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RB - March 31

thanks i supposed to drink that vinegar and lemon mixture or inhale it???


RB - March 31

thanks Julie...i'll check with my doc about claritin and sudafed.


Arabsrcool - April 2

Hi girls,

Had u/s yesterday. I am having a singleton!! Hurray, I am so glad!. I got to see and hear the heartbeat, it really makes it all seem so real. Of course, the morning sickness makes it pretty real too!!. I am due on 11/16. I go back in 2 weeks with RE, then I will have one more appt with RE (I think), they I will be sent to regular ob/gyn.

Hope all is well with everyone!



bdantonio - April 3

drink it


RB - April 3

Hi Ronda,

That's great! Congratulations on your singleton! I can imagine how relieved you felt to see your baby and hear the heartbeat. if my calculations are correct (or at least close), we will be due within a few days of each other! 8) That's so exciting! My u/s is on Monday..i cant wait... :)

Talk to you soon,


Arabsrcool - April 4


It was very reassuring to see and hear a heatbeat. I saw the baby, but it is so little and looked more like a little blob.....of course I think ultrasounds are hard to see things in if you are not trained. My due date is November 16, according to the doc.

Keep me posted on your u/s!!


JasJulesMom - April 7

I am so glad for you Rhonda. Were you suprised there was only one? I was. I am right there with you and Reshema. I am due 11/5. I am sure I will probably deliver Late October, probably around the 24. I have had two c-sections already, so this will be planned. Usually ob lets you go two weeks before. I have my first ob appt this Thursday. It has been so weird not to go to a dr in two weeks. Up until now I felt like i live in an office. Good Luck today Reshema, let us know how it goes.



Arabsrcool - April 7


I was surprised there was only one, but also very relieved.

That makes 4 of us due around the same time, all that had to use ART to get our PG'S. We are blessed!

Have you seen this OB before? That is kinda cool you can schedule your delivery day. You know exactly when your baby is going to come into this world. I was scheduled for a c-section with my dd, but she turned at the last minute (mind you I was in the hospital, hooked up to IV, ready to go, and doc checked one last time to make sure, and she had flipped). They sent me home and I cried for about 24 hours straight. It all turned out ok, a week later my water broke at home and I had her the next day. Looking back, now I am glad it happened that way, but at the time I was devastated!

Let me know how your OB appt's goes.



RB - April 7

Hi girls,

I had my first u/s today and its a singleton! It was just a blob on the screen but what a beautiful blob! It measured 18.5mm and we heard the heartbeat...dh and i started to cry when we heard it. The doctor said everything looks good and gave us a due date of Nov 16 - same date as you Ronda! My next appt is in 4 weeks with my OB - this is a new OB but he works out of the same office as my RE so i feel comfortable with last OB is actually the RE who handled my case!

It's so great that there are 4 of us due around the same time!

Ronda, how are you feeling with the m/s?



JasJulesMom - April 8

Rhonda- I have only seen this OB for regular yearly check ups. My dd was born in North Jersey and ds in New York. My friend had two c- sections and he performed both. I really wish I could use OB from dd, but it would be 1 hour everytime I need to see him and hospital he is affiliated with is not close to home. My ds was breach also that is how the c-sections got started. I was going to have a v-back with dd, but they said she was going to be big and it would not be good. She was 9lbs 15oz so I guess that is a good thing.

Reshema-Glad to hear all is well. It is so exciting. No m/s for me just occasional nausea and bad taste in my mouth.

I will let you guys know how things go Thursday!!


JasJulesMom - April 8



Arabsrcool - April 9


One more day until you see the OB. How are you feeling?



JasJulesMom - April 9


I am feeling pretty good. I am also very nervous. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to u/s to see how much my little bundle has progressed in the last 2 1/2 weeks.

I will let you know how it goes.

How are you feeling?



JasJulesMom - April 10

Had my first appointment with my OB today. Baby is doing well, measuring at 10 weeks 3 days. I set an appointment for Genetic Counseling. Not sur about an amnio. Anyone have any thoughts. There is a new first trimester test they do now, my OB said he delivered a baby last week that came up healthy on this new test and was born with Down Syndrome? Not sure what to do.

Reshema- How are you feeling?


JulieC - April 11

Just remember that the test results for downs and some other disorders are given as a ratio of risk. So, you might get a result that is 1/50 or 1/10,000. Even with really high odds like the 1/50 - 49 babies will not have downs, likewise one baby out of 10,000 in the other scenario will have it.

"Positive" results vary by mother's age but my doc told me that the results would have to be at least 1/250 to be considered positive.

I did not have the amnio because it presents a lot of risk. But I have friends who did have it and everything was fine. You just have to weigh your options and make the call that's best for you. Are you at high risk for it?


Arabsrcool - April 11


Glad to hear your first OB appt went well and baby is growing! Amino is scary, actually all that testing is scary. I understand your indecision. Those tests can be say there is a problem and things turn out fine (and obviously vice versa with a new test). Its so hard to decide. I always ask myself, am I going to do anything about a bad test result? I am 37 now, so I'm sure I am going to get the whole line of testing offered.....not sure what I am going to do either.

Didn't know if you were following the other posts, Reshema was in the hospital and was on bedrest. She had partial placenta separation. She has not posted since the post telling about that. I hope she is doing ok.




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