Delivery worries
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sussie88 - April 11

I go for non stress tests once per week. It is kind of nice because it is on the maternity ward, so I get to meet the nurses and get familiar and comfortable with the unit.

I was still 1cm dialated today - no further progress. However, Dr. said that usually by week 38 they will break your water with twins to get things moving. Then she considered that maybe even next week (37) they would break my water to take advantage of both babies being head down. (the little one has potential to turn). So..... one or two weeks to go and we will be going from a family of two to a family of 4!!!! Crazy - reality just hasn't fully sunken in yet!


HeatherMac - April 11

Well, now that's odd...I never had a non-stress test. What do you do?


sussie88 - April 11

Non -stress test is used for high risk pregnancies and multiples.

I started them after week 32. Basically, they hook all these things onto my belly and monitor the babies heart rates for about 45 min or so. My understanding is that they are looking at something to do with the baby movements and heart rate reactions. The babies need to be somewhat active for this test to work.

Today, "baby A" was not awake enough, so they gave me really cold water to drink - that woke him up and we continued with the test! I just lay in the hospital bed and watch tv during the test.

So, I go for this every week at the hospital. Like I said, the nice part is being on the maternity ward. At least if I go into labor and delivery during the dayshift, I will be familiar and comfortable with the nurses.

The Doc today suggested I meet with anestethia (I am sure that is not spelled correctly). Has anyone else done this prior to delivery? I guess I should go and meet them - I want to be sure I am signed up for every drug that I am allowed to have! (and then some)


HeatherMac - April 12

HAHA!! Yes, make a list and carry it with you so you can be sure your anesthesiologist hooks you up!! Might I suggest the Nubane! ;)

I would take time to meet with your anesthesiologist (don't check my spelling either). It makes ALL the difference in the world. Ours scheduled a meeting with us right as we got to the hospital the morning of the surgery...and he stayed with us for just about an hour explaining all he was going to do, answering questions DH and I had...he was great...he asked we call him Brian. We loved Brian. Then, when the time came, DH got to cut the cord and Brian held the camera! He was a riot! I got nervous right as it all got under way and I said, "Brian, I'm not feeling too hot." He gave me some meds in the IV and asked how I was doing...and rubbed my face until I felt better!! He was amazing!!

Now, I tell you this because I think it helps to have the anesthsiologist in your corner. He/She is the only one that can make it all better in a hurry...and help you through all the scary bits. Really. Take the time to meet with them, you'll be glad you did.

Take a list of questions - every time you think of a question between now and when you meet with them, write it down...then take them all. ASK AWAY!! You want to know make sure you feel comfortable with them and know that they are looking out for your best interest.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

I'm sure I'll get the non-stress tests next time. Doc already said I'll be high risk next time, so I'll get all the bells and whistles. It sounds like a nice break, actually. Sure could use one of those now! ;)



baby4us - April 13

Heathermac.. you have been such an infinate and wonderful resource.. thank you so much! I just hope you had someone to guide you as well...

Why does your doc think you'll be high risk next time.. I take it you are thinking of trying for baby #2???


HeatherMac - April 13

Oh, are too kind.

No, I really kind of wandered these woods alone, so I do what I can to help guide whomever I can...whether it be here, in my career, in life. Figure it's the least I could do given the blessings laid upon my life.

As far as high risk next time, my endocrinologist just did some big clotting study and I got to be part of it (just for being a patient) and they did some really amazing clotting studies...tested my blood in viper venom and things like that. Anyway, it came back with more indepth clotting problems than they previously imagined, so I'll have to be more closely monitored next time. Not sure if they're worse than they were before or just newly discovered, but either way they want to monitor me more closely.

Which is fine. I'd rather be over monitored than under monitored. I loved being pregnant and can't another year before we try again!! I guess between now and then I'll just gather up as much information as possible and wait. That's all we do as infertiles isn't it...wait. I'm just hoping the next wait isn't as bad as the first one was.

Well, my dear, have a great day and I'll talk to you soon!!



baby4us - April 17

That sounds pretty amazing Heathermac.. and Viper venom!!! wow!

So glad you are spreading your wisdom.. no matter howmuch I read.. and ask questions.. I still feel so unprepared!!!!

When you ttc again.. did they say whether you will have to do treatments? or will you be able to conceive au natural??????


HeatherMac - April 18

Yeah, I know...I read and read and read and the morning of the surgery on the way to the hospital I felt like I was totally clueless. But, you manage and it all works out beautifully. There were no childbirth classes or books on the subject for THOUSANDS of years and we've managed to nearly overpopulate the planet. You'll do wonderfully!!

As far as TTC next time. we have no idea what will hapen. I sincerely hope we don't have to go through what we went through this time, but we'll see. I pray we'll have an easier time of it because I'm honestly not sure I could do all of this again. It's kind of like knowing the really super scary bit and deciding whether or not to see the movie again...I can't say whether I'd do it again. You'll have to ask me in a year...that's when we're going to try this all over again.

The only bummer about the whole ordeal was the discussion I had with my OB at my last visit. We were talking about baby #2, and he said not to wait too we discussed timetables...then he said I'd have to schedule hysterectomy soon thereafter. I knew that. We had discussed it before, so it wasn't anything new. But, it all just sounded so final. And I suddenly felt so robbed of the family DH and I wanted. It was the same feeling I had when we were told we were infertile. So, that was a bit of a bummer, and I felt very badly for being upset about it since we were blessed with a baby and hopefully another. Even as I write this, I feel selfish about thinking that way. But, I guess I got a little glib about the infertility after the baby.

So, toss your book away, put your feet up and do the baby's're tremendously well prepared and you're going to be a great Mommy! And, the nice thing is the baby's detergent smells just as good months from now as it did the very first load you ever do!

Have a great night!!



baby4us - April 18

You have every right to feel the way you do Heathermac.. trying for number 2... I do hope all works out for you...

Thanks again for the reassurance... it is just that whenever I feel like.. I can do this.. I know there will b epain, etc but I will push through and all will be fine.. then I run into someone who gladly informs me of their horrid 5 day labour... or I turn on the tv and see something horrible... and it makes me freak out.

Too late now though... no turning back.. I know I can do this.... I know I can do this!!!!


sussie88 - April 22

Well ladies - tomorrow(sunday) I will officially be 38 weeks! I can't believe how far I am.... after all, as soon as you are having twins, they start talking to you about the risks of premature labor. I was not in the mind set to go this long!!! I keep telling the boys that I am ready -lets get this show on the road!! I am hoping that the Doc will elect to help me along and get things started. Next appointment is tues, keep your fingers crossed for me!


HeatherMac - April 24


CONGRATULATIONS!! That's a great accomplishment to be 38 weeks!! I'm sure you're more than ready to go, though...its a long haul, especially in the last three weeks. I can only imagine what it's like with TWO snuggled up in there!!

Best wishes for an easy and wonderful delivery!!!

Keep your feet up and keep us posted!!




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