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bdantonio - January 26

well everyone dr called friday they cant do it on the 1st however they are suppose to call mondya to schedule it on the 5, 7, or8th. Hopefully the5th the sooner the better.


Tracy1 - January 30


I am 26 weeks now. I have been great since that incident. Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable though and I have had bad indigestion and my mother in law says in her day indigestion meant the baby has a good head of hair. Will be interesting to find out!
We are having a boy and just can't wait.
He just moves so much that I worry if I don't feel him at least 6 times a day.
Do you know what you are having?



JENNY22074 - January 30

Well we had our doctor's appointment today...The doctor says everythign looks great and the only thing that i need to do is add an extra iron vitamin to my vitamin intake...My iron was a little on the low side...We also made another growth and weight sonogram appointment today for the 25th of February,,,My doctor wants to keep a close eye on him since he is weighing and measuring in above average...So all in all things are going well...They are talking about moving my due date to sometime in March but that will be talked about more when we have the results of the next sonogram...Hope everyone is doing well and that you all are happy and healthy...Talk to you all later...On the 28th he was weighing in at 4.8 pounds and he was measuring 32.4 weeks and I just turned 31 weeks yesterday....

Tracy - glad to hear that all is going well and that you are doing great...COngratulations on the baby boy...Yeah go team blue... I think this is the year for the boys...That makes me, you and one of the other girls having boys....Talk to you later.


Marina - January 31

Gosh,Jenny,don't make me lose my hope for a girl!LOL
I can't wait to find out what i'm having!
I had a dream twice-it's a girl,but who knows at least we hope so!


JENNY22074 - January 31

Marina - I had 2 dreams that Gabriel was a boy....Everyone else thought he was a girl...So I am sure your mother's intuition will prove right in your case as well...Best of luck...Not to long now and you will be finding out if you are for team blue or team pink...In your case...GO TEAM PINK!!!! ;)


bdantonio - February 2

MArina dont you find out this week? I have 6 days left!!!!


invertigo31 - February 2

I am feeling amazing and grateful!!

25 weeks today... YAY!!

My little soccer player is having a blast!!

I am fortunate to not have gained much (7 whole pounds) and I have been morning sickness free for 2 months!!!!!!

Hope everyone is great!!



So happy to hear all is well!!


Marina - February 2

no guys,I don't think I find out until at least 18 weeks,well,at least I'll ask the doctor when I can expect my u/s and I see her on a 21.I told you,they don't even want to get a pee sample from me(LOL) I hope I won't have to beg for the u/s!


wolffie - February 3

hi ladies!

lisa - i think you found out the gender yesterday...or very soon. can't wait to hear!

linzie - you are this week too, right?

i find out a week from today...can't wait!!!!!

jenny - how are you feeling? can you believe gabriel will be here so soon?!?!

anyone heard from michelle or julie?



JENNY22074 - February 3

I think Lisa is having a boy...I know Michelle is having a boy...I will have to see if I can find Lisa's last post...

I know He will be here soon..It is so amazing and nothing short of a miracle that we have gotten this far...He moves so much during the night and I just love every minute of it...I just can't get enough some nights and days too...My whole family is getting really anxious about his arrival...

How is everyone else feeling?...Talk to you all later


JENNY22074 - February 3

Daniella - Lisa finds out on the 5th and LInzie finds out on the 4th...So we will soon be adding the sexes to the list really soon...The other one that is having a boy is Tracy....Talk to you later.


doglover - February 3

Hi girls!

Beth-I am so excited for you!! Not too much longer-what a relief. Hang in there...

Jenny-you are almost there! It must be reassuring to feel the baby move. I am really worried bc I have not been convinced of any movement yet. I have my u/s tomorrow but am dreading it bc I feel like I should have felt something. I think I am always going to be paranoid bc of my m/c, but I am thin and should be able to feel something (or so I think).

Lisa and Daniella-can't wait to hear the results of the u/s!! Isn't funny that we don't want to wait until the baby arrives? People don't understand, but I try to tell them that this whole experience has been full of surprises.

My friends are convinced I am having a girl...I am carrying like it is a boy. It will be great to find out...

Have a good day-Linz


JENNY22074 - February 3

Linz - you may be feeling him/her move and just not realize it...I am heavier and felt movements although I did not know they were that at around week like 17...They are not as dominate as they are when you get further along...Have you felt anything like gas bubbles or like little muscle twitches in your tummy area?..If so, that is baby...They are not kicks and punches like they are at this stage they are very weird and very infrequent depending on baby's position...Hope this helps...If you want to try something that may work for you drink 2 glasses of ice cold water or they really recommend juice...Lay on your side for an hour or 2 and see what happens...Talk to you later....


lisa13 - February 3

Dear jen,linz,daniella

i am finding out on the 5th tuesday. i was thinking girl but now i am thinking boy.
i just found out this morning that my sister's best friend is giving me a bugaboo stroller; it has only been used for one baby and it retails for 1000 dollars; iam so excited.
xo lisa
we all find out this week. sooooooooo exciting.:)


JulieC - February 4

Hi all -

I am doing well. I am still not showing very much but I do have a small belly. I had been wearing my regular clothes with a belly band, but it was getting too tight. I got a pair of maternity pants from a friend and I can't believe how much more comfortable I am! I'm going shopping for more with my mother-in-law today!

I am feeling lots of movement from the baby. It's so cool. I know you will feel it soon, Linizie - if you haven't already.

I can't wait to hear what you all are having. My u/s is scheduled for Feb. 15. It was the only time my DH could be there - so another 2 weeks! But, as of right now we are not finding out the gender. I know most of you will think I am crazy, but I guess we're up for continuing the suspense. I actually would like to find out so, who knows, we may change our minds before the 15th.

Beth - only a few more days!!! How exciting.

Anybody want to share their thoughts on names?



doglover - February 4

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED! This was exactly what we wanted!! I was quite surprised since I have always had high heartbeats (170-180) and all the gender prediction tests said a female (plus everyone at work swears it is a girl!). All looked perfect on the u/s-we are very grateful for that. Apparently, my placenta is in a position that tends to pad movement so that is why I have not been feeling anything dramatic. Anyway, I am so glad I found out!!



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