Are boys more common with IVF?
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Tracy1 - December 30


I am 32 and we were trying for 3 years before realising my husband had a problem and were advised that although it may happen naturally eventually our best chance of getting pregnant was through IVF.
We chose this option because I knew my chances were better at 32 rather than wait another few years in the event that it may not happen naturally.
We commenced IVF in April 07. All went well with the drugs etc until the trigger injection the night before the transfer, then it went haywire as my body overloaded and the transfer was unsuccessful.
I was devastated and we waited 3 months before trying a natural cycle in August which was successful.
We are now expecting a baby boy, I am 22 weeks pregnant and we are just so happy!!!
I am naturally a size 8 so I am surprised that I love my growing tummy so much.
I am curious to know if boys are more common with IVF as all the people I know who have concieved through IVF have had boys although my OB doesn't think this is the case.
Also, I have what I am thinking are brakston hicks occationally but feel like contractions in my lower tummy which only last a few seconds. Does anyone else have these?


bdantonio - December 31

Tracy How you concieve your child has nothing to do with the sex of the child.

I went into premature labor the first time at 24 week. The best advice that i could give you is that if you have 6 or more contracts in an hour you need to go to the hospital. And i mean timeable contractions. You can try to lay on your left side and drink water to stop them also. When you are having the contractions does the baby still move during or nbetween them, cuase normally if you go into labor the baby will not move during this. WEll if i can help anymore let me know.


JulieC - January 1

Actually, I had read - and medical science does back this up - that sperm with the male chromosomes are faster swimmers, but die quickly. The female sperm on the other hand have a longer life span, but swim more slowly. So, what I have heard is that if you conceive just as you ovulate, there is a slightly higher chance of having a boy because the male sperm may have gotten to the egg first. If it's later in the ovulation time period, it has a better chance of being a girl. I'm not sure how this would effect IVF but it's the only theory that I've heard that had science behind it although I don't think the chances are greatly increased either way.


Marina - January 2

That'd be a right theory,but what about ICSI?They take the most "good looking" swimmers and manualy inject a single one inside each egg.I was trying to joke about this with my RE,told him that by this time they should know better by looking at swimmers under microscope-who is a boy and who is a girl,right?


mjforney - January 2

Hi Marina:
I have never heard of that but if you find any information on it let me know!!! :) My husband is hoping to see a penis in our next ultrasound! HeHe~! We also did IVF and ICSI!


Marina - January 2

hi Michelle,
This is only my theory,if it was that easy(just by looking at them),we all would get what we want...Well,we can-with "microsort".This is 90% accurate,they take sperm and place it in special machine where some how they separate y-sperm from x-sperm(another words-girls on aright,boys on a left!Ha-ha)I guess they can tell under special light-sperm turn different color.But all this"extra"fun cost about $5000 and you have to have good quality sperm for that,b/c they collect it ,freeze it,send to the special lab(not all states able to do that),then after separation procedure they freeze it again and send back to you only"boys" or "girls".Again,they don't garantie,that after you defrost it,there will be something left to work with...You can go on their web site,I dont remember exactly,but type "microsort".Probably too late now,but just for fun...


bdantonio - January 3

yeah but you know what after everything we go through i think we are all happy with healthy i know i am. I thought it would be ice to have a boy this time to have one of each but oddly dh wanted another girl and he got his wish and i dont care long a i get healthy.


Tracy1 - January 8

Thanks everyone for your imput.

We are happy with whatever sex we get so it's no big deal, I was just curious. Probably makes sense when you think about it because if the boy sperm move quicker and with ICSi it's the quicker ones they chose well I guess they could be mostly boys.

Be interesting when we do ICSI next time to see what sex we end up with.

By the way, my obstetrician actually said at the 12week scan that we were having a boy and this was confirmed at the 19 week scan. Amazing...


JulieC - January 9

That is amazing. I thought that the sex organs weren't distinguishable until 15 weeks at the earliest.


Tracy1 - January 10


That's what I thought too but I guess if the obstetricians are experienced and in the field long enough they would be able to pick up on these things.

Our ob hinted at a boy because of the way his legs were crossed.



bdantonio - January 10

according to research its 12 weeks however most u/s techs wont tel lyou until 15-18 because its more visual.



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