Colic Help that WORKS!!!
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HeatherMac - April 13

Okay girls, I lived through it and since it was the worst thing I could have ever imagined, I will share with you some help I got for my poor baby.

Having lived through it, I sincerely hope you don't have to. But, in case you do, here is my story.

Duncan had colic so badly that he screamed...SCREAMED...all day and all night. It was awful. I had to actually move back in with my parents since DH worked all the time and I needed HELP.

A friend told me about this thing called an Amby Bed. She's pretty crunchy, so I figured it was more of her mother earth talk and I blew her off. I may be a mother, but I'm not real earthy like her, so some of her advice doesn't help me much. For example, she's a reusable diaper gal and I'm not. How could this funky bed help my baby...I'm not an earth mother!

Then, one day my Mom found the Amby Bed and told me about it. I had already seen so much that was "guaranteed" to work that didn't, so I was skeptical of this. Especially given the fact that it was more than I wanted to pay. But, Mom asked if I could afford to live like this with a screaming baby all day and all night...and split the cost with me.

So, I ordered the Amby Bed with much hesitation. It arrived three LONG days later and I put it together and put Duncan in it. He didn't stop crying. But, he never stopped crying, so I didn't think much of it. That afternoon, i put him in it for a nap and he slept. Wow. The next day I put him in it for two naps. He slept. QUIETLY. Hmm. So, the third day I put him in it for all his naps and then when it was time for bed, in he went. And he never made a peep.


So, I waited for three hours for him to scream...and he didn't. So, I decided to go to bed and wait until he cried. And I fell asleep. Seeing as it had been WEEKS since I had more than two hours sleep in a row, I went OUT like a light. When I woke up in the morning - I PANICKED!! It had been THIRTEEN HOURS and Duncan NEVER MADE SO MUCH AS A PEEP!! I was scared to death something had happened, so I ran over to the bed and poked his belly...he stretched and smiled at me and I nearly fell over!!

Hmm indeed.

I figured it was a fluke, that it would never happen again. Well, the next night he slept twelve hours. And the next night and the next night and the next night. I called my pediatrician to see if this was okay and he told me it was fine since babies will let you know when they're hungry. Duncan wasn't going to starve to death like people told me. It was perfectly okay for him to sleep this much all night AND nap in the day. My doc said they're jealous.


So, I've told two friends with colicy babies about the Amby Bed and they have all had the same remarkable experience.

My lesson here: baby #2 starts out in the Amby Bed.

It can hold a newborn baby, a child up to 54 pounds, converts into a swing with the included's remarkable.

Now that Duncan is in his crib, he still sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG!! it helped him learn a great sleep pattern - sleep all night!! It's the best thing I have ever purchased!!

When people get snarky with me and say, "Getting any sleep these days?" I smile and say, "Yes, plenty thanks to the Amby Bed!" It works every time - no one is prepared to hear that you are actually sleeping with a new baby!! Guess they want you to suffer like they did.

There is colic help out me, we sunk money into everything that said it would work and none of it worked like the Amby Bed. So, in your spare time, check it out:

Even if you don't have a colicy baby (which I pray you don't), you can still give your baby a great place to sleep until they move to the crib. DH and I are still trying to figure out a way to get our bed to be like the Amby Bed!



baby4us - April 17

Wow.. Heathermac.. first of all... I had no idea you were going through so much with colicy Duncan! And I am so relieved to hear that all is well now.

Thank you so much for the great advice... do they say how or why the ambybed works?? it is very interesting.. I am hoping that we won't have a colicy baby.. but I am sure neither did you... so it is good to know ahead of time!!!!!!

Is there a reason for Duncan's colic?????


HeatherMac - April 17

I hope you don't have to experience it, either. Wow. It SUCKED. In no uncertain terms. I wouldn't even wish it on an icky ex-boyfriend.

The Amby Bed works by moving when they move, and positioning them in such a way that the head is slightly elevated...and it works WONDERS. Truly, it's an amazing thing that I would not be without.

Duncan had colic - get this - because of an allergy to something in my breastmilk. TOTAL bummer. He loved it, I had copious amounts of milk, but it made his life pure hell. I tried eilminating everything I could to make him better, but none of it I had to quit and we put him on a forumla for babies with colic and food sensitivities (Alimentum by Similac). I have a number of food allergies, so I was hoping to breastfeed to avoid them with Duncan. But, alas, it was not to be. Doc said that in days of old, babies who could not tolerate their mother's milk would not have survived, but now that we have forumlas and other food supplements, it's the gene for breastmilk intolerance passes on whereas a long time ago, it would not have been passed on. Doc also said that baby #2 may tolerate my milk just fine. Everyone's different.

So, how are you?? Getting excited?? Ugh. Enjoy the first few weeks - they are SUCH a precious and sweet time...and they go by SO QUICKLY. It's amazing. Just amazing. I miss the littleness of Duncan, eventhough he is still quite small in the grand scheme of things, I miss the little teeny tiny bitty baby he was when he first got here. Oh, truly proof that God is a miracle worker when you hold that little teeny tiny bitty soft sweet baby.


baby4us - April 18

Well that is pretty amazing... sorry to hear he had some reactions to your breast milk.. but your doc is right.. every baby is different and baby #2 will probably be fine with it!

I am looking forward to meeting little Annabel or Alexander... whichever he/she may be! Sometimes I feel like June is so far away.. and then other times.. I feel like it is RIGHT around the corner... but at least I am about 95% ready... which is a pretty good percentage!

I can just hardly wait until a big conference that I have to go to next week is over.. it is two really long days... and I never sleep well in hotels anyway.. and these days I haven't been sleeping much at all,... so I will be totally wiped out and exhausted when I get home. So once that conference is over with.. I can start to cut down on work and just relax and enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy... if I can just survive next week!!!


fiso - April 19

Hi Baby4us. Do whatever you can at the conference, don't try to be superwoman! People will understand as soon as they see your belly! Good thing that it is obvious you are expecting! Your good health and weellbeing come first, so take good care of yourself. June is right around the corner! This is so exciting!

Feeling Ok. I'm going to start pre-natal yoga next week. I walk 1/2 hour every day, now that the weather is nice. Still do acupuncture once a month, it's good for your energy level, kidney functions. And I can't wait to find out what we're having! I have to wait a few more weeks.

Take it easy next week!



baby4us - April 19

Thanks Fiso.. good advice about the conference.. I am just dreading it.. which makes it worse!!

You will love the prenatal yoga.. I hav ebeen doign yoga fo ryears and then adapted to prenatal yoga .. and do stretching about every other day... it is amazing how much it helps.. I can always tell.. if I haven't done some stretching and breathing.. my back will hurt.. so I am hoping all this will prepare me for childbirth!!

And the walking too i sgreat.. I am out with my dogs at least twice a day .. for about 2 plus hours in total .. an dit does wonders.. clears your head and pumps lots of oxygen to baby!

How are you feeling otherwise? Any news on any of your tests? Any more bleeding???


fiso - April 21

No more bleeding!!! I keep checking every time I have a funny sensation, and no, it's not coming back! I'm happy about that.
I feel fine. Sleepign like a log at night! But I less tired than last trimester. It makes a difference. Not showing a big belly yet, but it's there, trying to pop out from my shirts and pants!
I'm gogin at the end of May for a genetic u/s. In the meantime, I will have just regular checkups at the doc.

I used to do yoga also, and I noticed how mcuh it has improved my over all weel being, I feel calmer and worry less about stuff. I expect that the pre-natal will have the same effect.

I understand your feeling of beeing a little scared with the delivery. It happens to me when I look at pregnancy books or magazines. But I decided that I still have time to be concerned about it! You, on the other side, are ready soon! Rely on your DH and keep in mind that it is a matter of hours. Once the baby is here, you will forget all about the fear!

Hang in there Heather Mac!



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