everything looks good so far
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celia m - September 16

an update, my hcg quant doubled to 5200, I had an u/s today just to reasure myself, saw a gest. sac and yolk sac, but not much more, I am 5 weeks 2 days, they said that it looked normal. yeah!!!!!!!


HeatherMac - September 17

YEA!! What great news!! Congratulations on your wonderful news!!

Have a GREAT weekend, Mommy!!



Karen123 - September 17

Celia, Great news!!!! Tons of baby dust to you!! Keep us posted! I sure hope to continue to hear such wonderful news from you. Karen


jsthomps - September 17

Congratulations!!!! just a question, did you have any spotting while you were waiting to take a preg test???


Fortyfour - September 17

Cool, keep on growing little one.


oneandonlymel - September 19

celia m- Congradulations! I am so happy and wishing you a healthy baby in your arms in 8 months!!


Debie - September 19

:) :) Congratulations. Wishing you all the best :)


celia m - September 19

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. JSTHOMPS, I had some very faint spotting a week before I took a test, could have been inplantation spotting? This is crazy, but I wish I was throwing up or sick, but I'm not, I hope that is not a bad sign, maybe I am too early still?


HeatherMac - September 20


I didn't get sick until I was about 8 weeks...and I was pregnant until about week 20. I usually felt great in the morning, but by noon and allllll through the night, I was sick as could be!! I - very THANKFULLY - got some Zoforan tabs from my OB that dissolved on my tongue and helped the nausea within 15 minutes. They taste like major poo, but they helped!!

Ugh. I saw a shirt that said, "Morning sickness: making hangovers seem pleasant!"

Truer words were NEVER spoken.

Hopefully, you'll feel great the whole time, though...my wishes are for that. I do NOT wish morning sickness upon anyone.

Keep us posted!!



cassandra - September 20

Celia, when I got my bfp I wouldn't believe it until I was sick. Well, I never had morning sickness. I did feel woozy if I didn't eat. Not everyone gets it. Your spotting does sound like implantation bleeding. As long as it has stopped try not to worry! Take care! cassandra


ElizabethS - September 23

Congratulations Celia, I also never had morning sickness. I am thankful now, but I remember praying to throw up just so I could be reassured.

Again, Congrats on the awesome news!


Karen123 - September 23

Celia, I had morning sickness here and there for weeks but it wasn't bad at all. Now that I'm 12 weeks, I'm a mess. I've been throwing up and lost 2 pounds. I thought it was supposed to stop at 12 weeks! So, every pregnancy is SO different. Please don't think there's a problem because you aren't feeling sick. I had 2 healthy daughters years ago and never went through this sickness. Makes me wonder if there's a boy in there this time! Karen



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