does the worry ever end?
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baby4us - October 3

I just kept hoping for a positive.. which I finally got..Phew!
But now I am fussing over everything else: is everything going to go fine with this pregnancy? Can I continue exercising as I have been.. or should I cut back a bit...How do I prevent the possibility of a miscarriage.. or ectopic pregancy? What if I have twins?

What if, what if....all these questions.> I just wish I knew if I am doing eveyrthing right.. could I be doing more?

I had been experiencing mild cramping for about a week.. comes and it goes... I try to rest when I feel the cramping coming on and it goes away.. but of course I am worried.. does it mean something more?

I just called my clinic and they said all should be fine (as long as I am not bleeding or running a fever, etc).. which I am not... and luckily.. today I feel perfectly fine... arggghhh.. I just wish I knew that everythign was going to be ok!!!!


ElizabethS - October 3

I had the same feelings when I was just pregnant, and then they subsided a bit around the second trimester. Although, I don't think we will ever stop worrying about our children. I talk to my mom about it, and she says.....just wait until they are born....then you will never stop worrying.

I do think the worrying is more intense when you have tried so hard to get pregnant. It is natural, but everyday you carry those babies helps to make the worry less and less.


Meg - October 3


The worry never ends. I thought it would after our twins arrived. I worried excessively during their p/g, mostly b/c of previous m/c's. Once they arrived and were doing well, I thought now I can relax !!! Well likely story... As Elizabeth said you will still worry after they are born. I still worry just as much about them now as I did before they arrived. I worry about this p/g as well, but divide my worry time b/w worrying about the twins and the p/g :) If I think about it my parents still worry about me like I was three years old !!!! It drives me nuts !!!!!

Just listen to your body, and if you have any concerns call your Dr. that is what they are there for. Please take care and try to relax and enjoy being p/g. I know easier said than done, but just try your best. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you have an uneventful and healthy 9 months :)



SMS1129 - October 3


Ever since my miscarriage back in June, going to my ultrasounds each week gives me a lot of hope.. to see the little heartbeats and hear them beat strong...that is what keeps me optimistic. I do worry, but I try to remember it is in God's hands now.

Try to enjoy it, it's a wonderful time!



Karen123 - October 4

Baby4us, Great words of wisdom from the ladies above. In the beginning, I worried so much I worried that the worry would hurt my babies! It's normal and it's frustrating but I agree with everyone else...try your best to feel joy at the same time. The worry will not go away but I do believe it lessens some (as Elizabeth said) in the 2nd trimester. I am 14 weeks now and listen to my babies heartbeats every night and breathe a sigh of relief every time. I am sure I will worry even more when I'm in the 3rd trimester that my babies will be born too early. And take it from a mother of 16 and 15 yr old girls: I worry every single day. I think it's a womanly thing...we just care SO much! Best of luck in finding joy in your pregnancy. Karen


baby4us - October 4

Thank you everyone.. I am sure you are all worrying along with me!

I hope everyone happiness and success.. Today was the first day I actually haven't worried (although the day is young!)... and I bought some pregnancy books .. that as soon as I get some work done.. I am going to hunker down and devour page by page!


Karen123 - October 4

baby4us, That's the spirit!! You know, I get emails all the time from and it's been a big help. They ask you to pay if you want more info but the free info is plenty. I get pains in my lower stomach but my emails told me that it is normal and it gives me peace of mind. I was getting dizzy once or twice a day and one of the emails said it was normal. I asked my doctor about both things and he confirmed that I had nothing to worry about. Just a thought. It's helpful to read about normal things that happen so you know all is ok. Good luck! Karen



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