Am I ready??? Are you???
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justme - April 11

I thought I would answer your question on a new thread.

I am as ready as I am going to be. We have the nursery ready and everything we need pretty much. I am having a diaper shower this weekend so that should take care of the stinky business! I still need to get a new stroller and infant seat, but we are holding our to see what MIL gets us!!! I have most of the big stuff from my last baby, so I don't need to buy a whole lot like with the first child.

I am anxious! How will big sister deal with this? How will the delivery go? How will I squeeze in a nap now that I have 2 kiddos? ( I napped a lot when DD was a newborn.) Will Luke be an easy baby like Hannah was? And so many more unanswered questions that will be answered very soon.

With that said, I am extreemely excited!!!! I can't wait to see what he looks like. What color will his hair be? (My husband is Italian with black hair and I have red hair, so our children can fall anywhere on the coloring scale!) I look forward to holding Luke and kissing him all over! I just love babies! I will miss feeling him move in me though. I hope this isn't my last pregnancy! I have been trying to stop and enjoy it all just in case though.

I start my weekly dr visits after tomorrow and start the full exams tomorrow. Yuck! It will be interesting to see how I progress this time. I never progressed last time until they induced me at 41 weeks. Very strange. But my body knows what is going on this time, so it will probably be a lot different.

Ok, I wrote a book! Have a great day!!!



fiso - April 11

Justme, I'm so excited for you!!!! You're right, the last few weeks don't go fast enough because you want to see the baby, but at the same time, no more baby movements in your belly! This whole creation of life is amazing.
Enjoy those last few weeks.


baby4us - April 11

Just me.. a diaper shower.. that is a great idea.. and don't forget your Diaper Genie!!!

The one thing I have been worried about... is the napping.. I have been a big napper throughout this pregnancy and I keep thinking.. will I be awake enough when the baby is born to be a good mom... is the napping just from being pregnant? I guess it all depends on how your baby is!!

I am sure you DD will be absoluetly fine with your newborn. I have a friend whose DD was so thrilled about her new baby sister and they are so great together.. so I am sure you will be fine!

It is so true about the whole missing the pregnancy part.. I think that is what I will miss.. feeling the baby moving(which blows my mind!!!) and wondering... who are you and what do you look like! (I am blonde and DH has black hair as well.. so I hope the baby gets my golden locks!!!)

But it is so nice being pregnant because you can use it for so many excuses (I am going to go take a long bath...... please rub my feet.... bring me breakfast in bed, etc).. but I guess we are allowed to pamper ourselves now.. because after the baby is born... we will just be diaper changing - breast feeding machines!!!!

I'm delivering pretty well a bit after you.. so I hope, like HeatherMac.. you will be able to let us know how your delivery went and keep us updated on those first few days/weeks/months.. it helps so much!!!


HeatherMac - April 13

Okay, I had to respond to this.

Have a great time getting everything ready - ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! It's so much fun and over before you know weddings.

Though, i have to tell you, we had EVERYTHING in place...everything...and the day before I had Duncan I freaked out that we hadn't gotten things done. HAHA!! So, don't worry about it. What's done is done and those babies aren't going to care that you don't hvae the right light fixture up. All they care about is seeing the wonderful woman they've heard talk for the past few months.

The neatest thing in all of the world is seriously one split second. They pulled Duncan out and he screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. My heartrate went though the roof - haha!! So, they cleaned him up and DH brought him over and he was very sweet and squirmy. They took him while they got me on the gurney and he started screaming again. Then they put him on my chest, all bundled up, and I put my hands on him and started talking to him like I did when I was pregnant...low and soft...and he shut up and turned his head to see me!! It was amazing. As I sit here and type this, I'm nearly teary with love thinking about it. It was the one split second that he understood who I was...and it was amazing to see his big doe eyes look for me to see where I was. I was hooked.

So, enjoy putting everything up - that is so much fun!! And remember to take pictures before baby comes home, the very second baby comes home and, of course, after baby comes home. Take pictures of that whole day. It's all so quick and surreal.




baby4us - April 17

Heathermac you are making me cry!! I love that story.. and I can hardly wait until our little bundle.. whomever he or she is going to be... will look up at me that way as well.. and I will smile and know that I can do it and everything will be fine!

Now.. must go do laundry.. I want to wash all the new bedding and baby clothing I have received... and I can hardly wait to see all the adorbale little onesies fluttering in the wind on the clothesline (I know...doesn't take much to amuse me!!!)



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