concerned about weight gain
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Risa - July 10

Hello everyone,
I got a BFP on 6/30 with the help of IVF w/ICSI. So right now I am 5 weeks pregnant and very, very excited! And trying not to get my hopes to high since I am very scared of miscarriage. Maybe some of you can help put me at some ease.
I have gained 6 pounds total since all the stimulation injections have begun, and the last 2 pounds were just in this past week. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think it could be the progesterone suppositories that are causing this and not really the pregnancy? I just feel and look slightly pregnant already and have been reading that during the first 12 weeks during a normal pregnancy, one should gain 2-4 pounds. Tell me what you guys think.


baby4us - July 10

Congrats on yoru BFP!! So exciting.. and you are rihgt.. it also comes with a whole new set of worries!

Anyway.. I found I gained weigth while undergoing fertility treatments,.. partly because of the drugs and partly from stress eating!!!!! I wouldn't worry too much about the "optimum" weight gain during pregnancy... everyone is different and everyone's bodyreacts differently... They alwasy say you shouldn't gain more than approx. 30 lbs during yoru pregnancy.. YEAH..right! I enjoyed eating (healthily mind you) and I gained in total about 55 lbs.. SURE I am bitchign about it now... but I know it will come off.. I have alwasy been veryactive so once I get the green light at my 6 week check up.. I'll be back on the treadmill so to speak!!!

Anyway.. as long as you are eating healthily... don't worry too much about weight gain... and I do think a lot of the drugs we take during our treatments will cause some weight gain.. even if it is water retention ,etc.


Risa - July 11

Thank you, I feel a little better and will try to keep my meals as healthy as I can. Also, did you have any lower abdominal cramping early in your pregnancy? I know some cramping is supposed to be normal because the area is stretching, but I can't help but wonder the extent of it. I can't wait until my doctor's appointment next Wednesday!


baby4us - July 11

and drinks lots of water!!!!

i had cramping the whole time.. plus some spotting.. always tell your doctor as it could be something but most often not.. you will def. feel cramping right now for sure -- much like pms...

let me know how your doc appointment goes.. good luck!!!1


love2Bparents - July 11

CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP! I love that feeling but it seems so short lived b/c of the worrying. But try not to! Seriously its dangerous to stress out! I have gained 3 1/2 lbs in the first 10weeks and I am thinking I am up to a good 10lbs right now. My tummy is filling out. I have an appt next week so for sure I'll know what the weight is then.


Karen123 - July 11

Risa, I just wanted to add my congratulations!!! I'm thrilled for you!!!! I wish you ALL the best for a healthy pregnancy. Karen


fiso - July 12

Congratulations to you!!
I understand yoru concerns, I was concerned too byt he weight gain, but as long as you eat healthy now, you willbe fine. It is true that the drugs make you retain water. Right before I had my BFP, I already looked kind of pregnant, but it was only water retention. Once you give birth and you can go back on a exercise routine, you will be OK.
I had cramping too, sometimes more painful than others. Don't forget that will all the meds, your ovaries are big and swollen. That can cause some nasty cramping, but it doesn't last. Drinking LOTS of water can help with the cramping too. And it's a good habit to get right away. You will need lots of water all along the pregnancy.

Enjpoy this very special time in your life. Don't worry too much, read as much as you can on the Internet and books, that will help you figure out things, and don't hesitate to call your doc if you anything bothers you. The nurses should be there to help you.

Don't forget to get plenty of rest, the first 3 months are exhausting! After all your body is changing so much.

All the best to you and keep us posted.



Risa - July 12

Thank you all for the congrats, the advice and your experiences. I did call my doctor yesterday and the nurse said if the cramps worsen or I have spotting with the cramping to call back. So far the cramps have subsided and no spotting (thank goodness!) so I think I can make it another week until I go to the appointment. So excited for the ultrasound and I am doing my best not to worry too much. I bought "what to expect when you're expecting" to get information. I'll keep you guys updated on what I find out at the doc's next week.



Julie - Hoping - July 12

Hi Risa!
I actually was concerned I was supposed to be gaining weight I'm actually currently having the other problem but my nurse told me it's okay. Since the retrieval I've actually gone down 5.5 pounds - part of why I was so convinced it didn't work because the bloating went away. My nurse said just eat healthy and keep an eye on it and if I keep decreasing let them know especially more than another 5 pounds. SHe said it happens to many women in early pregnancy because you're burning extra calaries. I was actually up a pound this morning so I was glad the decreasing may have stopped. I feel like a nut I'm so focused on everything. My boobs have started filling out - that is kind of fun :-) Hope you're doing well.


Latina - July 23

Hi Risa,
Congratulations!! Dont worry about the weight gain. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was on the progesterone injections and it made me gain weight. Once I came off the progesterone which wasnt till I turned 3 months, I began putting off the weight. I am now 5 months pregnant with a little girl and all I have gained has been 7lbs.
I was hit with pregnancy induced hypertension from the begining which hasnt been fun. My blood pressure is now under control but I go to the doctors office on a weekly basis. It's all worth it, I wouldnt change a thing. I still feel cramping around the time my period should of come. my doctor tells me that its stretching pain.. Dont worry and enjoy your pregnancy.



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