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JENNY22074 - February 12

No I have not heard from hear...I'm sure all is well...I don't know how long they keep you these days after a c-section so I would not worry too much until maybe like Friday or so...

I had my Dr's appointment today...All is well...We are predicting around 9 pounds and induction at week 38 which would be the end of March...However it is just talk at this point because we have our next weight and growth sonogram on the 25th of this month...He did tell me that if I go into labor anytime after next week they will not stop it...I will be 34 weeks then...So all in due time...

How is everyone else doing?


JulieC - February 12

Not to gross everyone out but, I had my first really bad bloody nose last night. I know that it is a side effect of pregnancy, but it still freaked me out. Until now I only had occasional traces of blood after blowing my nose, but last night I got up to go to the bathroom at around 4am and went back to bed. Within about 15 minutes after lying back down it started. So I was up until about 7:30am. It sucked. Anyone else have this?


bdantonio - February 13

I had Angelina on Friday 2/8/08 at 11:34am she was 7lbs 15oz 20 3/4inches long. She is perfect. She has a full head of hair....


Marina - February 13

Beth,big HUG and CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you'll have time,tell us how everything went!
I'm so very happy for you!


lisa13 - February 13

Beth congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy for you and your family. Its been a long road but i am sure all worth it.
how are you feeling?


JulieC - February 13

Congratulations Beth! Best wishes for a quick recovery!


bdantonio - February 13

Well everything went fine with my c-section and my tubal. We had some bumbs in the road while at the hospital she became jaundice and had to get treatment for that but other then that everything went well. I am still sore but according to the dr the two spots that hurt which are on my left and right side is from my tubal not my c-section. Im not enough pain to take my scriot though just the ibroufen for the inflamation. We are breast feeding. Wellpumping we had to suppliment in the hospital durin the treatment and pump and it made her lazy. She will take myactual breast only for a short time and she gets lazy. So i just pump but it doesnt bother me its free formula is expensive and breastmilk is better for her. She also is a really good sleeper. I am so happy that she is here. I could not believe she was only 1 oz from 8lbs.


wolffie - February 13

Beth -

CONGRATS! I am sure you are so thrilled having Angelina home! How is your older one doing with the new baby?

How is everyone else doing?


jamielee - February 14

Beth Congratulations!!

I am also pumping and bottle feeding my twins, and your right FREE formula! Its so expensive and I will try to provide them with milk as long as I can!! Although I am beginning to get frustrated because they are just about 3 1/2 months and I have been pumping every 3 hours since their birth!! (except the 5 or 6 hours they sleep at night) Its worth it especially for their health.

Keep in touch I would love to talk about babies with ya!!



alison29 - February 14

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted here in many months but have been reading your posts. Now i have a question. I am almost 37 wks pg with boy/giirl twins.

Jamie and beth,
When did you start pumping? I have a lot of conflicting advice about pumping and nipple confusion etc. When can i start pumping? I really want my husband and other helpers to be able to participate in feeding seems unlikely if they are always attached to my bbs.

Congratulations on your new babiesand and pregnancies everyone! I am scared but really ready to get this show on the road tired of the waiting game.

Any input would be much appreciated.


JENNY22074 - February 15

Hello everyone....How is everyone doing today?

I have been having braxton hicks contractions here and there...They are the weirdest things I have ever felt...Anyone else testing for gender or anything soon?....Talk to you all later...Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday...


bdantonio - February 16

I started pumping in the hospital and i let her feed off me at least once a day. You have to get nn latex slow flow nipple for all your bottles it makes it so htat the milk does not flow asily an they dont get lazy they have to actually suck on the bottle to feed.

Also her big sister is doing very well shes a big help.


JulieC - February 17

Hi All -

I had my u/s on Fri. All went well and the baby looks great. At the last minute (maybe the day before) we decided to find out the gender. We both had thought it would be a girl, but we were wrong. It's very clearly a boy!!!! I can't believe it. I'm completely shocked, but it's so exciting. Are we ALL having boys?


wolffie - February 17

Julie -

Congrats on the little BOY!

How amazing that we are ALL having BOYS! Another friend of mine also just found out she is having a boy!

Is anyone willing to share the names they are thinking of?

I know Jenny's little man is Gabriel William and Lisa said Raymond...

Our top choice right now is Ari Ryan, but we are still looking

Linzie and Julie do you have any names in mind?

I hope everyone is doing well. Jenny, how are you feeling? You are almost at the finish line!!



lisa13 - February 17

hey guys; congratulations on the boy julie. What are you going to name him..
Daniella; i like ari ryan.
How are jen and michelle doing


JENNY22074 - February 18

Ladies - I have my days...Since we had the shower and now everything is set up in his nursery I am so ready for him to be here using it all....I am starting to have the "I have been pregnant forever feeling"...LOL!!!!...My legs are cramping during the night, I can find a comfortable position for 2 hours at the most...I am so out of breath and that is just after taking maybe 3 steps to go upstairs...In a way I miss the 2nd trimester when there was hardly anyting going on except movement...Now sometimes when he moves it feels like he is dragging my insides with him...The Braxton Hicks are getting to be on a daily basis and a little more stronger every few days...Other then the above list of complaints I am fine...Just really ready to hold, kiss and love him and of course have daddy sharing some of the duties!!!!...Then to top it all off the hubby said a few days ago that he thinks he wants to have another one...He doesn't want Gabriel to be bored or feel like he is missing out on something...I said the only way that will happen is if we get pregnant naturally...I will not put my body through anymore shots, retrievals, transfers...It is just so stressful and feels like you are not the one in control...I am sure you all can relate...Okay enough of my whining....

How is everyone else....My goodness so many boys!!!...It is the era of the baby boys...I love TEAM BLUE!!!!...Talk to you all later...



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