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jamielee - February 7

Hi Beth,
Just wanted to wish you luck on Friday!!! I'm sure you can't wait! The end is finally here!!



wolffie - February 7

Lisa - i have felt like it's a girl this whole time. But it seems like everyone is having a boy! I can't wait to find out! I will be sure to let you all know!

Beth- best wished for tomorrow. i am sure all will go well and Angelina will be a happy baby!



bdantonio - February 8

well everyone tomorrow is the day.. I will meet my angel.. Just wanted to check in with everyone. I will try to read all new posts tomorrow in the am before leaving i dont have to leave until 9am. my c-section is 11:30am i am sooooo happy and excited.. I hope all mommies and babies are good and to all waiting lots of baby dust.


JENNY22074 - February 8

Best of luck tomorrow Beth...I will be praying that you have a safe, healthy and happy delivery...Let us know how you and Baby Angelina are doing once you get settled in and get a chance to get back to us when you get home....

Daniella - Praying that your baby dreams come true and you get that little girl...Talk to you soon...


lisa13 - February 8

good luck beth;
i will pray for you and your little girl


lisa13 - February 9

hope your doing well.

cant wait anymore. boy or girl



JENNY22074 - February 10

Daniella - enough of the suspense already...Are you batting for TEAM PINK or TEAM BLUE?....Can't wait to hear!!!

How is everyone else doing?


wolffie - February 10

I cannot believe it!

We are having a BOY!!!!!!

I was so sure it was a girl. We are thrilled! He was moving around like crazy and was no shy about showing us all his boy parts! My hubby could tell before the tech said anything. We spent the second half of the day registering. How exhausting!

So other than Beth we are all having boys!!!!

How is everyone doing? Who else are we still waiting on to find out?



doglover - February 10

Congrats Daniella!
Don't worry, I still cannot believe I have a boy inside of me!! I also thought it would be a girl. Thank goodness I found out now-I think I might have passed out if I had believed it was a girl the entire pregnancy. I had picked out girly bedding, etc. I even wrote in my scrapbook that my gut feeling was a girl. Wow, was I wrong!

Kind of crazy that we are all having boys!!! Julie, are you still waiting to find out?

Beth, can't wait to hear how you and the baby are doing!!!

Good night everyone-Linzie


lisa13 - February 10

go boy nation.
congrats daniella; so happy for you.


JENNY22074 - February 10

Daniella - CONGRATULATIONS ON TEAM BLUE....It is crazy...I have heard (don't know how true it is) that more boys are born from IVF simply because the male spermed eggs do better outside the actual female body in the artificial environment...Starting to believe it more these last couple days...LOL!!!

Anyway how is everyone doing?...I am quickly getting ot the point where I feel like i have been pregnant forever and am ready to bring Gabriel home....His nursery is set up, all the stuff from 0-3 months has been washed and hanging and ready for him...Now mommy is ready to have him...Enjoy your 2nd trimester ladies....The middle of the 3rd is not as much fun...You are huge, you can't get comfortable for more then 2 hours....You are peeing more then you ever had in your whole life and wondering how you have that much built up when you just went an hour or 2 ago...LOL...I am hoping that the doctor says I only have 5 more weeks to go instead of 7...I really hope they don't let me go to 40 weeks...My belly feels like it stretches more everyday and he is getting heavy in there and sometimes it hurts...So those of you in the honeymoon trimester enjoy it...It doesn't last long....Thanks for letting me vent...Talk to you all later....


Marina - February 10

Hi all,
I think I'm the "youngest" one waiting to find out,I'm only 14w4d,but hoping for the PINK team...
And ,Jenny,can't wait to prove you wrong(LOL),we transfered only one embie and it's doing a good job surviving!I know,in history females survive better than males,so I hope,mine is a girl! I had 2 dreams that I'm having a girl...I'm a little jealous,you guys can go crazy now and buy all you want for your babies and decorate,I still have to hold of at least a month!O well,the most important thing if the baby is healthy.

Can you guys tell me ,who did the 15 week amnio tests and your thoughts about it?my DH against it, and I can't make up my mind.Jenny told me about her,how about the rest of you?


JulieC - February 10

Congrats Daniella! We have also thought all along that we are having a girl but I guess I shouldn't be too sure.
My u/s is this Friday Feb. 15, but we keep going back and forth about finding out the gender. Originally we wanted to be surprised at birth but the closer we get the more I want to know.

Marina - I'm not sure which test you mean specifially. I had the first trimester screening which is just an ultrasound and finger prick. It tests for Downs and Trisomy 13 an 18. Then I had an AFP test which is a blood test. All came back negative so I did not have to get an amnio but you still can if you want to. Originally my husband didn't want me to have any of these tests because he didn't care what the results were, but I decided to get them just in the hopes of being reassured. Also, I wanted the extra u/s! Good Luck.



lisa13 - February 11

good luck on Friday julie


lisa13 - February 12

has anyone heard from beth?


JENNY22074 - February 12

No I have not heard from hear...I'm sure all is well...I don't know how long they keep you these days after a c-section so I would not worry too much until maybe like Friday or so...

I had my Dr's appointment today...All is well...We are predicting around 9 pounds and induction at week 38 which would be the end of March...However it is just talk at this point because we have our next weight and growth sonogram on the 25th of this month...He did tell me that if I go into labor anytime after next week they will not stop it...I will be 34 weeks then...So all in due time...

How is everyone else doing?



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