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wolffie - January 23

thank you everyone for your advice! the citrucel that i took last night actually worked today! i have never been so excited to have a bm in my life! i'm gonna ask what the doc suggests for the future but i already eat a high fiber diet. I will probably add the prunes and juice like suggested. i think i'm gonna take the citrucel for a few more days to make sure i'm good.

so great to have a place where i can talk about my poops since my hubby doesn't like to hear about it! :)

hope everyone is doing great!

beth - how are you feeling?


bdantonio - January 23

Well im still contracting off and on and in alot of pain. I just cant wait until thursday to see my ob and talk to her about moving my c-section up. I dont know how much longer i can go wiithout any sleep and all this pain i feel like im going to lose it.


lisa13 - January 23

Hang in there; your doing great.

i was soo constipated and i took a stool softner and i now i am slowing going. i also took a fleet enema. glycerol. at walgreens . 5 dollars for 50. i use one every couple of weeks. What gyne are you going to.

Mich, linz, jen
how are you doing?
xolisa find out what were having february 5 :)


JENNY22074 - January 23

Lisa - not to long for you now to find out and be 1/2 way done...Do you have names picked out to start calling your bundle of joy when you find out?...I sat on the fence with that for awhile and the hubby wanted to know from the beginning...It wasn't until my sister had gone to the department store around here that sold a lot of unisex clothes and basically bought them out and then i realized that no one else would have a lot of stuff to choose from or I would have a lot of doubled clothes and stuff I woudl have to return when the baby came if it were the opposite sex of what was bought...They really don't give you a chance nowadays to be surprised...I am shocked that my cousin and his wife who are due at the end of April and already have 2 girls are not going to find out...To me that seems stupid especially if it is a boy then everyone will have to rush out and get stuff...I guess to each there own...We have 2 couples in our lamaze class that are going to be surprised...

Well the dresser for the nursery came yesterday and I am waiting for DH to put it together...I need to wash some baby clothes to put in the dresser but am trying to wait until after the baby shower...I scheduled our carseat installation with all 5 vehicles...My mom's, my sister's, mine, the hubby's, and my sister in law's...I foudn out that the hospital will not let you take the baby home unless the seat is properly installed by police officer or a certified person...So you all may want to check with your delivering hospital as to what their carseat policy is....

Well that is all the news on on my homefront...How is everyone else's homefront?...Talk to you all later....


bdantonio - January 23

well i go to the dr tomorrow hopefully ill get some good news that they will move up my c-section.


lisa13 - January 23

i agree with you girl will be annabelle louise, boy will be raymond avery. I am glad you are doing well.
all good things
feel good


mjforney - January 24

Hi Ladies! Sorry I have been MIA.... I have been soooooo busy now that I am back at work! I have to catch up for missing most of December!

Everything is good here! I am officially 19 weeks along and we found out yesterday that we are having a BOY! He will be John Michael Forney, Jr. (although he technically willbe a 4th)...

Although I saw the baby healthy yesterday it was still tough because I had to see my deceased twin as they took more measurments and a "flatline" on the quiet heatbeat which was sad for me. But I am hanging in there. I hope I don't see much of my demised twin when I deliver little Johnny!

Sounds like all you are doing well...I am so glad!
Linz, I am sorry about your UTI, how uncomfortable...

and excitig news...I got snow here yesterday in california! YIPPY!

I missed you all!

My due date is the same... June 17th! and I am almost 1/2 way there!

love and hugs to all!



JENNY22074 - January 24

Michelle - so glad you posted to let everyone know that you were having a boy...I guess that means you got my comments and graphics on myspace...Talk to you soon.


lisa13 - January 24

congrats michelle;

a boy that is wonderful; i am so sorry about the bittersweet ultra sound with the twin; that must of been so hard. Miss talking to you. i am 18 weeks and due june 23; find out the 5th.


doglover - January 24

That is such exciting news!! Congrats on your boy (that is what my husband and I wanted when we started this whole journey although I will be happy with either one)!!

Lisa and I find out in less than 2 weeks...Daniella, what are your plans?


bdantonio - January 25

well everyone it looks like 1 weeks from tomorrow i will be having my c-section they are going to move it up.


JENNY22074 - January 25

Beth - I am so happy for you...Just another week and you can welcome your precious little girl intot the world...Talk to you later.

Lisa - beautiful names for whatever you may be having...

Everyone else - how are you?


wolffie - January 25

Hi All!

Beth - congrats! you are almost done! it must be a relief to have an end in sight!

michelle - congrats on your blessing of a little boy!

Lisa - my doc is Dr. dominicis at womencare in AH. Have you started to feel the baby move yet? I started to feel the little flutters about 2 weeks ago but it is very inconsistent. which of course makes me neurotic even though i know it's normal.

Jenny - you only have 10 weeks left!!!!!!

Linzie - we will find out the gender on the 9th! can't wait! however, we have decided to keep it a surprise for family and friends. I of course will tell all of you! For names our top names (right now) are Leah Rae for a girl and Ari Ryan for a boy.



JulieC - January 25

That is great! And you'll be almost 38 weeks so that is really not too early at all. Still hope you can get some rest between now and then. So exciting that one of our babies will soon be here!


JENNY22074 - January 26

I happy wnow I cant believe I am almost in the single digits on my countdown...You all will be really happy when you reach this point...Thanks for the comment...

Talk to you all later...


bdantonio - January 26

well everyone dr called friday they cant do it on the 1st however they are suppose to call mondya to schedule it on the 5, 7, or8th. Hopefully the5th the sooner the better.



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