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Arabsrcool - April 11


Glad to hear your first OB appt went well and baby is growing! Amino is scary, actually all that testing is scary. I understand your indecision. Those tests can be say there is a problem and things turn out fine (and obviously vice versa with a new test). Its so hard to decide. I always ask myself, am I going to do anything about a bad test result? I am 37 now, so I'm sure I am going to get the whole line of testing offered.....not sure what I am going to do either.

Didn't know if you were following the other posts, Reshema was in the hospital and was on bedrest. She had partial placenta separation. She has not posted since the post telling about that. I hope she is doing ok.



bdantonio - April 11

JuaJulesmom: With my first child they told me she had downs. Every test came back 1st trimester screen, triple screen, and level 2 u/ all said she would have downs. They wanted me to doa amnio. Well they do an amnio at 20 weeks. Well there is a risk om m/c i had already lost 3 at that time. I also knew that even if the amnio came back that she had downs i would not terminate her. I had felt he move and she was alive in me and that f this was the one child that i carried then i was ment for a down syndrom baby. The doctors had us go to genetic counseling and they wanted us to go to groups for parent with downs chilren to be prepared but i refussed the groups i knew everything would be okay. My daughter is now 3yrs old and she was NOT born wih downs or anyother problems. She is perfectly healthy and was just tested for a new private school and scored at the level of a kindergartener. WIth my last child i did not get any of the testing done, shes finealso. I do not trust those tests. SO like ronda saids its personal prefference.


JasJulesMom - April 11

Thank You all for your advice. It is definitely a hard decision. We are going to see the Genetic Counselor and weigh our options. Neither I nor DH have any genetic prroblems in our family history.

Ronda- I have been following Reshema's post, but then they stopped so i have been worried about her. Hope she is OK.


RB - April 11

Hi all,

Debbie - Thanks for the concern. I'm doing ok although i have to admit i had quite a scare. I came home from the hospital yesterday and am confined to bedrest until next week. The baby is fine and the bleeding has stopped. I go for another u/s next week. I guess i just need to take it easy from this point on...i didnt realise i was this fragile :-\

my first prenatal appointment is scheduled for May seems soooo far away. i've read about the tests and it all sounds so scary...i dont think i will be willing to risk a m/c though, especially after this recent scare.

let me know how the genetic counselling goes...

how are the rest of you girls doing?



JENNY22074 - May 14

Hello all...I am sorry but I have not had a computer for a very long time and have been out of the loop so to speak...I have missed you all and look forward to catching up with all of you...Gabriel is doing great and is such a good baby...How is everyone doing?


lili246 - June 18

Nice to hear that the baby is doing great. You are so lucky to be a stay home mom and see him grow. They grow up so fast and it is nice being with them all the time.
How is he sleeping?

How are you doing girl? How did it to at the doctor's? Are you feeling better? Hope we hear from you girl.

How are you doing girl? How did it go at the conseling? I know this women that when she was pregnant they had told her that her lil one had down symdrome she did all those test required and when the baby was born he was born ok with nothing like a down. He is now 7 years old and a nornal lil boy in perfect condition.

I would recommend not to listen to those doctors when I was pregnant with my last lil boy they told me he had some kidney infection and when he was born he was in perfect dondition thank god so don't take their word and just pray to god and have faith that everything will be ok.
God bless

I am very happy with my two lil boys they are doing great and the lil ones is now 6 months old and weight 20lbs measures 27-1/2. He is a good boy but he still wakes up at night about 1 time per night but it's a quick wake up then he goes back to sleep. He barely crys and loves walking better than

have a great day



mjforney - October 8

Hi ladies... Just checking in... I have been MIA and BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

How are all of you... it is easier for me to stay in touch via facebook or myspace... so... if you are on either of those send me a friendrequest... I want to see all your babies... I see little Gabriel all the time... and can not wait to see Jenny's new one...

My baby Johnny is almost 4 months old and doing great!

Michelle Forney
[email protected]

Lisa girl.. my e-mail has changed. How is mommy life?


wolffie - October 8

hey michelle!

so good to hear from you! glad you are doing well. how are things going with johnny?



JENNY22074 - October 11

Sorry I have not kept in better touch with everyone but between going back to work and family moving in it has been crazy around here...Just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a baby girl...We are naming her Madison Elizabeth...Also,my sister in law is having a boy and they are naming him Connor Thomas...All is well with Gabriel...Hope everyone is doing great...Talk to you all again soon.


lisa13 - October 12

hey all;
Raymond is doing great. he goes for his 4 month check up on monday. he is 18 pounds big blue eyes red hair and soooooo cute give me your email and i will send you picture. my email is [email protected] send me a picture of your babies. i would love to see all of them.

xo lisa


bdantonio - October 12

lisa r u pr agian too? how old is the other one?


wolffie - October 14

hey lisa and jenny!

so glad to hear from you both! glad everything is going well.

tyler is fantastic. i go back to work November 24th. i have really been enjoying my time with him. i have two frozen embies left so i think we are going to try again late spring early summer.

jenny - a girl, that is so great! congrats!

lisa - i'll email you a pic of tyler! i would love to see raymond!



WannaBMom - October 16

Hi Ladies - this seems like a pretty chatty thread so I thought I would pop in, say hello, and see if anyone could offer some advice. I just went thru my first IVF cycle. I was shocked, yet very happy to get a BFP - on 10/7 my beta was 216 and 10/9 it more than doubled to 453. I'm on prometrium & estrace now, and I have my first ultrasound scheduled for Monday, 10/20 (1st day of week #6 for pregnancy.) Of course, the waiting this week is killing me!! After 4 other failed pregnancies, I am paranoid of every little thing and so nervous about what I'm going to see on the ultrasound. What do you guys think....based on what I have said, do you think everything will be ok? Looking for some support....thanks!


jamielee - October 17

Hi wannabmom,
I think we can all relate to the whole paranoid thing! Your numbers sound great so all you can do is wait until your ultrasound. Did u have your tubes removed?? I had an ectopic and had my right tube removed tried first IVF which failed then had the other tube removed and had twins! The fact that your #s are doubling I think everything sounds fine. Good Luck!! I remember that same feeling of concern and it is hard! hang in there...



WannaBMom - October 17

Hi Jamie,

Thank you for the encouragement. I have found so much useful and comforting information on this truly touches me to see the support people are willing to offer. Of course I have been scouring the internet for information on ivf symptoms, hcg levels, what's normal/what's not, how to get through the waiting periods, etc. It is so nice to know there are women out there like me b/c I don't personally know anyone who has been through this. At times I thought I was being too crazy obsessive but I guess it's just normal.

I had 3 ectopics - right tube removed in '96, then left ectopic treated with methotrexate, then another left ectopic that resulted in left tube removed. So...basically IVF is my only chance. Anyway, of course this weekend will be looooong....I'm sure I will over-analyze every little symptom, or lack-thereof, but Monday will come soon enough. Thanks again for the luck and for sharing your positive experience - I needed it!! :)


jamielee - October 18

Well thats a good thing that those bad tubes of yours are gone!! I really think that was your problem! That was mine anyway. You just had a problem getting those little embies where they needed to be! Well now they are there and I'm sure they are fine! Good luck!!



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