Babybound - Ultrasound today???
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shaz - May 19

Hi Babybound....

It's Thursday, mid moring in Oz. I know it's probably late evening on Wednesday there. I seem to remember you saying that you are having a repeat ultrasound today....Please let us know how you go....



BabyBound - May 19

Yes, I do. My appt is at 11:00, so I'll post as soon as I get back. I'm hoping the Prometruim is doing what it suppose to do. The good thing is...I feel fine. Actually, got real nausea when DH cooked some chicken breast tonight. The smell was awful and I loved it...makes me feel the pg is moving in the right direction.


BabyBound - May 19

O.k...the u/s went great today. Baby is now a 1/2 inch and the HB was so clear this 150 bpm. We're right on target. I haven't gotten the results of the b/w yet, so I'm hoping that is good news too. I will be given my next steps when they call with the results of b/w. Thanks everybody for the well wishes. I see the worrying is never going to end until on or around Jan 4th.


shaz - May 19

Great news BB. Im sure everything will be fine.....By the way, the worry dosent leave when the baby it born. I often ask my mother when I will stop worrying so much, she says probably when Billie is 150 years old.....hmmmm


ElizabethS - May 19

BB - that is so great! What a strong heartbeat your little one has! I wish we could U/S everyday!


paige - May 20

BB how exciting. I can't wait till my first us. I am spacing now a days. How far along are you right now? Good luck with everything I'm right behind you I think.


BabyBound - May 20

Paige, I'm 7w2d. This was my second u/s because my progesterone dropped last week when I had my first one.

As far as my levels goes...they are back up. I'm to continue to take the prometruim, which is no problem with me as long as they are working. My next and final appt with my RE is June 2. I will be released to my OB/GYN. Oh, let the fun begin. Thanks, Shaz for looking out for me.


paige - May 20

BB I was reading your post on your last appt. It is good to hearyour levels are back up. Well I am a few weeks behind you. They won't let me go in until I am 9 weeks which actually is only 7 weeks pregnant. I can't wait. What was your last progesterone level. My second test came out lower but they said so far it was okay.


shaz - May 20

BB, Im so glad that your levels are back up. That mst be a relief for you.....

Have you chosen an OB yet????


BabyBound - May 21

Paige, my first prog level was 31, two days later it was 39. After two weeks, when I went in for my first u/s is had dropped to 16. As of Thursday, it was back up to 34.2.

Shaz, yes, I have a OB. My OB referred me to the RE.


cassandra - May 22

Ladies, when do you do the babies room? I know everyones different but when are you mostly out of danger of m/c? cassandra


shaz - May 22

Hi Cassandra,

When I was pregnant with Billie, I didnt do or buy anything until I had had my 12 week ultrasound. It was more out of superstition than anything....Oh, and my mum wouldnt let me take the pram home until the Billie was born.....Some old wives tale says it's bad luck....

I would do what you are comfortable with. It is so much fun doing the baby's room, it makes it all so real. When I did do Billie's, I used to sit in it for hours.....I loved it.

What an exciting time for us all.

take care



BabyBound - May 22

I won't have a full nursery for my baby. I have to rearrange my 12yo stepson room to accomodate the baby. I have some awesome ideas and I can't wait to get started.


cassandra - May 23

Thanks shaz! I'll wait. It's only 2more weeks until I'm 12 weeks. I still can't believe it...cassandra


paige - May 23

Hey Cassandra, I tyhink I will wait five months till I know the sex. I'm too scared something will happen knowing my luck. Plus I'm kinda lazy right now anyway. I miss caffiene.


shaz - May 23


Have you tried Dcaff coffee. If you get a good brand it tastes exactly the same.....It's funny though, pre-pregnancy, I would have had about 5 cups of coffee a day. Now I can only have one, it just dosent interest me anymore.....

When do you have your first ultrasound???



cassandra - May 24

Hi Paige, I am also soo lazy. Sunday and yesterday were my days off and I did nothing. I can't wait to get my energy back! I have a tea in the morning, then after lunch before dinner I have a soda. I noticed the soda in the afternoon keeps me going at work.On my days off I take a nap at 5. Yesterday I slept until 8:30.
Last night my mother in law dropped by with some maternity clothes she bought for me. A pair of shorts and pants just fit. She's exchanging them for me. What a dear. I couldn't even fit a pillow into them! I'm trying not to be too depressed about it. They were a size large and I wear a lg/xlg anyways. Before I was pregnant I weighed 182. 170 is my goal after children are born. At 6ft tall it is my ideal weight. I know I'm blathering on but It seems I haven't talked to anyone in a while.
Last night I had a dream I had 2 girls. Only someone dressed them as boys and named them. By the time I took them home they were huge and I had to go back to work.Strange.
Shaz mentioned a trip to Austrailia and I know I can't afford it but I bet I have a dream about it!
Well Paige, I have to get ready for work. I hope you are doing well. When is your U/S? cassandra



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