Back pain relief??
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baby4us - June 2

Hi Ladies.. I am hoping everyone has/will have an easy pregnancy... but just wondering if anyone has any back pain relief suggestions?

I have had such an easy ride these 39 weeks... and then bam.. since Wednesday evening I have had a pretty bad back pain in my lower back. I have never had back pain (or any type of pain) in my life.. so I am finding it hard to just admit defeat and take it easy! I don't like being helpless and I enjoy being active.. esp. these final days...

I took it pretty easy yesterday -- I had a couple of lie downs during the day with a hot water bottle on my back and a pillow between my knees.. but it just became progressively worse throughout the day. I ended up taking two Tylenols last night... which helped immensely.. but I also don't want to be popping pills every few hours for pain relieif...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


SHELLY - June 2

Howdy Baby4US !

I am still ttc but I have 9 year old and I had low back
pain for the last 3 mths of that pregnancy. My
husband is a PT so he had me doing stretches.
The one that felt the best was where I would
get on my bed and get in the position like you were
going to give a kid a horse ride, on all fours and
then you gentley lean / stretch back and sit your
bottom on your feet. You can kinda have you DH
guide you. I hate any kind of exercise but stretches
do help.... even if you can circle your back out in
the shower and let the warm water hit your back ..

I'll be praying for you. I know how it fun!



Trying in NH - June 2

Besides Tylenol and back rubs not much else can be done since taking a hot bath is out of the question. But just as an FYI back pain can be the first signs of labor starting. You are doing the right thing just lay low and monitor it. Good luck!!!!!!! You are almost there!!!


HeatherMac - June 3


The back pain is no fun...and Shelly was right on the money...if you can stretch a bit, you'll feel great.

The best thing is to have DH rub your butt. You may think I'm out of my tree here, but trust me - best thing in the world. Lie on your side and have him kneed your butt like he's kneeding dough. The wonders of the butt massage are amazing - and you'll feel TONS better!!

I had terrible back pain and pain along the muscle that runs across my butt...the pirformis I think it how its spelled...I thought that would go away once baby was born, but I just started physical therapy to help that and DS is 6 months old. I'm not trying to scare you, but I want you to be aware that some of the aches and pains DO go away right after baby is born...some do not and need a little assistance.

I'm sorry your back hurts so and I hope that things are better soon!!

Not much longer now, huh?? ;D

Keep us posted and recruit DH to help with your back pain!!



baby4us - June 5

Thanks everyone... I have been doign some stretching... and have had DH do some lower back/bum massages... t feels great... but doesn't go away the minute I get up.. it i sok when I am lying down with my legs propped with pillows, etc. It sucks!!

That is what I was worried abotu too.. will this go away after the baby is delivered?? I hope so.. but Heatehrmac you are right.. it might not!!!

I kept thinking too that it was back labour.. but not sure if back labour would be as long as the 4/5 days that I have been having this back pain.

Nothing to report yet..a lthough I am having SLIGHTLY more cramping this morning than usual.. not sure if it is the start of something?? not due until tomorrow.. and as they say.. the likely hood of someone givign birth on thhie rexact due date is highly unlikely!!!

I'll keep you all posted!!!



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