anyone else had light bleeding throughout pregnancy?
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baby4us - December 1

I am so paranoid right now and frozen with fear. I have posted this a couple of times throughout my 3 months.. as I have had some really slight spotting throughout my 1st trimester.. but this morning.. it seemed to be a little bit more spotting on the toilet paper... it was a couple of wipes before clearing up.. I have no accompanying cramps.. But am totally freaking out.

I called my doctor's office.. they said I should be fine as my 12 week u/s last week showed a strong/healthy heartbeat. Ab dlukcily I have a check up at hi soffice on Monday....BUT...

He did say to call back right away if symptoms persist/change/get worse.

But I am worried about doing anything today.. I am just totally freaking out... can't get any work done.. just wondering if I should lie down for a bit...

Has anyone else had light bleeding throughout their pregnancy????


Trying in NH - December 1


I had spotting and bleeding throughout my whole pregnancy! It is very nerve racking everytime it happened and you never get used to it. My Dr had me come in for an ultrasound and the baby was always fine. They never found a cause for it except they called it a possible fryable (?) cervix, which basically is a collection of blood vessels around the cervix that rupture especially if you have sex. We were told about 5 months to abstain and to restrict doing "heavy chores" around the house. They say once you saw a heart beat you have a 95% chance to carry to term. This didn't offer me any comfort due to the 5% of what if.

Keep track of it on a calendar that way when you go in or call you know exactly when it happened, for how long and how many times per week. I am so sorry that you are going through this, I know how stressful it is!!! Just rest and drink lots of water . and most of all call everytime it happens that way you are informing your Dr and reassuring yourself that you and your baby are well.

Take care, I will be thinking about you!!


Karen123 - December 2

baby4us, I had bleeding for 3 straight weeks. I went to the emergency room twice because of it. The first day was a lot of blood and I was absolutely hysterical. It was one of the worst days of my life. Well I never got an answer back then from my RE or my OB as to what could have happened. All I got was "it's more common with twins" and "it's more common with IVF" (why with ivf? strange) Anyway, I had an u/s with a high risk doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said I have full placenta previa. Now this is a concern but not yet - has to be watched. But he did say that it is most likely the cause of my earlier bleeding. It was a relief to hear a real possible explanation. I truly feel sorry for you as I know how horrible it is to go through. Every single trip the to bathroom is just so scary and nerve wracking. I was completely stressed out. To make matter worse, my dog (he's lucky I love him SO much) jumped up on my bed, RIGHT ON MY STOMACH!! That was the reason for my 2nd emergency room visit. Well, here I am at 22 weeks and everything is fine. I think that if you can rest, that is the best thing for you. And keep remembering that it happens to many women and the heartbeats were strong. Please keep us posted. I will certainly be thinking about you and hoping for the best. Karen


baby4us - December 2

Thanks Karen and Trying in NH... it is so nervewracking.. so great to hear that it can be a normal occurance... I have a list of items to ask my doc at my appointment on Monday.. and will add placenta previa to the list!

I have stared at the toilet paper all morning.. and nothing today.. and I seemed fine the rest of yesterday.. I luckily took it really easy yesterday and will probably do the same today... and if anything changes.. I will be at the hospital so fast!!

Anyway.. thanks for your words of encouragment!



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