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cassandra - May 19

Hello everyone! I am doing much better lately. I really think that my pms is 10x worse than before!

Anyways, I have a question, Dh and I are not religious but the family is and we have now set up a baptism for Mathew and Lauren. I know this is quircky but his uncle is a priest and will be doing it in the granparents jaccuzi on Fathers day. I know, wierd. The twins will be 6 months old by then and I'm wondering, do I but christening gowns for them? Where? Because it isn't a church it is definately more laid back. Who do we invite? Forgive the stupid questions please, I really don't know what to expect. Any imput would be appreciated! Thanks!


baby4us - May 19

Hi Cassandra,,,.. we aren't religious either.. and aren't doing a baptism... so I can understand your questions! What do you do?

I know this sounds shallow.. but those baptism gowns are so cute!!! I don't know how expensive they are.. and of course they will just be wearing them the once.. so maybe if this is a laid back affair.. maybe just have the twins in their favourite outfit... or buy a matching outfit esp for the day (one that they can wear again and again)

Those are my thoughts.. good luck with that.. let us know how it goes!!!


fiso - May 19

Hi Cassandra. It doesn't hurt to ask!
We won't do anything religious either, but what you can do is instead of getting those little gowns, just a couple white outfits... A little bit less formal and they may be able to wear the separate pieces again, at least once!
I didnt' know you could fill a jacuzzi with holly water!! :D

Invite relatives and maybe a just a few of your close friends, since you are not doing something at church, which usually implies inviting more people. Keep it simple, you have enough on your hands!

When is the chritening?



cassandra - May 20

Thank you for the responses ladies! Fiso, I really like the idea of white outfits. Uncle Tommie called last night and it will be on June 25th. Being outside it will be hot so I probably won't get the gowns. I was embarrased to ask the family about this. They know I'm not religious but not to what degree! :) Take care everyone!



Debie - May 22


I agree with Fiso, to get white cute outfits. We did same with both my nieces and wore those outfits five or more times after the ceremony. I don't know about your side, but with us, South Africa, those white gown are damn expensive and personally I think they are not for today's children. Those were good in our days I think.

Good luck.



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