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destinybaby - February 11

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I had my 8 week ultrasound and the baby looks great. I am at 8.5 weeks and baby is 9.1 wk size. Blood clot is smaller but still evident. This is the farthest I have ever made it. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[/quote] Hi Fortyfourfive, I am new to this board, I am ttc will see my RE this coming tuesday very nervous, (blocked tubes) anyway, so i decided to read some of the postings. Well, I read the board that had to do with IVF so I felt like I was there with you every step of the way. I cried when you cried and I was praying the entire time for you. You are truly an inspiration to me I was so happy when you finally had success and I am so happy to know you are doing just great. What I loved about you and some of the other ladies that were going through IVF was not matter the bfn's you were always uplifting others. You have given me the strenght to go ahead with the idea of IVF. I have learned more from you and the others than any doctor would be able to teach me. I am sooo happy for you. I feel so connected to you and rest of the ladies. I believed that God blessed you because you were such a blessing to others espceially the ladies on the IVF board.

Sorry for the long letter.

ps. I pray for the day that I am pregnant with my own baby or babies :)


Fortyfourfive - February 14

Destinybaby - what a great letter. Thank you. I was just telling myself how I havent cried for days over being so happy about being pg and here I am crying. I really hope the best for you. Be strong in the sense that there will be so many up and downs and waiting for results and not knowing the answer to anything until the moment you need to know. Stay busy, dont be too hard on yourself and definetly dont listen to negative people. Buckets of baby dust to you. Keep in touch. Darcie


destinybaby - February 14

Hi Darcie,

Thank you for replying. I went to my RE yesterday and he said my only option is IVF. They took some blood from both me and DH. I need to go back on the 2,3,4 of my next cycle. (next week) to do more blood work and my DH s and from there (guess this is the start).

I must say that reading the yours and the other women amazing stories of hope and not giving up, gave me the courage and knowledge to feel good about this process. I can't tell you how lost and alone I was before this site. Especially the IVF board.

You are right I am staying away from negative people. Actually I have not told anyone yet.

I am so happy to hear you are moving along so wonderfuly. 6 months :D

I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Baby Dust To All



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