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BabyBound - May 28

O.k. Ladies it's been quite down here and I'm assuming I know why. Where has our energy, gone? I sleep when I get home from work, get up around 9:00 p.m. to get something to eat and back to sleep around 11:00. DH and stepson have been living a bachelors these pass few weeks. The love it because I'm not nagging them to get off the Xbox. I hope everyone is doing well and is just too tired to post. I know that's the case with me. The other thing that's keeping me down is heartburn. I can't eat anything without it affecting me. I eat small meals and I still get it.

I hope to get an update from you ladies soon. Take care.


shaz - May 29

Hi BB,

I was starting to get a little worried about you....The lack of energy is very hard to deal with....Sometimes I feel as if the life has been sucked out of me....LOL.

It does get better in the next trimester, you will feel on top of the world before being totally exhuasted in the last 6 weeks or so again.

Just 3 more weeks to go, then the energy returns....



paige - May 30

I feel you babybound. My husband is not used to me laying around so much. He calls my baby making job #1 because I never want to move! :)


karriearm - May 31

My husband told me that I am not any fun anymore :'(
I know he didn't mean to be "mean", but I think he is right. I would just sleep all day if I thought I wouldn't get fired from work!


ElizabethS - June 1

BB - Thanks for the post. I had some business travel last week, but honestly....I go to bed at 5:30 and get up to eat and then back to bed. My dh has been pretty great about it all, but I just feel like a total slob.

I miss you guys, but I have been too tired to even get on the computer. Again, I am so glad we are all in the same boat. Is great to know that I am not alone.

Sweet Dreams!


HeatherMac - June 1

Okay, I'm nearly 17 weeks and I'm just waiting for that "burst" of energy. Sheesh. I'm not as nauseaus as I was, sure, but energy? Yeah, I still nap every day and three times a day on weekends. It's terrible!! top it ALL off...we just moved Monday. I could sleep all day, honestly. I can't tell you how much it TOTALLY sucked to move and be have NO energy, you can't do anything, you can't sit anywhere because you're in the way...ugh.

So, like all of you, I, too, am ANXIOUSLY awaiting my energy to come screaming back so I can strip this nasty wallpaper and unpack our crap.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this posting has nearly exhausted me and I have to have a nap to recover.





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