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RB - March 13

Hi Girls,

I have a silly question? Is it ok to color your hair during pregnancy? I desperately need to cover up some must be all the waiting!!!!....but i'm afraid to because i've heard that its not safe???? Sounds silly to me....any thoughts?



doglover - March 13

Rhonda-My hairdresser told me not to color during the first trimester. I still haven't done so bc I am worried that the color will not come out properly (some of my friends have had some interesting experiences). I am also paranoid about the chemicals...supposedly they are okay.

Arabscool-Yeah, how exciting!! It is nice that there are a couple of you at the same point in pregnancy to help you through this hard time. Sounds like you have a great starting number!!!

Anyone working on setting up the nursery yet? We are moving this week...once I get settled, I am making that my next project! We should be getting our crib in less than a month!! FYI, there were some crib recalls on the Munire line of furniture in case anyone ordered one.

Jenny, how are you?

Have a good nite everyone-Linzie


Arabsrcool - March 13


In my prior pg, my doc said no hair coloring for the whole time. I was good until the very end and then I had to get my hair colored. Gray hair sucks!!! I had my hair dresser put my hair back to a more "natural" color for me, before I started this whole process. My thoughts were if I got pg, I wouldn't have the grow out hillbilly roots quite so bad. Hopefully it works!


Marina - March 13

Reshma-I'm a hairstylist and It's OK to color your hair,even in the first trimester.I was reserching this subject myself since I worked with colors and perms every day when I got PG-there is no indication that color may hurt the baby.I just would recommend do foilling instead of solid color (at least for the first 3 months),but do not do perms-not because of the harm-it just might not take curl because of the hormons in your body.


bdantonio - March 13

Color sometimes can act funny during pregnancy also.. I have had this happen-- im a stylist also


Eddie - March 13

Hi all, still intact less than 3wks to go and am getting itchy feet, just want this little bean out.

Does anyone know where Jenny is.

Hope you are ok Jenny


wolffie - March 14

Hi ladies!

welcome to the newcomers!!! Congrats!!! its so great to have you here! hope you are al feeling well.

linzie - are you feeling the little man all the time? my guy likes to kick and punch like crazy. i can pretty much figure out his pattern now. last night i was so tired but he was not letting me get to sleep. ha you dh been able to feel him kick yet?

julie, jenny, lisa - how are you all?



RB - March 14

Marina, Beth...thanks for the advice...i'll probably go to my stylist this weekend to at least try and cover these wayward grays!!! they keep popping up in the most visible places....darn!!!

daniella, thanks...very happy to be here!


Arabsrcool - March 14

Hi girls,

Sounds like a few of you are getting closer to seeing your little exciting!

Had my second beta, it came back at 831. Not quite double, but nurse said its still good. u/s is scheduled for 4/1.

I find myself second guessing every twinge, cramp etc. I already cannot button most of my pants, but I'm guessing thats from bloating from meds still. However, I feel very pregnant with my belly already sticking out!.

I cannot wait for u/s, maybe I will relax more once I see the heartbeat.


JamieP - March 15

I thought I would join you guys. I am about 5 weeks pregnant after a FET. I am nervously waiting for my first scan in about a week. Will not be able to relax until I see the heartbeat.



lisa13 - March 15

I am feeling great. I just don't have alot of movement; which gives me some anxiety.

anyone else with not a lot of movment


JasJulesMom - March 15

Congrats on all the BFPs!!!!!

I have been so busy at work this week I have had no time to post. I have an upcoming buisness trip and I am really worried about flying. My RE said it is fine, but I had really wished I would not have to go.

Had my first u/s last Tuesday. Everything seems to be fine. RE said baby was progressing and hopefully this week we can hear a heartbeat. We got a faint sound but RE said it was still early. Only 1 baby, that suprised me I really had a strange feeling it was 2. I am so thrilled 1 or 2 does not matter.

Hope all is well.


doglover - March 15

JasJulesMom-Congrats...sounds good so far...also wanted to tell you that I flew right before we heard the heartbeat-all was fine.

Daniella-The baby does kick a lot! It is reassuring, especially when I could not feel it until 22 weeks. My husband felt him kick a few days after I did. If we are sleeping at nite, he feels him kicking his back when I am snuggled up against him.

Lisa-I hope you feel him soon. I was really worried just as you are. Then out of nowhere, I felt him. It probably has something to do with the positioning of your placenta.

Arabscool-Yeah, glad your numbers increased!! Keep us posted!!

Welcome Jamie! Hang in there!!

Hope everyone is having a good day-Linzie


JENNY22074 - March 16

Sorry ladies I am still down a computer and only am getting out of the house one Sundays and Tuesdays...We have my sonogram and dr followup on Tuesday...Last week I had started to dilate and was at least a centimeter...My cervix is thinning on a daily basis and he is certainly putting much pressure down there...The days are getting longer for me and we will certainly be talking inducment at my doctor's visit in a couple days...I miss being here with you all each day and I hate having to play catch up once a week...It is so much to catch up on by the time I am on and able to write...Is there any other new preggo's or people on the 2 week wait...I will be back on in a couple days...Talk to you all then...The doctor is expecting Gabriel to be weighing in at 8 pounds or more come Tuesday and I will be 38 weeks at that point...He is certainly a big boy....Talk to you all in a couple days


lili246 - March 17

Hi girls,
Glad to hear that everyone is doing good. I am not pregnant nor trying to I just had a baby boy back in december he is now 3 months old and I am very happy with him.
I like being here and talk to you girls to give you support since I just went through that not to long ago.

When I heard that my son was 8 oz at 38 weeks I talked to the doctor about inducement it's just that I know if they grow big I didn't want a c-section I wanted to have my son normal so thats why I told the doctor I wanted to be induce and yes within a week I went to the hospital and I had my son.

Usually at inducement they put a soften thing down on your cervix and right away they give you pitocin if I spelled it correctly and if you get those two things for sure you will be delivering the baby right away.

In my experience this last december the doctor order just to install the soften cervix for 12 hours and then they started with the pitocin after waiting for the longest 12 hours so just talkt o your doctor if you will be induce to get you both things right away instead of waiting for 12 hours to put the second thing. If you need any other info let me know I might of confuse you girls but it;s worth knowing what theya re going to do at inducement.

Love Lili


RB - March 18

Hi ladies,

good luck and safe delivery to all those on the home stretch!

i got back my second beta yesterday and it went up from 85 to 594...the nurse said that was a very good fingers and toes continue to be crossed.

i dont have my first u/s until the 9th week which seems a really long way off...i'm really anxious to know that everything is ok. I had a bit of a scare this morning with an unusual discharge but i called my doctor and they said not to worry... easier said than done, i can assure you.

ronda...i know exactly what you pants are already tight at the waist as well... i am thinking of getting maternity pants just for the comfort...

Jamie...sounds like we're around the same stage of preganancy...i'm just about 6weeks so welcome! doctor told me absolutely no flying for the first trimester but that's because of a family history with dvt...if you are concerned, check with your doctor to be sure...

Take care,



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