Baby boy born
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JasJulesMom - August 8

Congratulations on your new bundle of love.


JasJulesMom - August 8

I am sure you will get through this tough time. It is good you are getting help so the stress does not make the situation worse.


bdantonio - August 8

well i hope your baby does better sleeping then mine my daughter is 2 1/2yrs old and still get up at night


Fortyfourfive - September 27

Hi everyone, thank you for all of your notes. I am doing much better with the postpartum depression. The thing that gets me now is low energy and anxiety off and on throughout the day and I still have a slight disconnect from Cody that drives me crazy. I will be glad when this is a distant memory. Cody is 3 and half months now and 16 1/2 pounds. Red hair and blue eyes. Darcie


cassandra - September 28

Wow! Cody is getting big! He must be the star of all pictures ever taken! My best to you ..45 with everything going on in your life right now, you (I'm sure) are thrilled! I'm thrilled for you also! I will definately miss all of the girls here. :(

I wish I could keep posting, but we are trying to sell our house and continue keeping mommy sane and although it has been hard I wouldn't trade this hardship for anything in the world. We are blessed and this has made our live's worth something besides ourselves and for that I'm extremely gratefull. I think I spelled that wrong.

Anyways, ladies to all whom are trying , my best wishes and hopes that all of your dreams come true (just be carefull what you wish for ;) To be honest, having multples is something so wonderful and exciting but noone ever really could tell me how it would be....untill you give birth. I love my children and am looking forward to their future. I will miss logging on to this website. My momma bear is now a momma herself, so I really think I should bid goodbye. I love and feel for everyone logging on and may babydust touch you all my sincere and heartfelt thankyou to everyone ( you know who you are) God Bless.



Fortyfourfive - October 2

I for one will definetly miss you. Good luck with all your travels. Darcie


shansy - October 16

Just wanted to offer a Congratulations on your baby boy. I haven't been on this site in quite sometime, but I remember your support during the trying times and was happy to hear of your success. I too had a baby boy this year in April. I understand the ppd- although I was fortunate for mine to last only a short time, but what an awful time that was!

I hope you continue to improve and hang onto these moments with your little one as I'm sure you already know, they fly by quickly!!




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