Brackston Hicks
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Meg - September 16

I was just curious if anyone else is having these annoying contractions. I had them w/ the twins, but I figured this time around being p/g w/ one I wouldn't get them. I was having them frequently today, more than likely b/c I was doing a lot around the house. It was starting to make me nervous, but I didn't call the Dr. Mostly b/c I don't have time to go to the office or have a babysitter for the twins. I have an appt. on Tues. so I plan to mention them then, plus I am starting the progesterone shots to help prevent preterm labor. Does anyone know if brackston hicks are harmless or a precursor to preterm labor??? The highrisk Dr.s last time didn't make too much of them, and I tried searching on the internet but didn't have too much luck finding any corrolation b/w them and preterm labor. I did also have some cramping this morning, but was thinking it was stretching. My fear is having another baby prematurely. Sorry for going on... I just feel like I am the only person I know that has Brackston Hicks.



WantsBaby2 - September 16

Oh Meg,
I know nothing about any of this, but I just wanted to wish you the best. Know I am thinking and praying for you. I hope everything turns out ok.



cassandra - September 16

Meg, my maternity books say bh is very common. Not to worry. If they get more frequent, time them. If they persist at a regular rate for over an hour, call your dr. Please take it easy. No strenuous activity, lay down twice a day on your left side for at least 1/2 hour. Take care...cassandra


Meg - September 16


Thanks for your kindness:) It is like you think the worry goes away after you finally achieve p/g, but it seems my p/g's are always filled w/ worry :-\ I hope you get some good news today... I am anxious to hear. I am praying and thinking of you as always. I am glad that you are going to do an IVF cyclce in Nov. if you don't get positive results today. You deserve something good to happen. You have been at this for such a long time and contrary to what you may believe you are a very strong and brave woman with a never give up attitude. Don't ever give up...we are all pulling and praying for you :)


Thanks for the information. I did end up calling the Dr. office this morning just to make sure that everything is okay. The nurse said to drink plenty of water and to take it easy. Both easier said than done... I will try to at least drink water/fluid, but as far as taking it easy... well w/ twins that is just an impossible task. I am still having them but not as frequent as yesterday, which is good, but I do have to watch them b/c she said that in some rare occurances it could lead to preterm labor. I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself.



HeatherMac - September 17


I've had them pretty badly, too, lately. Saw OB Thursday and she said it was totally normal. She did say, however, if they got stronger or really close in time to call. Otherwise, she said they would just be annoying...especially if I was overly tired, had stood alot, done a lot more than I should have, etc.

I hope you're able to relax a bit this weekend...water and rest for you!!! I'm right there with you!!



Fortyfour - September 17

Hi Meg, they are normal to have. Time them, if they go for the same amt of time and about the same time apart you should see the doc. Braxton hicks should be irregular contractions. Are you drinking your water? Sometimes a few glasses of water will make them stop. Take care and put those feet up!!!!


Meg - September 19

Thanks for the replies:) I know I should time the contractions, but I do know that most of the time they are irregular, but then other times it seems that they are coming close together. I am trying to drink more water/fluids, but time gets away from me and then I realize that I haven't drank anything for hours.

As for getting to sit down and relax, it just isn't happening as much as I try, I feel I just have too much to do and get done. Today I was on my feet straight from about 3:30 to about 7:30. I had to grocery shop and had my husbands family over for dinner. My feet are still killing me, what I wouldn't do for a foot massage... When I go to the Dr.'s Tuesday I am going to bring up my contractions and will ask if the progesterone shots will make them stop. I hope they do. By the time I was at 29 wks. w/ the twins, rocking in a chair would set off brackston hicks. I just worry as always about the baby coming early.

Thanks again for replying - Heather Mac, it is nice to know that someone else is having these contractions besides me :) And Fortyfour - as always praying and thinking of you. I hope your new Dr. is the one who will make all of your hopes and dreams come true :)



Meg - September 21

I got my first progesterone shot today. I am hoping that it will have an effect on the Brackston Hicks. My Dr. didn't seem that concerned about them. He said if I get 8 or more in an hour to call. He did want me to get another u/s though to check my cervix length. I was kind of surprised by this. I thought I wouldn't be getting anymore u/s. I am happy to get to see the baby again, but it is getting so hard to schedule things as I feel like I have so many appts. already b/w me and the twins.

All in all, I am so very pleased w/ my Dr. taking my previous p/g into account, even though it was twins, which could have been the cause of all my problems. He and I both agree it is better to err on the side of caution. At this point of the twin p/g everything was looking very good. Actually up to my 28-29th week I was doing fine and everything was great on the u/s. It seemed like everything went downhill so fast, which is why I am not taking anything for granted this time and trying to pay better attention to my body this time around. I know that I should be resting more and getting off my feet, but as I said before that is just next to impossible, but I am trying to drink plenty of water now, which I do think is helping me somewhat. My wish is for all of the women carrying multiples and singletons go to at least 36 weeks or longer. It is so amazing how going full term can have on development. Thanks as always for listening to me :) You all are the best :)



cassandra - September 21

Hi Meg! I hope the prg. shot helps. Glad you are feeling good! I also hope to keep these babies in for 36 weeks! Only 8 more weeks to go! Right now Mathew weighs 2lbs.4oz, and Lauren weighs 1lb14oz. By my next U/S in 3 weeks I hope they are near the 3lb. mark!
Take care Meg! cassandra


ElizabethS - September 23

Hi girls,
Cassandra those sound like good baby weights. We had an u/s yesterday and Emily weighs 1lb 12, Maya 2 lbs, and Zachary 1 lb 10. These are right on track and everything is still looking great. My dr. Rx 2 steroid shots to help with lung development should I go into early labor.....took me right back to IVF. I couldn't believe how whimpy I had gotten in just five months.

How is your work going? I hope you are getting good rest.


Karen123 - September 23

Cassandra and Elizabeth, I just want to say that reading your posts make me smile all the time. Reading the names of your children....well, it's just so great. I think it's so cool that doctor's can track the sizes of each one. Since I'm carrying twins, I'm hoping to find out what they are asap. As far as I know, they won't do an u/s until about 20 weeks but maybe that's just for singletons? I am clueless about a twin pregnancy! I do have an u/s next week (cant' wait!!) but I'll only be 12 weeks and 6 days so I'm sure they won't be able to tell then. I'm supposed to be getting b/w and the u/s for some early testing. Thing is, I don't even want to know the results. I just want to see my babies!! :) Anyway, it's so fun reading your posts. I wish you both SO much happiness and I hope you reach that milestone of 36 weeks!!! Karen


hope as cassandra - September 24

Hi Meg and Karen! We are doing well here so far. I have a gluclose test on Mon. and I'm hoping to pass! I've been taking it easy and napping every day before work. I also drink lots of water. It is getting hard to get up from a sitting, squating or laying position. I asked dh last night if he was getting nervous and of course he is! Time is closing in now and the reality is sinking in! I certainly can't wait until they debut into this world and I show them all of the wonderful things there are to know and see. I love these babies with all my heart and pray I can show them and teach them to love themselves and grow to be loving children and adults. I daydream a lot now about them and read that it is normal at this point.
Yesterday my boss asked if I wanted to read something he came across about prenatal eating. Some kind of version of the best odds diet that is in the What to Expect when you're expecting. Knowing he is a vegetarian I politely turned him down. I asked if it had chinese food and ricekrispy squares in it. ;D I know I'm not eating perfectly but I'm not eating fast food every day and sundaes. Last visit to the dr. I have gained 18lbs. so I think I'm not overdoing it in the eating dept. Because I think my babies are a little small though I'm going to step up the calorie intake now.
I really am enjoying this pregnancy and I hope everyone else has a wonderful time with it.
Karen, I also go to a site called nmotc. and click on expecting multiples. There are several other women there who are expecting twins at the same time as me and a couple who did IVF. Just click (or start your own forum) on the month you are due! Take care everyone..cassandra


ElizabethS - September 25

Awesome job on the weight gain! I am sitting here eating cheetos and wondering why I have already gained 30 lbs! :D :D :D

Karen - thanks for the kind words, let us know how the u/s went. I look forward to everytime I get to see my babies.


Jolynn - November 1

hello i know what you are going through i have b/h and have been having them since i was about 6 months preg i and 8 months now and they are getting worse the doctor tells me to not worry unless there is bleeding with them so dont worry you will ne fine and the baby will be fine.
take care jolynn


Patricia - November 28

I hope everything is still going well with you all. I am pregnant with my 5th child and STILL worry about everything. Those dang b/h contractions are very annoying, but are not doing anything but preparing you for the real thing. I find myself still searching and reading about how things are supposed to be with pregnancy. You all take care and drink those fluids and take those naps. :-)


Sarah.... - April 29

hi this is sarah....i know exactly what you are going throught i am 30 weeks and i have been getting them since i was 25 weeks and let me tell you my prenatal classes didnt work for my you know if they are bad for the baby or if they just dont doctor said it was normal well if this is normal i am not having kids ne wayz i just thought i would write and say no you are not the only person with these terrible pains....




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