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sblanton2 - February 7

Hey all,
I have been out of the loop during my 2ww b/c it was easier somehow emotionally for me, but I got a BFP yesterday, I can hardly believe it. now I just have to wait to see blinkers!!!!!

Congrats Shaz and Cassandra on your precious little ones.

Take Care,


fiso - February 7

woooohoooo!!!!! Congrats to you Sylvia!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Make sure you get double, triple confirmation with the beta levels.

I also did get a BFP last week, but I'm waiting for tomorrow, the third blood test to confirm that the beta levels are high enough. Then, I'll be relaxed and happy.

I'm happy for you!!!
Take care. Fiso


Karen123 - February 7

Sylvia, That is fantastic news!!!!!!!! A HUGE congratulations to you!!!! Wow, I'm SO happy to see more and more women moving down here in the pregnancy section. I wish you and Fiso only the best and sure hope to continue to read good news! Take care of yourselves! Karen


snindy - February 7

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! The months will start flying by. Once you know it, you'll have your bundle of joy in your arms.



justme - February 7

Woohooooooo!!! Congrats to you! Glad to have you down here!!!!!


sblanton2 - February 8

Thanks you all for the kind words and your support. I go for my second blood draw today and then if that goes well an ultrasound on the 22nd. I will feel so much better once I see babies. Amazing when I had my 4 daughters I never realized the chances of the embryo arresting, I just took for granted once I had the pregnancy test I was pregnant and as long as no major issue until the 3rd month I was happy.
A woman that works at Gold's Gym with me got pregnant naturally and her baby arrested at 61/2 weeks, she said her body had been 10 weeks pregnant then she miscarried. Just makes you stop and think about what a miracle this really is.
Have a great day everybody!!!!!! ;D


baby4us - February 8

Congratulatiosn Sylvia! Such great news... I hope your 2nd beta today rises accordingly!! Good luck and let usknow as soon as you hear!! Really good news.. so happy for you and DH

And Fiso.. have you heard any news on your Beta test? My fingers ar ecrossed for you!!!


fiso - February 8

Hi baby4us, I just had my blood test so, I have to wait till sometimes this afternoon for the results. The last beta was great, 260. I hope this one will be even better. I learned my lesson after last ime. The numbers didn't even double....I'm cautious!
I have to update my profile!!
How are you feeling?

You're right Sylvia, it's such a miracle, I dont' think people realize that. Maybe it's better that way, so people don't worry too much! Hope you are feeling good.

Take care, Fiso


sblanton2 - February 8

Thanks first test 12 days post transfer was 239. so I guess this one has a long way to go!!!!! I won't know anything until tomorrow. But I'll keep you posted!



sblanton2 - February 9

Well, my beta Monday was 239 and today it was 471, the doctor asked me if I had twins in the family. We'll see. ;D
How are you Fiso?


baby4us - February 9

Syliva.. that is great news! You must be so happy.. congratulations.. now the fun stuff starts!!!!!!

Are you feeling anything yet.. I think I was tired instantly... so remember to be good to yourself.. take lots of naps when you can.. pamper yourself.. this is really the only time you can say hey..It's all about me.

Enjoy it.. it is amazing how fast these 9 months go by!!

When is your first u/s scheduled (I guess around 8 weeks).. anyway.. Good luck to you and ask us any question(s) you like... I had so many questions.. and still do.. it is nice to have a shoulder to lean on!

I have anther u/s scheduled next Wednesday and am really looking forward to it!

Fiso.. any news??????


sblanton2 - February 10

baby 4 us,
Yep, I have been feeling sick....and exhausted. Even if I get a good nights sleep I need a nap during the day. I also have a mild case of OHSS, so have been told to drink tons of gatorade(no water) and V8 juice. It seems to be helping.
My first u/s is scheduled for the 23rd of Feb. I am lucky b/c a doctor here at FT. Bragg actually interned at me infertility clinic so he is also seeing me on the 16th of Feb. He follows IVF patients very closely he says. I am grateful to have found an OB doc who KNOWS what we have gone through to get pregnant.
When are you due baby4us? Do you know what you are having yet?
Any News yet Fiso???????
Take Care all, I have to get back in bed....I think I need more sleep.



fiso - February 10

Hi Sylvia and baby4us. I had to track down the doc on Wednesday to find out my numbers and when I finally got to talk to her, she didnt' have my numbers in front of her but told me that they were fine. I was so annoyed and in the back of my mind hoping she wasn't getitng me confused with somebody else. Grrrr, she is not my regular doc, there are 4 docs at the center I go to and she is just one of them. But what a day! I waited until 6 pm to finally get a hold of her. DH was so nervous too.
Now, I'm just dealing with low energy and since today being nauseous. I'm having an u/s next Wednesday and the heart beat one will be in a couple weeks. Can't wait for this one!!

I'm exhausted, that's why I haven't spent much time in front of the computer, even if I have some work to do.

Talk to you all later. Love, Fiso


baby4us - February 10

Fiso.. how frustrating!!! Will they call with your numbers? I know how you feel... you need those concrete numbers etc. to follow along... I am sure all is well... just stay well rested!!! Let us know as soon as you hear!

Sylvia.. great news about your OBGYN... I can hardly wait until your u/s on the 23rd.. I've got one scheduled for next Wednesday (the 15th) and then a doc appointment on the 20th... always reassuring!

I am due June 6th... I don't know yet what we are having.. DH and my parents were adament that we not find out.. BUT... we did have a colleague do the ring on a string test (I know there is no scientific proof.. but it was fun).. anyway.. his predictions have been pretty well 99% accurate.. and he predicted a boy!!! Of course.. I have a million girl names picked out... but no boy names.. help!!!


snindy - February 10

That's funny that you brought up the string test, I had that done to me awhile back and it said I was having 3 kids, a boy, girl and boy. I did it to my husband and it said the same thing. I tried it all on my friends and it all came out correct.
I think it will come true but dh thinks I'm crazy. So I guess we will wait and see if it's right.



baby4us - February 12

It is pretty funny. I do have a feeling taht i am having a boy A) because I have had a reallye asy pregnanyc.. no side effects (No nausea, no constipation, no nithing -- other than being tired.. but I think that is to be expected!) and B) because I don't hav enay boy names!! haha

Anyway.. won't know for sure until June... so we'll have to sit tight.

How are you doing????


sblanton2 - February 12

There is only one thing i know about being pregnant(I have four daughters) and that is that each pregnancy is different and there is no way to tell what you are having by how your carrying(high or low) or how you are feeling......I had no pregnancy symptoms with 2 of my girls and then with the others I was so sick I couldn't smell food without throwing up. It is fun to guess and wonder though.
My DH insists that once we get that far we find out the sex of our baby(babies), he wants to know ahead of time so we can plan. I would rather wait and find out when I give birth. To me it is kind of like opening the Christmas presents early...LOL
My DH insists we are having twin boys.....I guess we will find out on the 23rd whether there is more than one or not. I am so worried about the possibility of a chemical pregnancy I think it will definetly put my mind at ease when I see the heartbeat.
Well, I hope you all are feeling well and getting plenty of rest. Take care and keep me updated!!!!!




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