Another trip to the emergency room
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Karen123 - September 6

Well, I've done everything and anything to prevent problems with this pregnancy. I haven't had so much as a tylenol despite my back pain, a drop of caffeine despite hearing that some is ok, a drop of alcohol....I've made sure to eat vegetables and fruit every single day, I gave up strenuous work around the know what I mean. Since a month before I even started IVF, I have taken every precaution I could. Well, yesterday morning, I was lying in bed (which is pretty high up) and my 60 pound Boxer jumped up and landed right on my stomach. I was crying and a few hours later, the bleeding which had finally stopped for 2 days began again. I had stomach cramps all day and my mother urged me to call the doctor. He said to get to the emergency room right away because it could be very serious. Well, after 5 hours of being poked and prodded, I finally got an u/s and thank God, everything is fine. Both babies were moving all over the place. I cried so hard I kept making it hard for them to do the u/s but I was just so relieved. They truly scared me though at first - the doctor started the u/s, said my bladder needed to be emptied and she needed another doctor's opinion. Of course I panicked! I was bawling the whole 25 minutes she was gone. I thought for sure there was aproblem. Why else would she leave? Anyway, after sheer agony, I am SO relieved and thankful. As you can imagine. I just wish the worry would not be so constant. And I wish that we could ensure safety to our growing babies. But no matter how hard we try, something could happen. I'll have pillows all around me from now on but I'm just feeling a little down that no matter how hard I try, something could go wrong. Well, my babies are fine and that's all that matters right now. Anyone else have a close call like this? Karen


Fortyfour - September 6

Karen123. I cant believe what you have been through before and after this pregnancy. I am so glad the babies are ok. My prayers are with you.


cassandra - September 7

Karen, your babies are so strong to have this stress happen and be fine! I hope this is the end of the ER visits for you! Take care of yourself! cassandra


WantsBaby2 - September 7

I am glad everything is alright. No more emergencies for you girl! Stay safe!


Karen123 - September 7

Thanks, ladies. It was funny when I called my mother to let her know how I was...I told her that the babies were moving around like crazy. Like little acrobats! She said, "they are saying, I'm not afraid of you, dog! haha!" :D

I don't know why but that made me laugh. Karen


pj - September 8

made me laugh too! glad you're all okay.


ElizabethS - September 10

I pray that your next trip to the hospital is to deliver big and healthy babies! You poor thing, I am so sorry that you had all of that stress. But how awesome is it, that our bodies are able to provide such a strong cushion for our babies? What a miracle.



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