beta was doubling/now not
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laura - December 20

Hi Ladies,
I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever had bets that doubled at first but then stopped doubling and still had a viable P. Mine were:
14 days day 5 blast tr= 285 doubled
18 " ' =1553 doubled
21 " " =2734 did not-88hrs to double
25 " " =6173 did not-81hrs to double
but saw a HR at ultrasound and a 6 week sackwith the last beta.
What do you ladies think. any one out there had a good outcome. Laura


JulieC - December 20

It actually looks like your third beta did double since #2 & #3 are only 3 days apart rather than 4 - it doubled and was on its way up. But the last one did not. What does your doctor think? I know there are many women on this forum who have had very shaky starts with there betas and they definitely were not doubling and they are still having good pregnancies. Mine doubled on the first three and then started to slow down. By the fifth one it was at a much slower doubling rate which is normal.
If you saw a heart beat that is an even better sign. When is your next u/s?
Good Luck!


laura - December 20

Dear Julie,
Thanks for your responce! My RE is not as concerned becouse we saw a heart beat. I will have another beta tomarrow (Friday); my next ultrasound on 12/28. I suggested another beta on monday but they said sence the beta results seem to stress me out they are to wait and check every thing a again on 12/28. Enjoy the holidays!Laura


doglover - December 21

Hi Laura
My betas were not normal, and I was extremely stressed out. I started out with 172. 3 days later, it was only 205. 2 days later, it was 296. I think there was another abnormal increase following that, and then it normalized. So far, all is fine with my baby so do not give up hope yet. I felt better about it after I reached 10 weeks (for whatever reason!). Let us know how you are doing!


Frisbee Girl - December 21

Laura, I'm 43.... it's good so see another "young one" going through this. We, too, transferred 2 frozen embies on 12/10. My betas were today, started at 371. Now the wait to see if they are doubling. We, too, have had 3 miscarriages. This is our fourth IVF (well, we have 8 frozen ones, so this is our first frozen cycle). I'm curious... did they say why your Donor cycle didn't work... twice in a row? Doesn't that seem strange to your RE?


laura - December 21

Linzie- Wow thats wounderfull! I hope I have the same results as you!
Frisbee Girl- Great Beta! Any chance for twins? As for this last donor, this is a new RE and the first donor cycle with them. They beleived that I had immulogic issuse and my husbands margenal sperm were the resut in our failurs. When they tested me I came back with some positives and the are treating me with Dex. They thought that with the right donor that we could still use my husbands sperm. They also were garenteeing a day five fresh blast transfer. The first RE blamed me and my husband for it not working but would not offer any other testing (they did not beleive in immulogic problems causes infertility); they aslo would not do a day 5 fresh blast transfer (in our case this would weed out a lot of bad embro's) They did things according to there proticall and would not change. Our first donor started out at 28 years old then three months later ended up being 31 years old! Apprenly no one looked at her birthday and just took the age that she used when she filled out the donor form. By then we were three months in to the dodor cycle, we were to far in it to stop. I am crossing my fingers this time!! All ready much beter results then three years at my old RE (my betas started out low and never doubled and I had beter results with my own eggs!) baby dust Laura


laura - December 22

Hi ladies!
My beta yesterday was 10523 at 28 days post day 5 transfer. My RE is not concerned because for the ultrasound. They say as the hcg gets higher it is more difficutlt to double; usually this happens at 8 weeks(it started not doubling at 5 weeks). Have a wonderfull weekend everyone! baby dust! laura


Frisbee Girl - December 23

Laura, that's terrific news! May it grow and grow and GROW!!!

Hey, when you said you were tested for immunological issues and are treated with Dex, what is Dex? And... was it something your insurance paid for? I'm thinking that if we fail a fourth time, that I should start looking into this immunological thing, so I'm preparing myself. I'm already on Lovenox for Factor V Leiden, which is also what they use for antphospholid antibodies (sp?), so the only other thing I could have is some sort of Natural Killer cells or something, which I haven't been tested for. The tests are like $3000 not covered by insurance, ack! Does that sound like what you were tested for? Would love to hear back. You're giving me great hope with your numbers, though! What a great Christmas gift you have!


laura - December 27

Dear Frisbee Girl,
They treated me with 500 mg Solu-Delta-Cortef intravenus at the time of transfer. Then 1mg dexamethasone sodium phosphate (a steroidal antiinflamitory) tablet once a day (I am not sure when I will stop it). This drug is simmiler to prednisone but has 30 x more times stronger in the antinflamatory portion of the drug then prednisone. They tested me for:
Thyroid antibodyies, Natural Killer Cell actication, Immunoglobulin panel IgA/ IgG/ IgM, reproductive immunophenotype (I was positive 1 out of 6),Anti-phospholipid antibodies (I was positive 4 out of 21),anti-nuclear antibodies (I was positive 1 out of 8), coagulation, embryotoxicity assay (was present). Because I had some positives, they felt the were siginificate in causing my chenical P's. The decided that it wasnt enough positives to treat with immunoglobulins(which is very expensive) and the Solu-Denta and dex should take care of the problem(much cheaper). I cant rememer the price of these tests, about 1500 I think. I paid the lab directly Millenova Immunology lab (312) 274-1928. My insurince dose not cover any donar cycle or testing. I hope this helps! Keep the good numbers coming! I go for my second U/S on 1/28. Baby dust laura


wantsbabytoo - December 27

Hi Laura,
Saw your post and wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!

I too received a positive HCG level just last night! We are so excited!

Babydust to us all!


laura - December 28

Hi Ladies!
Wantsbabytoo- wonderfull news!! I hope your beta's double!
My second ultasound today, 7 weeks 5 days pregnate. The heart rate is faster (145). For some reasion my progesterone has gone form 19 to 13 ? Keeping positive! happy new year! Baby dust. laura


JulieC - December 28

That's great news. It sounds like things are going well. I had trouble with progesterone production and my RE put me on supplements (2 suppositories and one pill per day). But, from what I understand, some doctors believe in progesterone supplements and some do not. I know that others on this forum have had lower numbers than you and their doctor did not have them on anything. But, it might be something to ask about.




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