Baby has dropped
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baby4us - May 25

OK.. DH swears the baby has dropped... I think I feel a bit of space between my bra and my stomach.. I had been carrying so high... it is a bit of a relief... but.. also means the end is near... it is kind of bittersweet these last few weeks/days.... as excited as I am to meet "Annabel"... I am also sad to be nearing teh end of teh pregnancy!

I have read all my baby books over and over again and pouring over labour symptoms... but.. like all first time moms.. I am worried I won't recognize true labour... if anyone can share their experiences (did your water break.. loss of mucous plug? Contractions and dilation measurements before you actually went to the hosptial, etc.) with me.. would be great!!!


fiso - May 25

Oh my, this is it!!! You are only 2 1/2 weeks away from your due date. And you know what they say...... the babies don't have due dates, they arrive whenever they want!! So, I hope your bags are ready.
I feel the same way as you about he labor symtoms. When you never had it before, I think it must be hard to identify until you really know!!!
I would love a little space between my bra and stomach! I've been so uncomfortable all week. Stuffy nose, heartburn, a little nausea once in a while, and headaches. On top of that, I did somethign to my neck and I can't turn my head now! I'm a mess!
Hopefully my acupuncturist will be able to take care of it.
But enough about me, it's your time now!!!
Keep us posted!


justme - May 25

Oh my!!!! My babies never dropped until the end, so I have that experience.

My water did break ( leak initially) and it was like I was urinating on myself. It would stop for a minute and then it would come back . the night it broke, I really thought I had wet myself, so I changed clothes and went to Walmart to get some things and soaked myself there again. We made a quick trip of that! I never went into labor that night though. The doc had told me to stay home and wait it out until the morning. I started gushing fluid all night long. It was very hard to sleep. The next morning I went into the hospital at 7:00am and was induced with pitocin at 9:30am. By 10:00am I was in full labor and didn't get any med relief until 1:30. I was a 3-4cm at 1:30 and got Nubain in the IV to help me deal with the epidural which I got 20 ,minutes later. ( I am a major needle phobic!) I still felt the epid. completely, but it really wasn't that bad at all. I thought I handled the labor pains well until I decided that it was time to get meds and suddenly it was unbearable. Probably because I had given up and maybe because they were coming every one minute and I progressed to 10cm in the next 30 minutes. The nurse initially told me to take a nap for a couple of hours, but 30 minutes was all I got. I pushed for about 30 minutes and then Luke was in my arms. It is sooooo awesome!!! Honestly, labor was not that bad this time, and I was able to say that immediatly afterwards. I do have a very high pain tolerance though, and the nurse was amazed herself at how I take the pain quietly. I would just wiggle my feet uncontrollably until the contraction was over.

I am already mourning each day that passes. I love the baby stage and this might be my last, so that is hard for me.

I hope you have a wonderful experience. Try to take it all in, even the pain. It is an incredible journey.


baby4us - May 25

Oh dear Fiso.. I hope you are feeling better.. nothing worse than a stiuff neck! Not to mention the nausea.. stuffy nose.... hearburn, etc etc!

How are things going? I had heartburn at the beginning and then it was gone for the 2nd trimester and back with a vengeance these last few weeks...
And the stuffy nose.. I've had that all pregnancy and am SNORING at night.. I am mortified.. I NEVER snore.. I was always able to bug DH about his snoring.. so now he is getting his revenge. He says I sound like an elephant in heat!! Nice!!!

They say it goes away once the baby is born.. but I am so used to grabbing nasal spray the minute I am stuffed up.. so it has been a challenge to get through these months by just dabbing vick's vaporub under each nostril.. doesn't do much good though as I still keep snoring away....

How are you sleeping.. hows the prenatal yoga going???


baby4us - May 25

Just me.... how close to the "end" did your babies drop? I haven't actually had a chance to have a good look at myself in the mirror today so am only going by DH's comment this morning when I got out of the shower...that I had dropped... but does that nec. mean imminent labour??

I guess each one is different... but thank you for letting me know how yours went with Luke... hope all is well.. how is Luke doing????

As mentioned.. I guess it is inevitable for fist time moms to worry if they know when they are going into labour.. both my mom and my doc said.. "You'll know.. don't worry about it!" But I can't help it!!!


HeatherMac - May 26


Duncan dropped exactly three weeks before my scheduled c/s. He dropped and I began having terrible contractions as soon as he dropped. I went to hospital to get checked out, got the okay to go home and put up with horrid contractions for three weeks until Duncan Day.

It sucked but it became funny when Duncan actually got here, the contractions had worn all the hair off the front of his head!! It was a riot - he was born with male pattern baldness!

You're in the final stretch and you'll start to worry about so much - especially the night before...but it will all be fine. Trust me, it will all be fine. Just be sure to keep us posted if anything happens early.

Keep rubbing your belly and breathing slowly!!!



fiso - May 26

Hi Baby4us. Don't worry about me! You have bigger things to care about!!! Such as a dropping baby!

It's been better the last 2 nights actually. The neck is better, I breath better (with the help of 2 pillows under my head). I don't think I snore, DH hasn't said anything about it!!

I love the pre-natal yoga. I feel so relaxed after I did it. All the little pains seem to go away, (well except the neck and the heartburn!). I also feel that I'm doing something good for my body and for the baby.

Justme, your labor seemed to be so easy, nothing to compare with all the horror stories that people tell you. I will keep your story in mind!! It's less scary!

Hang in there Baby4us, the big day is almost here. Best to you.

A good Memorial Day weekend to all.



baby4us - May 26

Thanks Fiso.. the countdown is on... YIKES!!!!

Hope you all have a great long weekend (ours was last weekend!)


fiso - May 30

Hi Baby4us, anything new? You are only a week away from your due date!
My doc told me that first babies usually arrive past their due dates. I am trying to plan my parents' visit and it's not easy, I want to make sure they'll be around for the birth. Oh well, nature will prevail!

Hope you're feeling good. Enjoy your last chance to sleep!!!

Talk to you soon.


baby4us - May 30

Hey Fiso... nothing new other than I am HOT!!!!!!! It is so humid and awful outside.. I like hot weather but the humidity sucks. MY feet are HUGE!!!

I haven't really felt any new twinges... just a little bit of mild cramping in the evening.. but nothing too obvious..

I alwasy wondered.. with the fertility treatments.. we all know EXACTLY when we conceived.. so does that mean our due date is closer to a potential due date than someone who conceived naturally?

DH thinks I'll go early... but I think I'll be a few days after the 6th.. don't know if I am ready. I made the mistake of watching a birth story last night.. DH ran in from the kitchen to ask what the heck I was watching (as there was a woman having a home brith and she was in agony).. and I said I am preparing myself for labour.. he quickly grabbed the remote control and said.. "you don't need to watch that!!" (not that he is a control freak.. he just knows that I will stew and stew about that woman in agony!!) And he was right because I am sitting here wondering.. why does it hurt so much!

Ahhh... now I am rambling.

How are you doing? U/S tomorrow for you... I want to hear all the details!!!!

It is difficult to know when to expect the event to happen.. as for you and planning with your parents... how far away are they???


fiso - May 31

Hi there.
Well........ we are going to have a girl!!!! The doctor and the technician didn't see anything that could prove them wrong ;)

Also, the most important for me was to know that the baby is doing well and that there is nothing wrong with her. She is very active, moving all over the place while the technician was doing the u/s!

I was nervous this morning, I didn't sleep well last night, worried about what we would see. I breath better now!

To answer your question, my parents are in France. So that's why it requires a little planning for their visit. But even if they don't make it for the birht, they will stillbe here afterwards, and that's important.
Is your family closeby?

It is so hot here.....


baby4us - June 1

Oh Fiso such great news!! Any girl names.. or are you still deciding???

That is great.. and it feels so much better at this point with a healthy u/s under yoru belt!

I hope you are surviving the heat! We had a thunderstorm over night which I was hoping would bring some cooler weather.. which they keep saying it will... but when I was out for my mosquito filled walk this morning.. it still seemed pretty sticky!!

Ahh.. France... love France.. where are they from.. DH and I are hoping to retire to the S of France .. I know that sounds so cliche.. but that is where my heart is!!.. in a small village... looking after some goats... ahhh.... I just hope we can make it a reality!!


fiso - June 1

Did you read the books from Peter Mayle: A year in Provence and Toujours Provence? It will give you a pretty good idea of the area and the people.

I read that mosquitoes looooove us, pregnant ladies!!! So stay away from sticky humid places! It's still hot here, we may get some rain on Saturday.

Unitl now, we've talked about names but since we didn't know what we were having, we put it aside. Now, we are going to get serious with it!
I'm so relieved that the u/s is fine. I was nervous.

I went to Gap Maternity this morning and bought a few things to get me through the summer. They have nice stuff and not too crazy prices. At least they have normal colors and designs, not the bland pink that I've seen in several stores!

Are you doing OK? Any signs....? The last few days or the closer you get from your due date must be interesting....!!! Observing your body for signs.
Take care


baby4us - June 2

Hi Fiso... glad you had some fun maternity shopping.. I felt guilty at the beginning.. buying clothes with such a short "wear" life span... but the bigger you get... the more you want to buy!!! So enjoy it! Of course I forgot.. I guess we have to wear maternity clothes for a bit after the baby is born.. I keep forgetting that part and think I'll be back to pre-baby weight in no time (yeah.. right -- I have enjoyed eating wayy too much these last 9 months!!)

I'll keep you posted as to baby news.. I am just hoping it happens soon as I have a pretty bad back ache since Wednesday.. it is not fun!!



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