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doglover - February 4

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED! This was exactly what we wanted!! I was quite surprised since I have always had high heartbeats (170-180) and all the gender prediction tests said a female (plus everyone at work swears it is a girl!). All looked perfect on the u/s-we are very grateful for that. Apparently, my placenta is in a position that tends to pad movement so that is why I have not been feeling anything dramatic. Anyway, I am so glad I found out!!


bdantonio - February 4

congrats doglover!!!



JulieC - February 4

Congratulations Linzie! That's such great news. Glad everything looked good.

I just got back from shopping and I feel so good that I actually have clothes to wear other than the same 2 sweaters and one pair of pants I wear everyday.


lisa13 - February 4

yeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! linzie; i am so happy for you;
if find out tommorrow. so nervous.

i am glad everything is okay


JENNY22074 - February 5

Daniella - Welcome to TEAM BLUE....Congratulations on finding out that you are having a baby boy...Isn't that just awesome...Sorry to be checking in so late but my family surprised me yesterday with a baby shower for Gabriel...I thought it was the `7th only because they wanted me to think that so I would be surprised...So many more clothes and the only thing we are needing is a exosaucer and swing...Other then that he is hooked up big time...

So glad to hear that everyone is doing great...Talk to you all later...Those getting gender results tomorrow...May all of your gender dreams come true!!!!!


wolffie - February 5

Hey Jenny -
It's actually Jenny who is having a boy. I don't have my u/s till saturday. Lisa finds out today!
I'm sure you had a blast at your shower! Can you believe your little man will be using all his stuff very soon!?!?

Linzie - CONGRATS on the boy! How exciting!

Lisa - Can't wait to hear!



wolffie - February 5

Sorry...i meant to say it's actually Linzie who is having the boy! (and Jenny too) ;)



lisa13 - February 5

Dear everyone;

I'm having a boy yeaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!he looks perfect.
my little raymond avery caris


wolffie - February 5

YAY Lisa! Congrats on little Raymond!

Beth - how many more days? how are you feeling?


JENNY22074 - February 5

Sorry Daniella hope I didn't jinx you cuz I think you want a girl right?...

Linzie and Lisa - CONGRATULATIONS...Go Team Blue......More healthy little boys are on their way....I know it is hard to imagine that I have 6-8 weeks left depending on how big he is and what the doctor decides is best for him and I....

My next weight and growth u/s is the 25th of this month so I will know more then...

Talk to you all later...


doglover - February 6

CONGRATS LISA!!!! I just got home from work and read your email. Were you surprised? I am still in shock-I cannot believe there is a boy inside of me!!! I am soooo excited! I was off work yesterday so I did not tell everyone until today. I made them write their final predictions in my scrapbook, and everyone committed to a girl except one person. They couldn't believe it...

Daniella-email us as soon as you find out!!!

Beth-Your baby girl will be here so soon-how exciting!

Have a good night everyone-Linzie


bdantonio - February 6

Hey everyone! Well counting today 2 days its friday at 11:30am. I cant wait. Still haveing alot of pain and pressure.


mjforney - February 6

More boys to ad to the BLUE cool! I have four friends prego right now and we are ALL having boys also! Crazy!


bdantonio - February 7

mostly everyone i know is having boys also except me. The year i had my 1st daughter she was the only girl i knew born then too.


lisa13 - February 7

good luck saturday. what do you think; boy or girls


jamielee - February 7

Hi Beth,
Just wanted to wish you luck on Friday!!! I'm sure you can't wait! The end is finally here!!




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