Coming downstairs again.
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wantsbabytoo - November 21

Oh Debie!
Congratulations! I am soooo happy for you. A little girl! What a blessing. Much much happiness to you. Enjoy this time with your little one! You have been on quite a rollercoaster ride and I am glad it ended with your little bundle of joy.

Please continue to post. I love hearing from you!



Fortyfourfive - November 26

Inna - The blood clot was about 2 cm at first. I went in for my 10.5 week US and it was gone. Yeah. Still on restricted activity until 13 weeks.
Take care.


Debie - November 27

Darcie that's very good news re: bloodclot. I'm very happy for you.



Fortyfourfive - November 30

Hi everyone I went into to see my new ob and the baby is doing great. He/she was flipping from side to side and arms and legs were kicking about. It was impossible to get a good picture to print. LOL.

I am going to see a perinatologist also since i am an "advanced maternal age".


teri-chan - November 30


Congratulations on another good doctor's visit!

I'm curious about why you need to see a perinatologist. How exactly does your age affect things, given that your donor was not of "advanced maternal age"?

I'm newly pregnant on a donor egg cycle, so if this pregnancy continues, I'm not just asking out of idle curiosity. (I'm worried about the pregnancy at this point though, because I suddenly lost my pregnancy symptoms this week. I go in for my first ultrasound (7w1d) tomorrow. I'm so worried, I can hardly stand it.)



Fortyfourfive - December 2

Hi Teri-Chan - the ob could not give me a good reason for seeing a perinatologist except for my age. I dont have diabetes or hypertension so I think it is because they dont see alot of older moms. She even admitted to me they do not have alot of moms in there 40's that come in to deliver.

I hope all is well with the baby. I know pg symptoms can fluctuate alot so good luck and let us know.


teri-chan - December 3

Hi Fortyfourfive,

Thanks for your response. I'd be interested in hearing what happens at your appointment with the perinatologist. When's your appointment?

All was well at my first ultrasound! Good placement of the gestational sac, good heartbeat, appropriate size. I was so relieved.


fiso - December 4

hi teri-chan
i haven't logged in for a while. been busy with my little one. As I am typing with one finger, she is in my arms, sound asleep. Sooooo cute.
Just wanted to tell you thatI'm very happy for you with your BFP. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well. You have been through enough.
All the best. Fiso


teri-chan - December 4


How nice to hear from you! Thanks. I more or less stay away from the boards because they make me get too obsessive, I think. I've thought about you many times though. Congratulations on your daughter. I'd love to know what you decide to do about going for #2.



Fortyfourfive - December 7

Hi Terichan- I havent recieved my appt with the perinatologist yet. I will let you know when I do.


fiso - December 12

Hi teri-chan,
Funny you ask! Until today, I thought if I don't get pg on my own, (which happens sometimes after a successful IVF), I'll do the treatments again. But on TV today, I saw this woman who had a daughter by IVF and then, she wanted a 2nd one, she did IVF again and.... she ended up with 5 babies!!! I realized that we were blessed to have one this time, I don't know what I would do with 5 if I did the IVf again!!!! That sure scared me! I see how much work it is already with just one baby.
How is everything with you?
Don't get the holidays drain the little energy you have. Your baby and your body needs all the energy you can have, so enjoy the sleeping now. Once you baby is her.... forget about sleeping!
We are doing Ok, actually our best. If things don't get done, just like the Christmas cards, oh well, too bad! We still haven't done the Xmas tree yet!
it's getting late, got to get some zzz!

Take care. Fiso


baby4us - December 12

Debie and Teri-chan.. congratulations on such good news.. I hope all is well.

44(5)... How are you doing? You must be past 13 weeks now... so are you still restricted? Great news about your last u/s.. how exciting.. Keep up the good work!!

Fiso... I too always worried.. what if I was pregnant with more than one.. or more than 2 or 3 even... that would be scary... esp at our "advanced" age!!! But I wonder how often 5 happens... I just hope that doesnt sway you from trying again.. if you truly want to... as you are such an amazing mom!


Fortyfourfive - December 12

Baby4us. I have been doing fine. Morning sickness (all day) is finally getting better and I am starting to have some energy. I can go for short 5 -10 minute slow walks right now. Belly has a bump and breast went up a size. Best of thoughts to all.


Inna - January 1

Wishing you all Happy New Year and halthy babys in 2007!
I am at the 14 week mark and the pregancy is going well but just my old cystitys problems seem to be a bit of an issue.
All the best!


Fortyfourfive - January 3

Congrat Inna, keep on growing baby.


destinybaby - February 11

[quote author=Fortyfourfive link=board=9;threadid=3220;start=0#27568 date=1162953261]
I had my 8 week ultrasound and the baby looks great. I am at 8.5 weeks and baby is 9.1 wk size. Blood clot is smaller but still evident. This is the farthest I have ever made it. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[/quote] Hi Fortyfourfive, I am new to this board, I am ttc will see my RE this coming tuesday very nervous, (blocked tubes) anyway, so i decided to read some of the postings. Well, I read the board that had to do with IVF so I felt like I was there with you every step of the way. I cried when you cried and I was praying the entire time for you. You are truly an inspiration to me I was so happy when you finally had success and I am so happy to know you are doing just great. What I loved about you and some of the other ladies that were going through IVF was not matter the bfn's you were always uplifting others. You have given me the strenght to go ahead with the idea of IVF. I have learned more from you and the others than any doctor would be able to teach me. I am sooo happy for you. I feel so connected to you and rest of the ladies. I believed that God blessed you because you were such a blessing to others espceially the ladies on the IVF board.

Sorry for the long letter.

ps. I pray for the day that I am pregnant with my own baby or babies :)



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