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cassandra - July 8

Meg, please forgive me for mixing up your names! I think sometimes when I start to type I am not quite awake yet! :)

I had to work yesterday from 11-8 and dh is out of town so my sitter had to stay for 10 hours. She was a champ considering the day she had. I wrote a 3 page letter on the usual day around here. The children were quite fussy she said but they were asleep when I got home and woke at their usual time this morning. I brought her home a 12pk. and she had 4 before she left. ;D Telling me all about the day and I laughed soo hard. She seemed to take it all in stride.

Anyways a woman came in last night and told me about her twins (they are 38 now) telling me about when they were infants and how everyone admires them. She goes on to say they had no idea how hard it was! I hear ya lady. I have to say, now that they sleep through the night things are so much better! You definately need your sleep to keep up the pace! Well, I gotta run. I have errands today and work tonight so I better get rollin around here. Have a great weekend everyone!



Karen123 - July 10

Meg, Oh boy am I afraid for the days my two are running around! Now, it's so easy to just set them in a boppy or a swing or whatever. I'm in trouble! My house is very, very open and there's no way to gate off sections. I will gate off the staircase at least but I'll have to babyproof like crazy everywhere on the main floor. I have a good friend with a toddler who said that he kept starting the dishwasher since they had it in the locked position. Well they left it in the unlocked position and he grabbed a steak knife, point UP and RAN with it!! She said she absolutely panicked but had to approach him slowly. Thankfully, no harm done. But it did give me a scary glimpse into my near future. My dishwasher has no lock on it so I may be in the market for a new one!

Cassandra, I'm so bummed that I still don't have your email. I'm so anxious to see pictures of your babies. My out of office is on since I"m not here full time anymore that shouldn't have any impact on getting emails. I don't understand it. I receive tons every day. Did you try replying to my email? That may work. Sorry for all the bother.

As always, so nice to read stories from you wonderful ladies. Take care and enjoy! Karen


Meg - July 10


Don't worry, you still have time until you need to childproof :) Ainsley and Gavin didn't begin to touch things until they were able to walk around. Gavin didn't begin walking until 15 months and Ainsley began fully walking at 17 months. It was then that we fully childproofed the kitchen. Don't get me wrong they did destroy our coffee table by banging every toy they had on it, when they were only cruising. It now has a very, very distressed look about it, as do all of our tables !!!! Since we have moved we have not put safety locks on our drawers and cabinets. Mostly b/c they are new, and we wanted to keep them that way until we had to childproof for Patrick, and Ainsley and Gavin will listen to "No" a little bit better than when they were 18 months.

As far as dishwashers go, I don't think you will need to buy a new one !!! I am pretty sure that they have saftey locks to put on them. I did try to put a lock on our old one, but I was not successful b/c of the configuration of the dishwasher. We too had a runaway steak knife !!!! Once I had left the twins for a brief moment to get something upstairs, and our clever son, decided to pull a chair over to the counter and invited his sister up on the chair as well to play with our Henckels knife set. I almost had a heartattack when I saw them with all of the knives out on the counter. I just calmly went over and got them off the chair, which usually isn't my style, but I was so afraid that one of them was going to get hurt that I didn't make a big deal about it fearing that they would continually touch it. Luckily they have never tried to touch it again :) Definitely their guardian angels were watching over them !!!

One Step Up catalog/website has lots of safety items in it, if you are looking for childproofing ideas. You can get many things at BabiesRUs, Target, Lowes, Walmart, etc., but I know that the catalog/website has extra large gates to fit more open spaces or open space floor plans. Luckily we can just use the pressure mounted kind in our new house, but had we not been able to, I would have splurged and bought the extra large ones.

Enjoy :)




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