Baby boy born
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Fortyfourfive - June 22

Hi everyone, well we finally welcomed baby Cody into the world on June 15. He was a 8lb 13 oz surprise. I was in labor 29 hours and pushed for 3 hours to get him out. He is a beaut. Daddy is helping out alot and everyone is well. Talk to all later and baby dust to all.



Yukon Queen - June 22

Hi Darcie,
BIg Big congratulations to you and hearty welcome to your baby boy!
Take care and remain blessed.


wantsbabytoo - June 24

Hi Darcie!
OMG! Congratulations! After all this time your dream has come true. I am sooo happy for you. Enjoy this wonderful time in your life!

You have been so amazing and supportive to so many women on this site. We have been rooting for you for so long! Give little Cody a kiss for me and hold him tight!

I hope to be joining you soon on this journey. We are waiting and waiting for our donor. I hope they contact us soon!

Keep us posted. I hope you still post on here from time to time. I think of you often and I would love to keep in touch!

Laura (Wantsbabytoo)


Debie - June 26

My Dearest Darcie

I have no words to express the happiness I have for you and your family. I wish seasoned writers like HeatherMac and the like would logging and help congratulate you and wish you the very best with your son. You have indeed been a pillar of strength for so many of us here and I and am truly, truly happy that you finally got what you deserve.

Enjoy him and stay blessed. Thank you for being you. GOD IS GOOD.



Fortyfourfive - June 29

Thank you all for your warm wishes. I truly love my son.

Its a very hard time right now. He is very fussy and I have not had much sleep. I am crying most of the day from fatigue. This to shall pass.



laura - June 29

Dear Darcie,
I am so happy for you! But if the baby blues stay, please see some one for post partum depression. Take care of yourself and your new baby boy!


HeatherMac - July 3


What wonderful news!! How great - congratulations on the birth of your son!

If you're still having trouble sleeping, well, if your son is still having trouble, look into the Amby bed. It saved our lives and Duncan still sleeps 12 - 14 hours each night, just as he did from the very first night in his Amby.

Their website is:

Not many baby products live up to their advertising...this far surpassed anything said by the company or other parents. Truly remarkable. You can go from cranky sad confused mom to HAPPY RESTFUL MOTHER!!! Wouldn't it be nice to actually enjoy and admire your little miracle? I'm sorry it took us three months to find the Amby bed, but the day it came, we were finally able to love being a family...the family we always dreamed we would be but couldn't be because of Duncan's inability to sleep.

Just my two cents. I'm not one to recommend products, but I have told anyone with an ear about this. Still do...because Duncan is nearly 2 and sleeps like a champ, all thanks to his Amby bed.

Again, my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your sweet son.

Much Love,


bdantonio - July 8

What is the amby bed, My first child did not sleep through the night till 2yrs old. I am 8 weeks pregnate and i hope this child sleeps for me.


HeatherMac - July 8

It's difficult to describe so check out their website:

It is truly a lifesaver and a miracle!!!!

Best wishes to you and baby!!!!



justme - July 12

Congrats Darcie!!!!!

Hang in there, these days will pass very quickly and you will get to sleep again!



baby4us - July 19

That is so amazing... I am so happy for you... enjoy these times... fatigue and all.. it will soon be a distant memory!!!!!!
Big kiss to Cody from me and Annabel


Fortyfourfive - July 21

Well, well, well, I got a wicked case of postpartum, massive anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I witness tragedy at every corner and would hold Cody and not put him down. I had to go to the er one day for treatment of anxiety and had to be put on prozac and ativan. I am doing better now but very fragile and have to hire a nanny. I completely disconnected with the baby and am very sad about that. It is getting better but is a slow process. I wouldnt wish this on anyone. Cody is doing wonderful by the way.


Meg - July 22

Congratulations on your baby boy :) I couldn't be happier for you:)
I am sorry that you are going through such rough time. I will continue to pray for you and your little one that things will work themselves out, and soon enough this will all be a distant memory. Please take care and know that you are in our thoughts.



Congrats Darcie on the birth of your baby boy!!!:)
We both had baby boys born close together..
sending you loads of best wishes for you both


baby4us - August 6

Hi 44(5).. I am sorry to hear about your PPD.. I too suffered from it... and had such a horrible time with the guilt, anxiety, lack of sleep, etc etc.

It all seems so surreal... from trying so, so hard to conceive... and being a conscientious mom during pregnancy.. and then the PPD hits... I do believe it also has to do with the hormones from our treatments... but I am so glad to hear you have hired a nanny... and that you are takin gmedication... you are all on the right path to getting better soon.

I always found that exhasution pushed me right over the edge and I kept trying to put on a braveface for the longest time... and just crashed big time one day. It was rough.. but got better ... and is luckily a distant memory now!!
Although I am very aware that when I go days without proper rest.. .I know that I need help from DH or my parents...

Anyway.. best of luck... this too shall pass and let me know if you need any moreinfo.. I was right where you are one year ago...


cassandra - August 7


Congratulations!! I truly feel for you and the ppd. It is very hard to try for so long and all of a sudden (or so it seems) O.M.G. I wish I could say something to make it all better, but you are a strong mommy, you will get through this too. Believe me, and everyone else here, that when you put your mind to something.. dreams do come true.

Best wishes, hugs, and kisses to Cody!

All my love, cassandra


JasJulesMom - August 8

Congratulations on your new bundle of love.



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