Cord blood bank?
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fiso - July 29

Hi. I was just wondering if any of you new moms or moms-to-be have considered banking the umbilical cord blood of your babies. If so, which company did you use? I think I would like to do it (my brother had leukemia) but I'm not sure what company to use.
Thanks for your info / advice.


baby4us - August 1

Hi Fiso... we considered cord blood banking... but after discussing with our doctor... he had advised against it as we don't have any genetic problems.. but considering your brother's leukemia.. i tmight not be a bad idea...

Check out the teaching hospitals in your area... sometimes they allow you to donate cord blood (so much cheaper).. but in the US there are a TON of cord blood services... which is good in one respect as it gives you choices... but be weary.. make sure it is a reputable company... Goo dluck


fiso - August 3

Hi Baby4us. Thanks for your input. We actually talked to my doc about it and he didn't seem to be crazy about it. There are not enough guarantees that in 10 years, God forbid, we need the cells, that they will still be of good quality and that the company we chose is still in business. It's like an insurance.
So we decided not to do it, even with my brother's history.
How are you?
I'm doing good. The little one (with still no name!) is growing like crazy! I'm happy for that but I hope at the end, she won't be toooo big!
Take care of yourself.


baby4us - August 3

Hi Fiso... cord blood banking is a tough call... your damned if you do and damned if y ou don't.. my doctor felt it was still unproven.. and as you said.. in 10 years... will the blood bank still be there?

They really play on yoru fears... that is what makes it difficult... but you have to do what you feel is best.. so probably not a bad idea ot investigate amd see what you think..

Glad you are doing well.. how are you surviving teh heat??

I am feeling MUCH better.. my medication is working and I am feeling much more like a mom... Annabel and I seem much more in synch with each other which helps so much...

The past two days of extreme heat were pretty bad.. but we survived and the weather is much nicer today so I am just going to head out for a walk with the dogs to clear my head!

I hope you haven't swollen too much... near the end my feet and legs were HUGE!!!!



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