom never experiences morning sickness and the other symptoms. I have four daughters and my DH and I just finished our first round of IVF/ICSI and I am 51/2 weeks pregnant right now. With my first 2 daughters I had no symptoms of pregnancy...none. With these last 3 pregnancies I have morning sickness, backaches, am exhausted. . So just take it easy worry when you have something to worry about and wait for that first ultrasound.
One funny story, a lot of my favorite customers at the gym now think I took the time off in january (when I went for IVF) to get breast implants b/c I am starting to pop out all over. LOL.........I'm not sharing the news until after the u/s next week.
Take care Caroline....I wish you the best.



fiso - February 15

Thats' funny Sylvia! I'm also 5 1/2 pg. It's weird how my doc's office did the count. They go 2 weeks before the transfer (in case of IVF). That doesn't make much sense to me since there is no sperm yet., but whatever. Did they count the same way for you?
Just had an u/s and there is one sack! No heart beat yet, we will hear it next week. Also, no more progesterone shots!!!! So happy about that. I'm just taking it vaginally now.

Hope you all had a nice Valentines' Day. Actually, we don't need one day a year to feel loved, it should be every day!
Fiso with a big smile today!


Karen123 - February 16

Caroline, CONGRATULATIONS!! I am really thrilled for you!! Keep us posted!

Sylvia and Fiso, I think of you both a lot and truly hope all goes well for you. I wish you nothing but happiness. Karen


baby4us - February 16

Such great news Sylvia and Fiso... and too funny about the breast implant story!

Wait until they hear the truth! I wish everyone a happy and healthy pregnancy!

I had my 24 week u/s yesterday.. so far everything is looking good... Still don't know the gender ... but that was probably my last u/s... so I won't know until I deliver!!

I have a doc appointment Monday.. and I assume my gestational diabetes test will be cmoing up soon!!! Yikes.. not looking forward to that!


sblanton2 - February 16

Hey all......
Fiso yes they counted the same for me. I will turn 6 weeks on Saturday. My due date is Oct. 14th. I ask one of the ob/gyn doctors here who interned at the clinic where I did invitro. He told me they still count it the same as a normal pregnancy even though the way we got this way was not. I have an ob appointment today but my u/s is not until next Thurs. Doc says he wants to wait so we can see the fetal heart beat.
Baby4us I guess your baby was shy huh! LOL Not the worst thing in the world to have to wait...kind of like waiting for Christmas. Glad all is going well for you.....any names yet?


fiso - February 16

Hi Sylvia,
By 7pm, I start yawning and by 9, I really have to go to bed. Do you feel the same? I decided today to force myself to take a nap so I can stay awake a little longer at night! DH is by himself now in the evenings!
I don't understand their way of counting, but if that's what they want, fine!

Have any of you seen the programs on TLC and the Discovery Health channel about baby deliveries? A baby story, Bringing home baby, Adoption stoires, baby, baby, etc. There are some good info. It's during the day but you can tape or sometimes they rerun the shows.

Go to go now, all the best to all of you. Fiso


sblanton2 - February 16

Are you kidding....I wake up tired! LOL Really. I take a nap in the middle of the afternoon and honestly I could sleep all day.
Take Care and rest when you need it, when baby arrives you will wish y ou could take a nap!!!!



Debie - February 16


I haven't been on the site for a few days, and I see a lot has happened. Fiso and Sylvia, I missed your BFPs, and may I take this opporrtunity to wish you all the best.

Caroline congratulations to you too and keep logging on, this is the best place to stay sane during this overwhelming and emotional journey. I had two m/cs last year and am taking time out from TTC until about June/July, but I just love being around.

To other expectant moms, may God keep you and the angels you are hosting safe till delivery and way beyond.

Babydust to all.



baby4us - February 17

Thank you Debie for your very kind words!! I do hope you the best on your next TTC-ing in the summer... How are you feeling? You have been through so much this past year.. but you still seem so upbeat.. which is great... as heart wrenching as all the fertility treatments are... it is just so great that you are staying posiitve.. it will work out for you.. I can feel it! Keep us posted!

Syliva.. I am SO glad to hear you say how tired you are.. I keep thinking is there something wrong with me! I try to fit in a nap a day... because by the afternoon I am just dragging.. exhausted... (I am very lucky to work from home - so if I don't have meetings, etc.. I can take a 30-45 min. afternoon siesta!)

The other night I was over at a friend's house for dinner and by 10pm I was ready to curl up on the couch.. I quuickly helped put the dishes in the dishwasher and headed home to bed!!

I do have a couple of names picked up.. for a girl -- Annabel (Or Victoria, Isabel, Madeline)... and for a boy.. Alexander... I also like the name Beckett... but DH says it sounds too much like Beckham (as in David Beckham, soccer star -- who I have a big crush on!!)

What about you????


sblanton2 - February 17

Well as far as names are concerned I do not have much of a choice. The doctor was fairly certain he saw 2 sacs yesterday and my husband is convinced he is having twin boys. The first born son, of the first born son in my husband's family is ALWAYS named Winn and the middle name has to start with an S. My husband is Winn Spencer, and if we have a son he will be Winn Sheldon. If we have 2 boys the second will get my father's middle name and my husbands middle name, so it would be William Spencer. Now if we have a girl I do not know. My husband does not want to think about that considering I have 4 daughters already, we will find out the sexes and decide from there.
Debie, I wish you all the best and hope the next time is a charm for you. This infertility stuff takes a huge toll on our bodies both mentally and physically. Take care of yourself.
Well all I better run I have a lot to get done today before my energy runs out. Take care and I will check in later.




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