breast tnderness comes and goes
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karriearm - May 7

My breasts seem to be most tender in the evenings and then in the morning, they barely hurt at all. I am about 6 weeks and they are still larger than normal, but I worry that my HCG level is not rising. I have had it tested 3 times (the last time was 3 days ago) and it was doubling. Am I just freaking myself out? Anyone else have this happen?


BabyBound - May 7

Karriearm, you have to remember that everyone pg is different. So women get tender breast and some don't. My breast just started to get sore towards the end of last week. I'm 5w3d. As long as your levels are increasing I won't worry so much about symptoms...everyone is different.


karriearm - May 7

Thank you babybound. I think I will feel better when I actually see that heart beating, so that means I only have 2 more weeks of speculation! ;)


ElizabethS - May 7

karriearm - I have been experiencing the same symptoms as you. Some days they feel huge and so sore, and other days they seem completely normal. We have our u/s on Thursday. I often wish we could b/t and do u/s everyday!!


shaz - May 7


Mine are exactly the same as yours. Most days they start off ok in the morning and by the evening they are sore, but some days they feel completely normal. I know how you are feeling though. It's a tough time and I dont think any of us will be relaxed until we see those little hearts beating....



karriearm - May 8

It certianly is reasuring to know that you are feeling the same symptom.
Does anyone have morning sickness yet? Other than the breast changes and fatigue, I wouldn't even know I am pregnant! That is good, but bad too! I think I would welcome some morning sickness and frequent urination at this point, just to confirm what I already know! :)


shaz - May 8

I have morning sickness. Well I call it, "all day sickness if my stomach is empty"......

I cant have an empty stomach, I feel very very sick. But the last couple of days I have been feeling sick most of the time. It started two days before I had my p/t...

DH is convinced there are two in there, as my first pregnancy I didnt feel anything really until I felt her kicking.....I dont mind the sickness though, It reassures me.....

I am also constipated Anyone else????? I have been drinking heaps of water, and having alot of fibre....Anyone else know of any other tricks?

Well girls only 3 days to go till we see those little hearts beating!!!!! Yai...



cassandra - May 9

Sha ;) ;)z, I feel exactly the same way! If I do not eat I feel sick! I can't wait to hear of your u/s!Same symptoms! What was your beta? 1st and 2nd? Mine was 340 and 1340. Any simalarities? ;) ;) ;) ;)


shaz - May 9


My first was 397. I cant really remember what the nurse said about my second, I thought she said 14000???. The nurse did ask how many embryo's we tfrd back. When I told her two, she just said, hmmmmm.....

Yep, the u/s can not come quick enough for me.



ElizabethS - May 10

Shaz & Cassandra - I too am soooo sick if I don't eat all the time. I guess I will take this as a good sign.

I am so anxious for the u/s....not only for me, but for everyone else here that will have one on thursday too! Should be a very exciting day. Only two more days.....seems like an eternity!


BabyBound - May 19

O.k., ladies, I had to bring this subject back up. I don't know if this is normal or the Prometrium doing this...but...doing the night, my boobs hurt so bad :o :o. I mean excrutiating pain. I find myself whimpering some nights :'(. When I wake up and during the day, they are fine...a little sore, but nothing like the pain during the night. DH said I was crying in my sleep last night and assumed is was my boobs hurting. He said he massage them for me and I stop. Of course, I don't remember any of this told him he took advantage of me in my unconscious state ;D


shaz - May 19

Babybound. I LOL when I read your post.....Now we know the source of your erotic dreams....

My boobs are sore at night also. Not to the point that I cry in my sleep, however I may be crying and not know it. DH cant sleep with me at the moment as my snoring he claims is enough to keep the whole neighbourhood awake....

I think the breast tenderness will settle down shortly. Just tell DH to keep up those massages.



ElizabethS - May 19

Babybound - you poor thing. This must mean that your boobs will be great milk producers.

It sounds like your dh is glad to help out anyway he can! :D


cassandra - May 19

babybound, that is so funny! You really must be a sound sleeper! cassandra


paige - May 19

BabyBound I feel for you. I am going through the same thing. I had to go out and get a super tight sports bra for night time. Mine got so bad I couldn't sleep it felt as if it were ripping from my arm pits!!!


BabyBound - May 19

Paige, I'm glad you understand. My sister kind of warned me about this, but I didn't think it will be this early. She said she bought a sports bra that was a size too small and it helped during the nights. Guess where I'm going after work today :'(.


cassandra - May 20

My dh said "Aren't you going to buy a bigger bra?" Nope, I said this keeps them tight, less movement the better. I only take it off to shower! :) cassandra



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