Cassandra and Shaz
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Karen123 - December 22

Cassandra and Shaz, I'm SO anxious to hear from you both!! I would imagine that for sure by now you both have your precious babies in your arms. I'm so happy and excited for you and hope that all went well. I hope your babies are perfectly healthy and you both recover quickly. ALL my best to you and your families! Karen


baby4us - December 23

Yes what an exciting Christmas around your households.. hope you are both home safe and healthy with your babies!

Let us know when you can... tell us about your experiences!


Meg - December 27

Cassandra and Shaz,

I hope you both are enjoying your new bundles of joy :) We can't wait to hear from you to see how all of you are doing, especially Cassandra, since you seem to be the only person I know who had twins and was overdue !!!! I do hope that you are doing well and handling having two at the same time. Don't worry you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Enjoy every second, b/c time just flies by...

Congratulations on your babies :) Take care and try to get a little sleep ;)



shaz - January 5

Hi guys,

Thanks for your thoughts. Our absloutle bundle of joy, Mackenzie arrived at 8.17am on the 20th of January, weighing in at 8pld 1, she is an absolute delight, a very content and happy little girl. We are over the moon in love with her and I couldnt be happier with our family. Our almost 6 year old, Billie is besotted with her and is quite the little mother......

Sorry I havent written but we had a few dramas after I came home from hospital and I ended up back in hospital for a little while. That is all now very much sorted and we are back on track......

I hope everyone is well.... take care



justme - January 5

So good to hear that you and Mackenzie are doing well. You are blessed! Best of luck! I am glad that Billie is quite the little mother!!!


baby4us - January 5

Shaz what wonderful news... I am so happy to hear you are home healthy and happy.. and I LOVE the name Mackenzie!

That is also great to hear that your daughter is just as excited about the new bundle of joy around the house!

Take care and I hope your drama that put you back in the hospital wasn't too severe??/ Hope you are doing ok...


Karen123 - January 5

Shaz, SO great to hear from you!!! I too and thrilled to hear that all is now ok and you are all doing well. I am so very happy for you and your family! Take care! Karen


Fortyfour - January 6

Congrats Shaz. snuggle that little one for me.


BabyBound - January 10

Shaz, congrats!!! I really like the name. Enjoy every minute of it.


cassandra - February 5

Hi everyone! I missed you! Things are settling down here a bit. They slept for two 4 hour stretches last night! Mathew last weighed at 11lbs and Lauren is catching up at 7 1/2 lbs. They are starting to look like little people now! :) They are going to be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies!

They love their swings and bouncers. Lauren's swing is the wind up and if it slows down she starts squeaking. Too funny.

I stopped pumping. I wasn't doing it often enough and my milk was dwindling down to nothing. Between the pumping and bottle making it was just too much so they are on formula now. I go back to work on the 13th of this month but don't worry, I am only working a few hours. Unfortunately we need the health insurance and a little extra money certainly won't hurt.

Well, with this little extra time on my hands I should do some laundry. I can't believe how much laundry I have now! :) The kids are doing great. Thank you for asking! As always my prayers are with you ladies. Take care..cassandra


baby4us - February 6

Cassandra.. that is great news.. so glad to hear that everything is going well and that Lauren and Matthew are doing well!

Congrats again and keep up the posts!


Debie - February 6

Shaz and Cassandra congratulations on the wonderful news about your babies. Enjoy them.


shaz - February 21

Hi All,

Firstly, Karen congrats on your two little miracles. I looked at the pictures and they are adorable. I hope you are all going well.

Well my adorable Mackenzie is amazing....Since birth she has been sleeping 5 hours between feeds at night but from 4 weeks started sleeping through. She goes down about 9pm and wakes between 5 and 6am, sometimes if Im really lucky 7am. But then she feeds and goes straight back to sleep. She loves her bed, even during the day. She has some unsettled times but generally is a very content baby that loves sleeping. HOW LUCKY AM I.........I certainly didnt have this with her big sister Billie, although she was prem and that does make a difference. Their natures are completely different, I can see that already. Billie is on the go and a bit highly strung but Mac is calm and relaxed. They are mirror images of their dad's and my personalities.......Billie takes after me.
We had our health centre check today and she is weighing 12 pld 12 now........She is very rolly polly and gorgeous.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their bundles or pregnancies...........



justme - February 21

Shaz, sounds like a perfect little baby! I am so glad you are able to get some good rest. You are a lucky woman. I hope I am as lucky as you!!!!


SMS1129 - February 23


That is wonderful that she is sleeping through the night. Are you breastfeeding or is she on formula? I would imagine formula.



ElizabethS - February 23

Hi Girls - I have been thinking about how you two have been doing, and I am so thrilled to hear about your babies. Congratulations. It was this time last year when I started my infertility journey with you, and now we have our angels.

Keep us posted on your babies. My triplets turned three months this past weekend, and they are so much fun. Two weigh over 10 lbs and Emily is over 8 lbs. (she weighed 3lbs 3oz when she was born.) they are all smiling and cooing like crazy. We are working on getting to sleep through the night, but so far we are not successful. :)

love to all - Elizabeth



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