Bad Pap Results
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Darby206 - May 9

Hey everyone. I just got a call from my doc's office. I had a regular appointment scheduled for this Friday, but the nurse called me with some test results. My pap smear that I had done last month evidently came back bad. Now they are scheduling me for a colposcopy on Friday. I am freaking out!

The nurse called this "bad news." I'm not sure what she means by that. Has anyone been through this before? Is the colposcopy bad/dangerous for the babies?

They have also scheduled me for an unplanned ultrasound. I was not supposed to have another one until 16 weeks. That makes me nervous too. I think they are more concerned than they are letting on.

I'm so scared right now.


meridithhasfaith - May 9

Hi Darby

Did they define bad or is that all they said? I would call them back and find out exactly what the test revealed. If it came back atypical, or what. I think the next step is what they will do. This happened to my sister 6 weeks after her baby was born. They did the more invasive test (colposcopy) and everything turned out to be just fine.
Here is what it is: "A colposcopy is a way your doctor can examine your genitals, vagina and cervix closely. A colposcope is an instrument that shines a light on the cervix and magnifies the view for your doctor. At the beginning of the exam, you lie back and place your feet in the stirrups as you would for a Pap smear. Your doctor inserts a speculum into your vagina and opens it slightly so he or she can see your cervix. Then your doctor applies a vinegar solution to the cervix and vagina with a cotton ball or swab. The vinegar makes abnormal tissue turn white so your doctor can identify areas that may need further evaluation." That was taken from the website... Have a look and try to relax.

Try to get more answers if you are freaking out, nothing is worth that. Also, keep in mind this could be absolutely nothing and will all be sorted out after the colposcopy.

Good luck,


BabyBound - May 9

Darby, I'm sorry you have to go through this right now. I agree with Meridith, call them back for more details so you can relax a little. Good luck with everything and I'm sure it will all turn out o.k.


shaz - May 9


Definately call them back. They cant just half tell you things and leave you wondering.......I hope all is ok.



Fortyfour - May 10

Everyone is so right. Not good could be so many things. I had a pap that had precancerous cells on it, had them burned off and am fine 14 years later. Take care and let us know what is happening.


ElizabethS - May 10

Darby - I will be thinking of you. I would demand to speak to the doctor. I love nurses, but I have experienced some major break downs in communication when news travels from Dr. to nurse to patient.

I would write down a list of questions, and again demand to speak with your doctor.


Darby206 - May 10

I called my RE this morning to get a second opinion. I figure he knows me inside and out and is VERY familiar with my situation, so who better to ask. Here is the response I got:

"A colpcoscopy (looking at the cervix through a colposcope) would be our next step also. They are probably just going to take a look up in there and see what's going on. Biopsies are not usually done on pregnant women in this situation because during pregnancy your cervix becomes very vascular and it would be difficult to stop the bleeding after a biopsy. Only if they look up there and see something very aggressive will they do a biopsy. More than likely what they will do is say ' I don't see anything' or ' I see something very small so let's just watch it until after the babies are born.' If they do have to do a biopsy, there is no danger for the babies at all. Your pap smears with us have all been normal so they are probably not going to find much of anything. Go ahead and let them take a look, just make sure the doctor explains everything to you as it is happening."

So, I will go to the OB doc on Friday to let him have a look at me. Hopefully this will all be just a big false alarm, but keep the prayers coming girls!

Thank you!! ;)


Jenny Lee - May 10

Many prayers for a good outcome! Love Jen


meridithhasfaith - May 11

Good for you, Darby.

I bet you feel a whole lot better after getting some more info!
I am sure everything will be just fine and those 2 little peanuts will know nothing of this.
Let us know, ok? Take care...



Fortyfour - May 11

Darby Legally the doc should give you tests results. Nurses are not supposed to give you test results and what that the results mean. Take care. Keep in touch


Darby206 - May 16

Thank you guys for all the support!

I went to the Doc on Friday. He did the colposcopy and he saw something he didn't like, so he did end up doing a biopsy. We won't have any results until Wednesday, so it's back to the waiting game for us.

On the bright side....we got to hear two very strong and very wonderful little baby heartbeats! It was amazing to hear those little things in there. The beat so fast!! I also felt the babies move for the first time on Saturday. It wasn't a kick or anything, it was just a flutter, but it was the most amazing thing ever!!!!


meridithhasfaith - May 16

Hi Darby

Sorry about the biopsy. I pray it comes back as nothing and you can continue to just enjoy this pregnancy!

How far along are you now? Movement already? I felt movement at 14 weeks with my son. It was incredible but unfortunately not regular at that stage and I would wait on pins and needles for the next flutter. lol

Good luck and I will be thinking of you Wednesday



cassandra - May 16

Darby, Sorry you needed a biopsy...I hope everything turns out ok.I realize you had a pap done when you were pregnant. Do you usually have one done every year? I'm due for one but I am tired of being probed there and would like to wait until after delivery. When you were discharged to an OB do they automaticaly schedule one?
Good luck to you. cassandra


Darby206 - May 16

Meridithhasfaith - Thanks so much for the encouragement! I am 13.5 weeks right now. I am amazed that I felt them already. I have heard that twins' movements might be noticeable a little sooner simply because there is less room in there for them to dance around! Thank you for your thoughts.

Cassandra - Thank you too for your thoughts and encouragement. My RE did a pap before the IUI and then when I was released to my OB, he did one on my first visit. I usually try to have one every year, but I don't always get around to it. I have had problems with endometriosis in the past, so I try to stay pretty regular with my exams. I understand what you mean about being tired of being poked and prodded down there! Man, I wish everyone would just leave my parts alone! Isn't it funny how that is supposed to be the most personal part of your body, but during this process it seems like it becomes public domain. It's crazy for sure!


BabyBound - May 16

Darby, I just want you to know you are in my prayers. Hopefully, everything will turn out o.k. and you can continue on enjoying your many months of a wonderful pregnancy. Take care of yourself.


shaz - May 16

Hi Darby, I hope that all is ok with the biopsy.

Isnt it great when you feel some sort of movement. I cant wait for it this time. When I was pregnant with Billie (now 5) and got heavily pregnant, I used to sit on the couch at night and just look at my belly. I would love seeing her move around. I felt my first actual kick at 17 weeks, so Im guessing you will feel something very soon with two in there....

You are in my thoughts and prayers.




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