Baby's movement
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baby4us - May 9

Hi ladies.. hope you can help... I kno wthey say as you get closer to the due date.. the baby is pretty cramped so movement may be diminished to what one is used to. But o fcourse.. I am being paranoid...

I have days where the baby is really active -- noticeably so... then other days where there is movement, but it is faint.. or a slight tapping.. or a rolling type movement.

I have heard so many women talking about how their babies have been moving so much that their stomachs look like aliens are underneath the skin.

Should I be concerned at all.

I have felt movement today.. but nothing earth shattering... help!!!!


fiso - May 10

Hi baby4us. Any news? If you haven't felt anything by now, it would be worth it calling your doc. Better be safe than sorry.
You are 3 weeks away!! Is everything ready, just in case the little one decides to come early! Hopefully not too early.
I'm doing fine. What a difference with the first trimester! I have more energy and no more nausea, except when I see a commercial for food!

Keep us posted on the baby's movement.


baby4us - May 11

Hi Fiso.. I just got back from my doctor's appointment.... he said all is long as I am feeling movement.. no matter how slight (as baby right now is pretty cramped).. so all is fine. We did a heartbeat... which was great and an ultrasound.. so all is fine... baby is head down!!! Thank goodness!

I also aksed to know the sex.. I know I promised DH and my family I wouldn't find out.. but I was alone in the room with the u/s machine and my doctor.. and I think he was just as excited to tell me!

It is a little girl!!! I know it still isn't I am not going to go out and buy a bunch of pink stuff... but I think at 36 weeks they are pretty accurate!! yeah!!!


HeatherMac - May 12

Oh, Baby4Us...a little girl!!


Yeah, I would imagine at this point all the pieces and parts are in place! ;)

As far as movement and whatnot, I didn't feel a tremendous amount of movement in the last month or did worry me, but OB said not to fret as long as there was something once a day.

I got the alien belly about once a day...just at the very end of my pregnancy...usually happened just after Oprah or just before the late news...and even then, I couldn't make out what part was making the movement...just saw some BIG thumps and swipes across the top of my uterus. I've heard women say that they would see hands and feet move across their bellies...I'm not sure I believe that you could actually make out the shape of a teeny tiny hand because that's a lot to push through. The big uterus muscle is a little stronger than the baby, so I wouldn't fret not having the alien belly. You've got to get way more cramped before you get the alien belly. It used to make my husband sick to his stomach to see it, which was a riot to me. I would sit on the couch in just my bra and pants and make him watch it. He's the fool here - he kept looking!! I couldn't get enough of it!!

So, don't worry if you don't feel baby move around as much in there'll feel stronger movements, just not as frequent. You'll go once a week soon so you'll hear the heartbeat every need to fret.

I wanted to say thanks, too, for your kind words. I can't remember which thread they are'll get Mommy Brain soon, too...but your kind words really meant a lot to me, so thank you. Thank you very much.

Glad to hear you're still feeling good and have fun girl shopping!!!



baby4us - May 12

Thanks Heathermac.. it feels good to hear that you didn't have a ton of movement too the last month.... I was so worried because I kept hearing women talk of the tremendous movements their babies were making.. and I kept thinking.. what' s wrong with me!!

I had to laugh about your DH getting sick about seeing the big movements.. my DH is the same way.. he keeps saying.."I am sorry.. but that is just too weird."...!! Esp. when he feels the big movement.. I guess when you aren't feeling it from inside.. it can be kind of creepy!!

Of course... I CANNOT keep a secret and last night at dinner.. DH and I were talking about my doctor's appointment and I was squirming and smiling and DH was wondering what was up.. I told him I knew the sex of the baby.. first he was upset because we had promised each other we would wait and be surprised.. and then he said.. ok ... tell me... it's a girl isn't it!!

And it was such a relief to tell him because I was bursting! He was excited ... and then he started panicking.. he is worried about having a girl because he doesn't want to think about when she is a teenager and when she becomes interested in boys!! I had to laugh because A) that is about 12 YEARS away (YIJKES!) and B) why worry about that now - Typical man!!

He was also sad because he said there goes his dreams of coaching hockey -- but I smacked him over the head and said girls play hockey too - but then DH had switched his thoughts over to downhill skiing with his daughter and all was fine!

I didn't have the heart to tell him at that moment that we will have to get a horse for her too (that would have put him over the edge last night!!!)


HeatherMac - May 12


DH said the same thing about having a girl...his logic was strange, but I got where he was coming from. He said he KNEW what teenage boys were thinking and what they were like since he had been a teenage boy...and having to confront a teenage boy coming to pick up his daughter scared the hell out of him!! So, when we found out we were having a boy, I reminded him of what he had said and that we were now having a future teenage boy...which scared the hell out of me!! HAHA!! It's all good - but scary that we are thinking that way and they're still just tiny little people!!

Duncan's already REALLY flirty with the ladies - everywhere we go, he's all flirty and giggles. I'd say get your daughter a teeny tiny little habit and start her in convent early. We're thinking the monastary for Duncan. Whatever we have to do to protect them, right?? ;)

I'd say just get the pony one day when you're out. Tell DH it was a moral passed by a house with a sign out front that read, "FREE KITTENS AND PONIES" and you did it to save the poor pony from certain death. He'll understand. This means you'll have to get a kitten, too, to maintain the integrity of the story...but, what the heck, right?? Anything to keep that little girl happy!!

Have a great day and KEEP ME POSTED!! How exciting!! Rub your belly and tell her I said hello!!



fiso - May 12

Baby4us, I'm sure she'll be daddy's little girl!!! Not such a bad thing to find out now, right? I would be the same if I had to keep it secret, it's too big to keep your mouth shut! So funny that he is already thinking about the boys interested in your daughter!!
I can't wait to find out, it will be in a couple weeks. DH will be with me, so no secret, it's easier!
I'm not at the stage where I can see movement through my belly yet, but I'll make sure to show it to DH to see his reaction! That was too funny.

One thing about hockey, I mentioned to my DH how sweet and reassuring you were and I told him that you were from Canada. First thing he said was, I'm sure her DH is into hockey!!! I never watched hockey before I met him, but he is a big Rangers fan and now, I'm one too!

HeattherMac, your house is going to be full of girls and the phone is going to be busy all the time with a little flirt like your son! Do you have some kind of a routine now that your son is about 6 months old? Ihope for you that he's a good sleeper!

Glad to know that everyone is doing well.


HeatherMac - May 13


Yeah, we're already sure he'll be a charming little man, so we're worried!!


As far as patterns, yes...we on the advice of our baby doc we started a bedtime routine at 8 weeks...and it works beautifully. That and the Amby Bed...he sleeps 10 - 12 hours each night and has done so since his colic was resolved. We are TREMENDOUSLY blessed. Though, he's teething and clingly, so he was up 5 times last night...very out of character for him.

I would suggest checking out the Amby Bed - it was a TOTAL lifesaver for us.

I hope you have many peaceful nights!!

How are you feeling??



baby4us - May 15

Heathermac I am so happy to hear you are having peaceful nights.. what bliss.. but at least I know there is hope if we have a colicy baby too.. so thank you for sharing!

Fiso.. yes.. what is with men and hockey!!! But please don;t think we like the Maple leafs (even though we are close to Toronto).. they really suck!! I am a big Red Wings fan... luckily my sister lives in Michigan! And the Rangers rock too!! And of course.. let's not forget.. the Women's Cdn hockey team rules!!!

Fiso I can hardly wait to hear what you are having.. you will be so excited to know.. it just makes it so real!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!



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